Historic Coventry

History and record of updates to Historic Coventry

from 2012 - 2014


December 2014
19th Two new history videos by David McGrory explaining the Blitz
13th New history aricle The First Tudor Feast by Richard Ball
11th New history aricle Coventry's rich heritage by Pete Walters

November 2014
28th Update to the Linnett family at work, church and play page in the photo mysteries section
4th  Another super set of photos to view and solve in the Photo mysteries section
2nd  Pop-up window provided to make adding links easier on the forum

October 2014
30th Another view of the Leamington Road added to the Now and Then section
30th Members' images on the forum now appear with the most recently uploaded at the top of the list for ease of locating
19th Two more Mosquito chaps identified in the wartime photos mystery
17th Webster Street recognised as the mystery street on the Keresley mystery group photos page

September 2014
13th Another lovely privately owned Edwin Brown painting added to the Victorian Animal Artist article
8th  Updated the Bishop Street now and then photo pair
8th  Updated the Little Butcher Row now and then photo pair
8th  Updated the West Orchard now and then photo pair
8th  The forum now has all topic-categories listed for convenience down the left hand side
7th  Mark Waring has identified his grandfather at a VE day party in Conrad Road, photo A

August 2014
23rd Wendy Heaney has also recognised herself in a Wallace Pub VE Day celebration photo
18th Maureen Bent has recognised herself and her brother in a Beresford Avenue VE Day Street Party photograph
12th More information for the Football team mystery photo from Jim Brown
9th  Barbara Hancock recognised members of her family on this mystery portraits page and has photographs of her own to share

July 2014
18th New forum 'member article' Hob Barn Cottages, Canley, by Robin Brooker
10th Janet Hanks recognised her family in the Beresford Avenue VE Day Street Party
4th  Bug fixed for uploading profile images on the forum
2nd  Improvements made to the image validation on the forum

June 2014
9th  List of known bad IP addresses now automatically update each day to help protect the forum

May 2014
25th Another photo added to Julie Stevenson's collection of mystery portraits - this time at the G.E.C.
19th An update already for Julie Stevenson's mystery portraits
18th Some mystery portraits to unravel sent in by Julie Stevenson
17th Some new information provided for the 1918 Team photo mystery
14th Images on the forum can now be resized after posting

April 2014
27th A response already for the Ladies from the G.E.C. in the Precinct photo mystery
26rd Updates to the VE Day Street Parties page after several good responses on the forum
26th Another photographic mystery to solve.... Ladies from the G.E.C. in the Precinct
23rd Large photos (like on the VE Day Street Parties page) now open in a panning viewer
23rd Another set of group photos to recognise - this time it's VE Day Street Parties in Keresley
17th Control Panel reorganised on the forum
6th  And another person recognised in the ARP warden mystery group photo
8th  Ron Critchlow's reminiscences added to Your Memories
6th  Another person recognised in the ARP warden mystery group photo

March 2014
23rd Forum member's article created to show The Blitz - My granddad's story
23rd A load of photos from Nancy Queally to solve in the Photo mysteries section
18th New admin feature on the forum to assist new members with posts
17th Some new smileys added to the forum
3rd  Update on Coventry Cathedral and the Icelandic stained glass following a BBC TV programme
2nd  Members can sign in using their email address as well as username on the forum

February 2014
25th Entry of usernames now case-insensitive on the forum to help prevent failed logins
24th New history article about the moving of a Beech Tree in 1850
23rd Members are now required to contact moderators to request a new name for the Famous Coventrians
23rd "Contact moderators" button on the forum moved to prevent accidental usage
23rd Bug fix on forum admin feature to delete orphaned "edit locks"
23rd Bug fix on forum to correctly display online members
18th Sherbourne Viaduct engraved 'now and then' added
9th  Posts on the forum are now locked during editing to prevent duplication and errors
2nd  Text can now be saved for future retrieval on the Forum mail system
2nd  Bug fix on the forum to try and prevent posts being "orphaned" from a topic

January 2014
28th New admin feature on the forum for moving multiple posts
17th The memories of Ken Giles from the 1940s & 50s added

^ 2014 ^

December 2013
16th Numbering sequence added to members & posts on the Forum statistical charts
15th Interview with Matthew Duffy included on the About me page
14th Extra help for members trying to log into the Forum 
12th Improvements to the Forum mail navigation
10th More consistent message ordering in the Forum mail system
3rd  Improvements to the 'bad IP' list updating page for moderators & webmaster

November 2013
22nd Quick Forum admin. mode links added to aid moderators
17th John Collins' second book The Coventry Kid Starts Work added to the site
12th John Collins' book A Coventry Kid's Tale now available to read on the site

