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We all have to start somewhere!


Building your first website can be a bewildering task - just mastering enough HTML to make your first page can be difficult enough.
But don't be put off from making a start.... back in 2002 I never dreamed it would reach hundreds of pages, but week by week I added more bits on, until it became what you see here today.

Now that Historic Coventry has been going a while, it's interesting to look back and see its humble beginnings.

The two links below will take you back, first to May 2002 when this website was just a tadpole, and then December 2002, just as some limbs were starting to show....

May 2002 - the beginning.

December 2002 - starting to take shape.

I hope you enjoyed that quick trip back in time - it's what this website's all about!

Welcome to Historic Coventry

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