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Church Lads' Brigade

Having given some stirling help with some of the other mysteries, Vic Terry now offers a 'mystery' of his own. Vic has a feeling that the Church Lads' Brigade had allegiance to St. Marks, Stoney Stanton Road. However, he would be most appreciative if anyone can help with names of the Clergy, Officers or any other members pictured in the fine group portrait supplied, among whom sits his own father.

Click the above image to see a larger, zoomable version.

Alf Terry and his 1914-1917 Service Medal

Vic would like to fill us in on some details....

"The CLB was a grounding organisation for young men, to prepare them for Army service, to which Dad 'joined up' as soon as possible after his 18th Birthday. He was sent into the Devonshire Regiment, not the Royal Warwicks he had hoped for. I have a file on his army service, and he finished up in part of the Army of Occupation in Cologne (Koln).
In the Group photo Dad (Alfred Hector Terry - known as Alf) is standing on the extreme right of the front row of those standing, with his hand on the shoulder of the Corporal. I notice that Dad has a stripe, so it must be at least his second year in the Brigade, around 1915."

On the right is Alfred Hector Terry, aged 17, and inset is his 1914 - 1917 Service Medal.

Have any of the keen-eyed among you yet spotted that the lads above are sitting in front of the same place as the Godiva Harriers in one of the other mystery pictures? Yes, that was the connection that brought Vic here in the first place!

We can now fill out this story thanks to Arthur Davis, who adds:

"I can confirm that the Church Lads' Brigade was associated with St Mark's Church, Stoney Stanton Road. Towards the end of the second world war Vicar (Arthur?) Wales re-introduced the Brigade under a Mr. Jelfs, who lived in Bulkington. We paraded at St Mark's Institute in Leicester Causeway. I remember taking part in the Empire Youth Sunday Parade to the Old Cathedral one year in pouring rain. As far as I know the only other CLB unit in Coventry paraded at the Old Grammer School, Hales Street. Some time after the St Mark's unit had finished, the Rev. Eric Buchan took over the parish (possibly 1945). He was a Scouting man and formed the 87th Coventry Scout Group under Peter Cater."

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