October 2013
27th Quick return link provided for Forum members navigating away to upload images, etc.
24th Easier process for Forum members who forget usernames or passwords
20th Posts on the Forum can now be temporarily saved while composing
18th Some little "member friendly" improvements to Forum to help newer members
11th Improvements to Forum admin. tools to speed up editing
8th  Passwords encrypted for extra security on the Discussion Forum
8th  Images separated from forum members' profile page to improve access speed
7th  Improvement to location of topic categories in Forum admin

September 2013
30th Updated photo added to the St. Anne's Charterhouse page
30th Another photo-mystery to solve - the Highbury Ladies Physical Culture Club 1920
27th The Girls' Life Brigade have been identified on the Holbrooks/Keresley mystery groups page
23rd Refinements made to the 1910, 1939 and 1955 "Time Machines"
16th The whole "Book reviews" section simplified and renamed "Local authors"
16th Further recollections about the Blitz from a police officer
13th Bug fixed on the Forum so parameters are passed on when viewing admin. edits
12th More consistent labelling applied across all street maps
8th  Location of the Binley Oak added to the Edwin Brown, Victorian Animal Artist article
7th  A photograph of an Edwin Brown painting in private ownership kindly submitted for the Victorian Animal Artist article

August 2013
28th Logging into the Forum made easier for members having 'Caps lock' trouble!
28th Security for the Forum increased by banning known bad IP addresses
2nd  1750 reproduction map added to Old Map Scans

July 2013
31st John Curran has provided two more names towards the completion of the class at Courthouse Green School
19th Non-signed in visitors can now use the forum search facility
11th Now shows the number of posts made since each member's last login on the forum index
1st  Individual forum images can now be deleted by members from their profiles

June 2013
30th The forum toolbar better organised by the use of a drop-down menu
30th Members can now choose from three sizes when uploading images to the forum
23rd New admin tool to allow copying of posts on the forum
6th  And another contribution for the St. Joseph's Convent photo mystery

May 2013
16th Another contribution for the Horse Drawn Outing photo mystery

April 2013
9th  New Admin tool for removing duplicate members from the forum
8th  Someone recognised in the second Home Guard mystery group photo

March 2013
1st  Less intrusive transparent navigation arrows on the forum gallery

February 2013
24th Images uploaded to the forum can now be given a new filename
24th Improvement to the Coventry street directory - return links now go direct to the original place in the list
22nd Additional button for sending mail to both members and moderators on the Forum
22nd A-Z topic finder for administration of the Forum
17th Launched new version of Mandy's website, which can be directly updated
17th Anne Williscroft has given us another photo mystery to solve - Motorcycling trophies?
17th Another snippet of information added to the 1953 Hippodrome postcard
7th  Improved indexing for the forum members lists
5th  The Coventry street directory now indicates when NEW items have been added, plus lists all latest additions
3rd  Improvements to the way streets are added and edited on the Coventry street directory
2nd  Streets can now be inter-linked on the Coventry street directory

January 2013
26th Update for the "Rover factory steps?" mystery photograph
25th Anne Williscroft's 1896 Coventry business directory added to the Forum members' articles index
25th New index created for displaying Forum members' articles
22nd New Coventry street views directory added to collate our street images
6th  Improvement to display and linking of "Chat posts" on the forum
3rd  Update to the Commonwealth party mystery group photo

^ 2013 ^

December 2012
24th Spaces removed from all image filenames on the forum to aid HTML5 compatibility
23rd Extra administrative features for helping members with creating a forum gallery
9th  Trinity Street from Broadgate added as a new 'now and then' pairing
9th  Two new pairs of 'now and then' photographs on the Warwick Row to Hertford St - Warwick Lane page
8th  Updated Bull Yard 'Now and Then' photo on Steve's website

November 2012
23rd New posts now indicated for Non Coventry topics
18th Non Coventry category created for off-topic chat on the forum
13th Mavis Monk shares her memories of Viewing the Blitz from Birmingham
3rd  Another 'now and then' for Steve's website - Trinity Street & Timothy White's

October 2012
31st New 'now and then' added to Steve's website - Lychgate Cottages, Trinity Church & the old Campanile
31st Updated Blue Coat School 'now and then' on Steve's website
31st Updated the Broadgate viewed from Holy Trinity Church 'now and then' on Historic Coventry
31st New 'now and then' added to Steve's website - Broadgate viewed from Holy Trinity Church
14th New page of Group photos from the Holbrooks/Keresley area to identify
4th  Eunice Ward and her friend Bernita Watson share more memories of Courthouse Green School
4th  Another contribution to the Horse Drawn Outing photo mystery
2nd  Corrections and improvements to various streets on the street finder
1st  Corrections to the St. Patrick's Road area on all street maps from 1900

