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Do you recognise anyone in this photo?

Brian Stansfield has sent in this super portrait showing a group of rather happy looking friends in Spencer Park, some of whom he would like to be able to identify. The photo was taken around 1937 and includes Brian's dad, aunty and uncle.

Stansfield family and friends Left to right are: Bert Stansfield (Brian's late father), unknown, unknown, Ron Stansfield (Bert's brother), Marion Stansfield (Bert's late sister), unknown.

Brian has this to add....

"The particular touch that I like is the way the photographer or they decided to balance the bails and ball on the stumps. They lived at the time in Newcombe Road, Earlsdon, and Spencer Park was their playground."

So, if anyone recognises someone, please write to me so I can let Brian know more about the people in this photograph.

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