Historic Coventry

History and record of updates to Historic Coventry

from 2009 - 2011


December 2011
29th Lorraine Clarke's memories of her family's involvement with the Dunlop Rugby Union Club
28th The Forum Gallery can now link to external web-galleries
26th Forum Gallery 'thumbnail' images now cropped square for a more consistent look
26th The existence of comments is now indicated for each image in the Forum Gallery
24th Comments can now be made on Forum Images
23rd Members of the Forum can now opt to remain logged in for 30 days
20th Image ordering now possible on the Forum Gallery
17th If any forum member now changes their username, their forum messages, edits,
     gallery names, images and profile will now all be automatically aligned
16th Multiple image editing now possible on the Image Gallery
15th The Image Gallery now shows 'Last updated' for each category
11th The 'upload' feature now remembers your log-in state on the Image Gallery
11th Images in the Gallery can no longer be 'hot-linked' by another website
11th Galleries, sub-categories or individual images can now be selected for public or private viewing on the Image Gallery
10th Forum members can now select to have their galleries public or private on the Image Gallery
9th  New Image Gallery added for the use of forum members

November 2011
26th Forum members can now view their own edited posts from their profile
13th Improvements made to linking of J. B. Shelton's history articles
10th Added a list of Coventry Pubs in 1912
6th  Help animation included for adding images to the Forum

October 2011
27th Forum navigation enhancements - Can now move from topic to topic using links at foot of page
15th Paper written by Canon Kenyon Wright explaining the Icelandic saga and the Coventry stained glass
15th New "now and then" comparing the Old Cathedral in 1955 and 2011 on Steven's website

September 2011
30th Linda Moore's school memories added to the Courthouse Green page
20th David McGrory's new book 'Coventry: Then & Now' listed in book reviews
17th New memory page 'Coventry remembered', by Andrew Ross added
1st  Amalgamated the original 1605 Living History website into Historic Coventry
1st  More Forum navigation enhancements - Message order preference now remembered
1st  Navigation enhancements on the Forum (Go to most recent post)

August 2011
21st Slight navigation enhancements to the Forum
21st Catherine Binns (formerly Harrop) remembers attending St. Joseph's Convent
19th Improve your computer skills course added to the forum
15th Forum login improvement - now remembers which page you were going to
1st  More memories from Jan Mayo.... Winter before central-heating in Hillfields

July 2011
28th Titles and messages can now be retrospectively edited on the Forum
22nd Lionel Bird tells us all about Herbert Chapman's Football Teams
14th Improved page navigation on the Forum
12th Gunpowder Plot & Tudor period crossword added
12th Gunpowder Plot questions added to the quiz
8th  Additional photo and information about St. Joseph's Convent
3rd  'Smilies' added to the Forum

June 2011
16th Fireman Frank Walduck, remembered by his son, Peter
9th  Improved system for selecting new or old profile images on the Forum
9th  Improved 'Doom' images on the Trinity Church page
7th  Added a List of Vicars of St. Michael's Church & Cathedral
6th  Improved index and layout for the list of Coventry's Bishops
5th  Improved index and layout for the list of Coventry's Mayors

May 2011
31st 1861 Engraving of St. Michael's Tower and Spire added
20th Personal profile images can now be added on the Forum
20th Further corrections to the 1968 street map
17th Alan Goulden added to the growing number of former pupils on the Courthouse Green School page
9th  Updated (2010) photograph of Broadgate showing a tent-free area
9th  1968 street map altered to show the correct progress of the Ring Road at that time
3rd  Tinkered with the page header - Coat of Arms logos now act as homepage links

March 2011
21st New street-map feature: CREATE YOUR OWN OVERLAYS
12th The family tale of Mayor John Moseley added to the Blitz section
5th  More recollections of Shuttle Street children's home on the Courthouse Green School page

February 2011
27th New photographic mystery to solve... Herbert Chapman's Football & Rugby Teams
25th Rearrangement of City Wall & Cathedrals pages and menus
22nd Reorganised and automated the Now & Then, Engravings and Broadgate page menus
6th  8 page article A PLAN FOR THE CITY CENTRE from the 21-3-1941 Architect and Building News

