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In these pages, I have attempted to stand in the footprints of photographers who pictorially documented our City of Coventry many decades ago. Wherever possible, I have tried to recreate the same direction and perspective that is recorded in the original shots, so that a direct comparison can be made, between the views that we now recognise, and those seen by our ancestors.

For the benefit of those of you not familiar with all the places on these pages, I have placed links next to each Heading labelled Camera No. 1, 2, etc. Clicking these will reveal a map showing where each photograph was taken from. Clicking on the correspondingly numbered camera icon will return you to the page you came from. You may wish to use this map as an index to this "now and then" section, although unfortunately, a small number of places are outside the area covered by the map.

1.  Arts School, Ford Street
2.  Bishop Street Post Office
3.  Bishop Street, looking north
4.  Bishop Street, looking south
5.  Blue Coat School & ruins
6.  Broadgate from Hertford Street
7.  Broadgate from Holy Trinity Church
8.  Burges from Bishop Street
9.  Burges from Cross Cheaping
10.  Burton's in Blitzed Broadgate
11.  Butcher Row, Great
12.  Butcher Row, Little
13.  Cheylesmore Manor House
14.  Coat of Arms Bridge
15.  Cook Street gate
16.  Council House
17.  Cox Street
18.  Far Gosford Street
19.  Fire Station, Hales Street
20.  Fleet Street
21.  Ford's Hospital
22.  Golden Cross & Pepper Lane
23.  Greyfriars Lane
24.  Guildhall & 22 Bayley Lane
25.  Hales Street
26.  Hales Street to Corporation Street
27.  Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
28.  Hertford Street
29.  Hertford Street from Broadgate
30.  High Street aerial view
31.  High Street from Broadgate
32.  High Street from Earl Street
33.  Hill Street, Bablake & Bond's
34.  Hippodrome, New
35.  Hippodrome, Old
36.  Humber Motor Works
37.  Ironmonger Row
38.  Jordan Well & Earl Street
39.  Jordan Well & Gosford Street
40.  Kenilworth Road
41.  Leamington Road
42.  Much Park Street
43.  Naul's Mill Park
44.  Old Rope Walk
45.  Opera House, Hales Street
46.  Palace Yard
47.  Pool Meadow
48.  Precinct & Old Coventry aerial view
49.  Precinct, upper
50.  Precinct, west view
51.  Priory Row
52.  Priory Street, lower end
53.  Priory Street, upper end
54.  Queen Victoria Road flood of 1900
55.  Railway Station - the platform
56.  Railway Station, Eaton Road
57.  Smithford Way
58.  Spon End arches
59.  Spon Street flood of 1900
60.  St. John's Church, Fleet Street
61.  St. Michael's Avenue
62.  St. Michael's ruins
63.  St. Michael's spire from Pepper Lane
64.  Stoke Green & Pool
65.  Swanswell Gate
66.  Swanswell Pool
67.  Swimming Baths, Priory Street
68.  The Grove
69.  Trinity Church
70.  Trinity Lane & the Free Library
71.  Trinity Lane from Priory Row
72.  Trinity Street & Hales Street
73.  Trinity Street aerial view
74.  Trinity Street from Broadgate
75.  War Memorial Park
76.  Warwick Road
77.  Warwick Row, Hertford St & Warwick Lane
78.  Well Street from Hales Street
79.  West Orchard
80.  Wheatley Street Schools

For those of you with JavaScript enabled on your computer (most should be), I've made some of the photos a 2-in-1 picture. Some will require a mouse-click to fade-in and fade-out - others will change when the mouse is held over the image. I've explained which is necessary by each one.

In a similar vein to these pages you can compare scenes of Coventry from the days before cameras were around in Engraved Coventry.
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