September 2012
27th New "now and then" - Broadgate from Hertford Street
24th New article about Edwin Brown, Victorian Animal Artist by Stephen Catton
18th 'Historic Coventry Prints' converted to 'HTML5'
17th Historic Coventry Forum converted to 'HTML5'
15th Historic Coventry website converted to 'HTML5'
14th Family website converted to 'HTML5'
11th Steve's and Mandy's websites converted to 'HTML5'
10th Updated 2012 photo of Trinity Street for the Butcher Row now & then page
6th  Yvonne Litten shares more memories of Courthouse Green School with us

August 2012
30th All forum Post and Gallery images can now be edited retrospectively
29th Image colour adjustment added to image editing on the forum
24th All uploaded forum or gallery images can now be downloaded to the member's computer from their profile page
24th Edited uploaded images can now be downloaded to the member's computer
24th Histogram added to aid forum image editing
21st Contrast and brightness adjustment added to image editing on the forum
19th Image editing introduced for forum post uploads
2nd  Duplicate members now more easily traced and deleted through IP checking
1st  Rogue IP addresses can now be banned on the forum

July 2012
29th Members' gallery images now graphically displayed on the Forum profile page
22nd New information for the Football team mystery photo
19th Forum searches improved - clicking the title now jumps straight to that actual post
17th National flags now displayed on the Forum member lists (Thanks Tony!)
16th Pie charts on the statistics page show members' computer and browser details
9th  The number of comments can now be seen on the member gallery index
7th  Multiple images can now be uploaded simultaneously to the Forum Gallery

June 2012
26th Mails can now be archived in the Forum mail system
25th More Mosquito and wartime memories in the mystery photos section
23rd Auto tags now added after moderator actions on the Forum
23rd Text-entry boxes on the Forum made "variable width" and a more rounded text-font used
17th Brian Stansfield shares his memories of the Gosford Green Bandstand
11th Members' images now graphically displayed on the Forum profile page
5th  Success for one of the mystery wartime photos
4th  Bug fixes to allow independent sorting or forum posts and topic indexes
4th  Further search improvement to highlight matched search terms
4th  Searches improved on the Discussion Forum to allow separate searching in messages or topic titles
3rd  Image uploading made easier by making verification word case-insensitive

May 2012
31st Forum registration improved - registrants who forget usernames are presented with possible matches to avoid duplicates
21st Various small Forum Gallery improvements
20th Bugs fixed on page navigation due to the new Forum Topic categories
18th Topic sorted into categories on the Discussion Forum

April 2012
8th  Location given for the Where is Lena Conway? photo mystery
27th Long description field added to the Famous Coventrians list and editing made easier
19th Slight tweak of Home Page
13th Added photos of the ancient stalls inside the Old Grammar School
9th  Improved member editing facilities for moderators on the Forum
3rd  Alphabetical links included to aid navigation of forum member list

March 2012
24th Bibliography sorting improved to ignore the leading "The, "A" or "An" in book titles
22nd Forum title & layout editing improvements
19th St. Anne's Charterhouse added to the Historic Tour
12th Prev-next buttons added to enhance the Forum mail system
9th  Personal mail system added to the forum
4th  Another mystery photo - a girls' team from 1918 to recognise
2nd  1963 aerial photograph added to Old Map Scans

February 2012
26th 1610 John Speed map added to Old Map Scans
26th Poem 'The Coventry I Remember' added to the Blitz section
20th 1949 O.S. scans of Coventry, Rugby, Warwick & Leamington added to Old Map Scans
19th Lesleigh Kardolus shares her ancestral photos and memories with us
18th The Old Map Scans can now be zoomed out for quicker navigation
18th The Old Map Scans can now be scaled to fit various screen sizes
18th 1914 Coventry Centre Traffic Plan added to Old Map Scans
16th 1926 Wyken-Walsgrave map added to Old Map Scans
15th 1936 Coventry street plan and 1926 Stoke-Binley maps added to the Old Map Scans section
14th The first scan of (hopefully many) 'panning and zooming' Old Map Scans - starting with 1954 Coventry street map
13th Bibliography improved to include full search and sorting in any order on any column
9th  Another mystery - identify the children in this photo
7th  Two more mystery photos containing children to identify outside the Munitions Cottages
7th  More information added to Munitions Cottages postcard feature
5th  Another article by Simon Shaw - 'Miss Bashford' - a teacher's tale

January 2012
22nd Graham Owen recognises his grandfather in the Herbert Chapman's Football Teams photo mystery
20th Corrected various errors and added some data to the list of Coventry Pubs in 1912
12th Small update made about the Rex cinema on the Blitz 'myths' page
12th Ormand Lucas has added some memories to the Courthouse Green School page
10th Member's total posts now displayed by each message on the Forum
7th  Another pair of mystery photos from WWII to identify
1st  Famous Coventrians database created for forum members to compile a definitive list

^ 2012 ^

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