^ 2011 ^

December 2010
27th Proposal for St. Michael's Campanile c1890 article added
21st New article New Drinking Fountain at Coventry 17th September 1859
21st New Bablake Schools 1889 article added
6th  Image upload feature added to the Forum

November 2010
25th More recollections of the Courthouse Green School class photo
24th Small amount of information about the demolition of city gates added
23rd The Willenhall memories of Josie Lisowski-Love
20th Are these the Rover factory steps? - a new mystery to solve
17th New set of 1940s and 1950s memories, by Rod Joyce
17th Update to the Where is Lena Conway? photo mystery
1st  New 1897 article - Sixty Years of Cycling

October 2010
31st An amusing school anecdote added to Keith Longmore's memories
19th A link added to another great song about the Blitz
8th  Jan Mayo's memories of Growing up in Hillfields
7th  A positive response to the The Hare & Hounds 'mystery' photograph

September 2010
30th More nostalgic photographs by Brian Rowstron to enjoy
29th Valentine's postcard dating calculator added
21st Another pupil recalls being in the Courthouse Green School class photo
8th  A response to the The Hare & Hounds photograph
2nd  Link added to the City Wall page to a video tour by Ben Glass
1st  A new photographic mystery to solve at The Hare & Hounds, Kereseley

August 2010
28th New Now and Then pairing updated for Jordan Well & Earl Street
28th More information about the Church Lads' Brigade from Arthur Davis
7th  Another photo mystery to solve - the Lester and Harris factory Netball Team 
7th  St. Michael's choir c1910 - new photo mystery to solve
4th  Remaining ruins of City Wall added to 1807 & 1851 street maps
3rd  City Wall remains added to 1749 street map plus minor corrections

July 2010
20th Large interior photo added featuring Coventry cathedral's stained glass in an Icelandic church
19th Another pupil remembers the Courthouse Green School class
18th Corrections to Pool Meadow area of 1400 map and City Wall map
9th  Percy Lewis' pub - mystery solved

June 2010
21st Navigation for J. B. Shelton's history articles improved to allow page bookmarking
21st Corrections made to the 1400 & 1610 maps and "City Wall map" around Cheylesmore Gate
6th  Additional information and photograph added to Simon Shaw's 1939 IRA bombing article

May 2010
11th Orchestral bit updated and new track 11 added to my music page

April 2010
15th Another photo and further information added to Simon Shaw's 1939 IRA bombing article
6th  Basic toolbar buttons added to the Forum to make adding images and links easier
1st  Simon Shaw's 1939 IRA bombing article greatly enlarged and new photo added

March 2010
28th New Now and Then pairing for the Old Fire Station
28th Larger photos of Ford Street Art School on the Now and Then page
25th New larger photos of the old Priory Street Swimming Baths Now and Then page
22nd New "now and then" photo pair of Bishop Street and Hales Street corner in 1939 Steven's website
22nd New "now and then" photo of the 1900 flood in Hales Street on Steven's website
15th Another mystery photo to identify - Percy Lewis' pub
12th New feature added to the Forum enabling the quoting of previous messages
9th  Forum colour scheme reverted to good old Chocolate & Cream!

February 2010
28th Forum colour scheme changed to Sky Blue and created as an independant sub-domain
21st Forum members can now add 'Signatures' to their posts on the Forum
15th Article added on the history of Stoke Park School
13th Overlaid map added to Simon Shaw's 1939 IRA bombing article to show the exact spot where it happened
11th Search facility added to the Forum
9th  More Forum functionality added - can now add links & images, and list members' posts
8th  More mystery photos to identify, this time at St. Joseph's Convent
6th  Some Family Studio Portraits to identify in the Photo mysteries section
6th  A new 'Your profile' page added to the Forum so you can list your own posts

January 2010
25th A few layout improvements and a Members list added to the Forum
25th Historic Coventry Forum launched
12th The Where is Lena Conway? photo mystery has been solved
10th A new page added containing some of my music compositions
4th  Norman Cohen's recollections of shops in Now and Then page of Bishop Street, (And larger photos added)
3rd  Information about the Baedeker raids added to the Blitz section.

