Historic Coventry

History and record of updates to Historic Coventry

from 2002 - 2005


May 2002
24th Family Website first published as www.roborland.co.uk,
(now relocated at https://orlandfamily.co.uk) including a page on COVENTRY

July 2002
7th  Old Cathedral page added
7th  New Cathedral page added
12th Animated Street map added
19th Interactive Street maps added
29th Time-Team dig photos added

August 2002
11th Street maps improved
24th Coventry Street animation improved
29th Personal views added to the Coventry page

September 2002
6th  Style Sheets used for the first time
7th  Site Map added
10th City Gates page added
10th Around Coventry page added
10th Interactive Maps updated to link to photo's
11th Text added to the "Around the City" page
19th Text added to the "City Gates" page
23rd More text and photo's added to the "Around the City" page
25th More "Click-links" added to Coventry maps
27th Changed colour schemes on sub-pages
28th Text and photo's added to the "Around the City" page
30th Changes to Coventry and City Gates pages

October 2002
10th Minor design and text alterations
26th Revised page names for easier indexing
26th Added 1900 photo to Old Cathedral page and re-arranged layout

November 2002
1st  Indexes added to New Cathedral and Around Town pages
2nd  Index added to Coventry page
3rd  Map background added to Coventry page
3rd  More photos and information on City Gates page and Map links updated
7th  Around Coventry page split into 3 pages for quicker loading
7th  Cheylesmore Manor House added to the above pages
8th  City Gates page split into 2 pages for quicker loading
14th Small photos added to Coventry main page
16th Included Coat of Arms on the Home page
17th Split "Around Coventry" section into 4 pages
21st Included surviving city wall in modern day map
22nd More Coventry information added
25th Altered the City Wall page to correct part of the route.
27th Gst Bk introduced
30th Third City Wall page added for Cox St wall

December 2002
1st  More information and photo's added to City Wall pages
1st  Spon Street photo added to Around Town page
3rd  Location aiding "Mini-maps" added to Around Town pages
4th  City wall pages updated with information and Mini-maps
7th  Maps updated with more accurate city wall position
7th  New map added showing the city wall superimposed in the present day.
8th  Included Gosford gate in City Wall page
16th Added link about Coventry's Celtic past on Coventry page
21st Changed buttons to themed colours
26th Maps adjusted to show the exact route of the city wall
30th Scale corrections made to all maps

^ 2002 ^

January 2003
13th Credits and sources added to Map pages
24th Coventry page reorganised

February 2003
5th  Notes added to the "Around Town" page
21st Changed all web-pages to new "rounded edge" theme

March 2003
7th  Coventry becoming a city, info. added
8th  More Coventry stuff added
10th Alterations to Coventry and Map pages
17th More Coventry page changes
18th New Coventry "Now and Then" page launched
19th Now and Then material added
20th More Now and Then material added
23rd Coventry page alterations
25th Info. added to "Now and Then" and map correction
29th Additions to the Old Cathedral page

April 2003
7th  Logo's added to the Web-Links page
10th Coventry boundary maps added
13th Railway added to Coventry boundary maps
13th New "Historic Coventry" picture logo on home page
17th Old Cathedral page updated
18th New photo's and info. added to cathedral pages
19th Photo's and info. added to City Wall pages
20th New "Now and Then" page added and more photo's
21st "Unknown Ruin" added to Around Cov pages
21st Gate names added to "Wall in 2000" map
23rd Another "Now and Then" page
30th Cook Street gate added to "Now and Then"

May 2003
9th  The Old Rope Walk added to "Now and Then"
14th 1932 Map updated to 1937 to include Trinity Street
14th All Maps altered to correct the line of Ironmonger Row
19th Page 6 started on "Now and Then"
24th Changed main Coventry page title from "Old" to "Historic"

June 2003
4th  Launched "HISTORIC COVENTRY" website as a new domain - www.historiccoventry.co.uk
5th  Edits and additions to the main Coventry page
9th  About Me page added
15th Made separate "Historic Coventry" Email Contact page
19th Well Street overlay photo added to "Now and Then"
22nd More photos added to "Now and Then"
24th Page transitions & numbers clarified

July 2003
6th  More photo's added to "Now & Then"
7th  Photo's & information added to "Now & Then"
11th Photo's & information added to Old & New Cathedral pages
16th More information added to the New Cathedral page
17th Yet more information and another photo added to the New Cathedral page
30th 5 more photos and information added to the "Now and Then" section

August 2003
10th Map added showing where the Now and Then photos were taken from

September 2003
3rd  Changes to text styles in the Personal Pages
21st Text changes and photo added to "About Me" page
23rd Correction to 2000 map
29th Re-sorted Buttons

