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Ladies from the G.E.C. in the Precinct

Pat Pollock hopes that some of our regular visitors will be able to work out the year of this next photo. From the state of the Precinct, the fashions and her grandmother's apparent age, Pat estimates that it could be the early 1960s....

My grandmother, Laura Wheatley, is second from the left on the front row. I know she worked at the G.E.C. until she retired (with post-retirement stints at council cafes in the Memorial Park and the Wyken Slough; we work hard and long in our family!), and I am wondering if this photo shows some of her co-workers, though they look as if they are in their best clothes rather than work clothes.

Ladies from the G.E.C. in the Precinct
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Update 27th April 2014

Only one day after this mystery was presented, vigilant forum member "Annewiggy" has been quick to spot that the Lower Precinct in the background of the photograph was not yet finished, and suggests: "I would think the picture is between 1955 and 1958, possibly more towards the later date.".

If anyone recognises any of the people in this photograph, or can add anything more to help Pat, please contact me with any information you have.

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