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Coventry history and heritage

Coventry Digital   A huge collection of thousands of Coventry Archive images plus many more.

Coventry Atlas   Archive photographs of Coventry set against a map, so the city's development over the years can be seen visually.

Coventry Corporation Transport   A website dedicated to the memory of Coventry Corporation Transport (CCT), which existed between 1912 and 1974, and has been created to formalise the memories that have evolved over time.

Coventry Cinemas   Some of the cinemas that once existed in Coventry are listed, along with details and photos of many.

Coventry Society   The Society promote the environment, high standards of planning, high quality public amenities and harmonious relations among the community, as well as trying to preserve and promote Coventry's heritage and history.

Coventry And District Archaeological Society   CADAS have been promoting archaeology in the Coventry area since 1965. If you live near Coventry, and have always wanted to take part in a dig, then by joining CADAS you can do just that.

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum   The official site for Coventry's premier art gallery and museum, with up to date information on events and exhibitions as well as features on archaeology, natural history and more.

Stevengraphs Bookmarks & Postcards etc.   A site where Stevengraph collectors can view a wide variety of Thomas Stevens and similar products. There are well over 1,000 items illustrated.

The Coventry Watch Museum Project   ...consists of a group of people, many of whom were born and bred in Coventry, who are seeking to inform people about the history of watchmaking which was so important to the industrial development of the city.

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire   The official BBC interactive site's Coventry & Warwickshire pages.

Museum of British Road Transport   Coventry's world famous Transport Museum online. Here, you can find out more about the fascinating items in the museum as well as viewing many fine historic photographs of classic cars and bikes.

Telephone Works, GEC, Coventry   A pictorial record of the development of the premises latterly known as New Century Park in Coventry, but which for most of its life was known as Telephone Works, the head office of GEC Telecommunications.

London Road Cemetery   A website dedicated to the beautiful London Road Cemetery, giving an overall picture of everything within, including trees buildings and some of the famous and not so famous people buried here.

The Coventry We Have Lost   A site dedicated to older photographic images of Coventry and the photographers who took them, illustrating the city centre and suburbs in a way that modern visitors or even resident might find surprising.

Growing up in Coventry 1913-1939   Vera Christina Davenport (nee Barnwell) was born in Coventry in 1913 and died in London in 2007. The contents of this website are based on interviews conducted by her son, during Christmas 1995 and shortly thereafter.

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Coventry pictures

Coventry Rebuilt   Coventry Rebuilt aims to build a complete model of Coventry at various points in time. Currently the work is focused around the period 1890 - 1940.

Coventry & Bablake School   Photos taken secretly between 1954 and 1957 by Allan Hailstone while a pupil at Bablake School. Also, pictures of Coventry from 1949-56 and a few of the Cathedral.

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Coventry information

Visit Coventry   All the information necessary for tourists to enjoy their visit to our city. Find accomodation of every kind as well as entertainment and the best places to eat.

Coventry Telegraph   A Coventry site produced in partnership with Coventry Newspapers. The latest Coventry, National and International news and an excellent reference section on Coventry.

Coventry Observer   The website of one of our local newspapers containing news, history, job searches and much more.

Coventry City Council   The official website of Coventry City Council contains important information about the running of our city and it's services, job vacancies, business information and more.

Coventry University   For those wishing to learn more about further education in Coventry, a site containing all you need to know about Coventry University.

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Coventry churches

Coventry Cathedral   The official website of Coventry Cathedral, including a brief history of Coventry's principal places of worship.

Holy Trinity Church   One of Coventry's oldest churches enters the 21st century on the web with a wealth of information & lovely photographs.

Holy Trinity Church History   An "unofficial" site by two members of the church, dedicated to the history of this fine building and includes a detailed tour and much more.

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Coventry schools

Copthorne School   This site is dedicated to the memory of Copthorne Secondary Modern School, Coundon, which existed in Coventry between 1951 and 1972. Includes historic maps, plans and photographs.

King Henry VIII School   An insight into the school community of King Henry VIII... one of the oldest and most famous schools in Coventry.

Bablake School   Established around five centuries ago, Bablake has a proud and prestigious place in Coventry's educational history.

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Coventry sub-districts

Earlsdon Online   Described as the "village in Coventry", this is the community website for one the oldest of the city's suburbs.

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Coventry family history

Family History Researcher   A lovely site by a Coventry based family researcher and genealogist offering to research your family tree for extremely reasonable rates. Will also help beginners to get started with their own research.

Coventry Family History Society   The official site of Coventry's Family History Society - a must for those with ancestors in Coventry.

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Warwickshire and West Midlands history

Shakespeare's Stratford   If you are coming to visit the town for the first or the fiftieth time, there may be some hidden parts of it you've yet to discover - Shakespeare is only the starting point!

Stratford Town Walk   Make the most of your visit to Startford with a guided walk to see the Shakespeare Town Houses, Royal Shakespeare Theatres and Holy Trinity Church.

Warwickshire Railways   For those interested in the railways of Warwickshire. It contains over 1,000 photographs showing all the stations, lines and many other features.

Midlands Historical Data   An invaluable resource. This project helps to preserve old or out of print books and maps, making them available on CD.

Warwickshire Wayside   Providing illustrations and information about Warwickshire's surviving wayside heritage, to raise public awareness and to rally support for its protection.

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General historical interest

Richard York - Musician   But not just any musician.... Richard York takes you back to Medieval, Tudor or Victorian times with tales and tunes! Children will be educated and entertained by Richard's lively workshops.

The Gatehouse   A fascinating and comprehensive collection of resources and information about the medieval fortifications and castles of England and Wales.

British History Online   The digital library of text and information about people, places and businesses from the medieval and early modern period, built by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust.

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Local sport and leisure

The Birth of the Sky Blues   An account of the first two exciting years of Jimmy Hill's reign as seen through the eyes of a young Coventry City fan.

The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry   The official website of Coventry's major venue for stage entertainment. Book online to see many famous faces.

Broadstreet Rugby Football Club   All the information you'll need about Broadstreet Rugby Football Club, ironically situated just off the Rugby Road on the outskirts of Coventry. (On the north-east corner of the junction with the A46.)

Coventry Rugby Football Club   The official website of the Coventry Rugby Football Club. Get all the statistics, latest news, and the last few years of match history.

Coventry City Football Club   The official site of Coventry City Football Club.

Coventry City Former Players Association   The Association was formed in 2006 by a group of volunteers, the objective to provide a forum for former players of the club to meet and communicate.

Jim Brown's Journal   A selection of writings and thoughts about Coventry City's glorious history.

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Other UK city histories

The Clydebank Blitz   No one, however, could have predicted that in the first brutal onslaught on industrial Clydeside the Luftwaffe would dump the bulk of its destructive load on the small town of Clydebank.

Demolition Exeter   Founded by the Romans circa 50 AD, Exeter is one of the oldest cities in England - but few other great historic cities have been so sadly mistreated in the 20th century.

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