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Small Workforce Photo

Factory Workers group photo

Once again, June Gibson has supplied a great photo - this time of a group of factory workers. June's grandfather, William Kent, onced owned this photograph too, so could it have a connection to the Singer company?

Julian Storer has started the ball rolling with this one - literally! He has recognised the chap standing second from right at the back in this photo - as also being the one crouching in the middle row on the left in the football team photo.

There are a couple of other possible matches with the football team, too, (!) and I reckon the lad sitting here with his colleagues, third from right, is also in the soccer* team photo, sitting at the front on the left. Julian agrees, and adds that the young lad next to him in this picture, second from right, could be one of the footballers sitting third from left at the front.

* Before anyone jumps up and accuses me of using Americanisms, the word 'soccer' is British, folks! True, it is a term used widely in the States, but it was invented here at Oxford in Victorian times, and "let's 'ave a game of soccer" was a phrase we commonly used as kids.

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