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Coventry Assistants' Cricket Club, 1905 Season

It never fails to intensely annoy me to learn of the many invaluable old photographs that are regularly and needlessly destroyed or disposed of. Most are irreplaceable, and many can give a unique glimpse into a long forgotten past. For this particular mystery photograph we owe thanks to Paul Salisbury for rescuing it from being binned near to Binley Woods' Village Hall.

Click the above image to see a larger, zoomable version.

Paul is able to inform us that H. Gittens (middle row, second from right) lived in Binley Woods some years ago. He was one of the top bosses at Matterson, Huxley and Watson in Hales Street in the 1960s/70s.

If anyone can fill in more details about this team or its members, please get in touch.

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