^ 2010 ^

December 2009
18th Changed this page!
17th A few more names added to the Courthouse Green School class photo by Jackie Ward
12th Larger photo supplied for the Courthouse Green School page
6th  Liz Bayly's memories of the Art School in Ford Street added

November 2009
22nd Replaced old Dropped Capitals with newly designed ones
20th Two more nostalgic photos added to the memories of Mike Tyzack
17th List of Coventry's Bishops added to the history section
16th 21 more scenes added to the 1910, 1939 and 1955 "Time Machines"
15th Slight change to homepage coat-of-arms logo display
14th The post-war decades remembered by Mike Tyzack
13th New Hippodrome (Coventry Theatre) added to Now and Then
8th  New, more accurate postwar photo taken by Steven Orland for the Now and Then Aerial view of Trinity Street

October 2009
19th Leamington Road added to the Now and Then section
19th Two pairs of views of Warwick Road added to Now and Then
16th Discussion of the legitimacy of the bombing methods used over Coventry
11th Correct 'now' view now used for the Wheatley Street Schools Now and Then page
9th  Some more photos showing Hertford Street and the spire in the Blitz section
9th  Another contribution to the first Photo mystery
8th  Added 2009 map to the Maps page
8th  Updated aerial view on the Maps page
5th  A "now and then" style double-photo of the cathedral ruins added this Blitz page
4th  Photo of Peeping Tom being rescued added to the Blitz section
4th  More names supplied for the Courthouse Green School photo
2nd  Remaining piece of City Wall near Parkside photographed

September 2009
27th Prewar and postwar Aerial views of Trinity Street compared in the Now and Then section
26th Prewar and postwar Aerial views of High Street compared in the Now and Then section
19th Mike Spellacy's life experiences added to your memories
15th More memories of the Car factory (in Far Gosford St) added
14th Another Car factory has possibly been identified
8th  Even more information added about Courthouse Green School
7th  More children identified in the Courthouse Green School class photo
7th  The Holy Trinity Church School mentioned in the first Now and then photograph

August 2009
17th One of the Car factory photos has been identified
14th Three mystery Car factory photos to be identified
13th Peter Thacker's Humber Works photographs added to "Your memories"
12th Paul Martin's Coventry Memories re-written

July 2009
19th 1886 magazine article added - Coventry - The home of the Cycle Trade
14th Snippet of information added about the old hut in the Memorial Park

June 2009
28th More memories with Patrick Casey and a schoolboy's fun around town
23rd Additional information added to Postcard to a Monk
12th 1962 photo of helicopter about to lift spire onto the roof of the New Cathedral added
8th  Paul Martin's 'Thoughts of a younger Coventrian' added to Your Memories
7th  Photos of the Civilian mass grave as it is today added to the Blitz section
5th  Pupil located in the Courthouse Green School class photo
5th  Made dual menu for Now and Then and Engraved Coventry

May 2009
31st 1824 engraving of the Old Grammar School added
27th St. Mary's Guildhall Entrance added to Engraved Coventry
24th Updated photo for city wall at Gulson Road
19th London Daily Graphic article added illustrating the flood of 1900/1901
16th New section introduced - Engraved Coventry
8th  Link to Icelandic article about Coventry's old cathedral stained glass
7th  Most of the remaining parts of the website validated to XHTML 1.1
1st  Mick Billings' memories of Little Park Street & Spon Street added to "Your memories"

April 2009
17th Upgraded code on some pages to XHTML 1.1
1st  A new large image "Now and Then" Bishop Street, looking south added

March 2009
24th Joan Powell's experiences of the Coventry Blitz added to "Your memories"
7th  Some extra information added to the City Wall introduction page.

February 2009
27th Two more Stained Glass photos from Iceland added to the display
17th More of Keith Longmore's Coventry memories
13th Many more Stained Glass photos from Iceland now on display
10th New memories page - voyage on the Queen Mary with Cecilia Cargill and friends
2nd  Old Cathedral Stained Glass page updated with extra information
2nd  Bibliography converted to database for easy sorting & viewing

January 2009
30th Post-war memories through the eyes of a child by Keith Longmore
19th Memories of Bishop Street and 1930s Coventry by Norman Cohen
10th Some additional information added to the Defending Coventry and myths Blitz pages
1st  History Articles category included on the Main Page montage

^ 2009 ^

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