October 2003
1st  Information and photo added to Cathedral pages
8th  A to Z Index page added to aid finding things
9th  Index page expanded
19th Redrew 1610 to 1937 maps for clearer street names and faster loading
22nd Redrew 2000 & City Wall maps
23rd Redrew Now & Then Photomap
29th Added more "origin of name" information to main page
30th Resorted buttons and subdirectories

November 2003
2nd  Added 1355 Map and early information
8th  Modified Style Sheets for compatibility with Netscape browsers
9th  Sorted the Links page into sub-categories
9th  Correction made to the 1355 map
14th Alteration to the plan of St. Mary's priory on the 1355 map
20th Stained Glass photos added to Old Cathedral page
20th Some photos of St. Mary's Hall exchanged for better ones on Tour page
22nd Information added about the stained glass windows in the Old Cathedral page
23rd Style Sheets streamlined and some colours altered

December 2003
2nd  More corrections made to the 1355 and 1610 maps
5th  Animation added showing the building of the City Wall
5th  Information about the City Wall added and other minor corrections
6th  Pictures on Main page improved
8th  Animation of Wallbuilding improved
12th Four photos and information about Holy Trinity added to Tour page
14th Enabled User Selectable Style Sheets in various themes
16th Refinements made to Styles
19th Further refinements made to Styles
21st Alterations and photos added to City Wall and Tour pages
23rd Ammendments to City Wall page and Maps
26th More information added to Main page
26th Green "style" added
29th Town Wall photos at Well St and Main page info. added
30th Added Lychgate Cottages and Georgian house to Tour Pages

^ 2003 ^

January 2004
1st  Photos and info. added to Old Cathedral & Tour pages
2nd  "Coventry the capital" added to the Main page
2nd  Photos and information added to Tour pages 3 & 4
9th  Text addition to Main page
11th Photo changes to Town Wall page 3
12th Gold and Blue style added
27th Grammatical corrections and changes to Main page wording.

February 2004
1st  Manor House & Fords photos changed
4th  Now and Then page 7 added and A-Z updated
5th  Links added to Maps
7th  Photo and info. added to Old Cathedral page
7th  Photo Gallery added for Cathedrals
10th Small addition to "Coventry as a city" on Main page
11th Painting added to Main page and A-Z index updated
12th Shortened the name for the "aroundtown" pages to "tour"
12th Added "zoomed-in" photo for Kenilworth Road
13th Added "Dropped Capitals" for the first time
13th Sorted the Style Sheets into a separate directory
15th Replaced the buttons with shiny ones!
16th Made the watercolour painting on the main page into a "click map"
18th Now and Then page 8 added
22nd Gst Bk, Personal page and Links sorted into a "Common" directory
25th Added the River Sherbourne to the 1610 Map
25th Launched a separate History page
27th Gate illustrations added to City Wall pages

March 2004
5th  Placed Spire graphic into the Old Cathedral page margin
22nd Added River Sherbourne onto 1749, 1807, 1851, 1900, 1937 & 2000 Maps
23rd Photo Gallery included for Historic Tour pages
24th More photos added to Tour Photo Gallery
25th Added the "Dissolution of the Monasteries" to the History page
27th Extra "Dissolution" information added
29th Minor info. added about Lychgate Cottages & photo added to Cathedral Gallery
30th Some "demolished" dates added to City Wall page

April 2004
6th  Made the city gates drawings "rough edged".
7th  "Your Memories" page launched with Eric Over's photos
9th  Added link to Memories page from all other pages
10th Added Coventry "Bibliography" to the foot of the Main page
11th Some new "Tour" photos added
14th Brian Rowstrons section added to "Your Memories"
14th 3d effect given to Logo and Arms on Home and Main pages
16th Gosford gate and Sherbourne hyperlinks added to 1610 and 200 maps
17th Possible original route of the City Wall shown on maps
18th Coat of Arms and Logo enhanced
19th Photo and info added to Memories page
20th Links to all City Gates added to 2000 "Wall Map"
26th Spon Street Photo Gallery added
29th Another cathedral gallery photo added
30th Style Sheets streamlined for simplicity using "Persistent" style

May 2004
4th  Bibliography updated - Coventry Under Fire
11th Stage-by-stage aerial photos of precinct added to Now and Then page 1
11th Bibliography updated - Coventry's Town Wall
16th Giles Gilbert Scott's design and explanation added to New Cathedral page
18th New Chapel of Unity photo on New Cathedral page
18th Photo and information about Sir Basil Spence added to New Cathedral page
24th "Rubble in the Ruins" photo added to Now and Then page 4
27th Interactive Boundary Maps combined into one webpage
28th Added "All Boundaries" page for non-Java script visitors
31st Split the Gst Bk into separate years

June 2004
3rd  "Cofantreo" better explained
5th  New "montage" style Main & Tour Page titles
6th  New "montage" style titles added to some other pages
7th  New "montage" style titles added to remaining pages
11th Updates to the Contents page
11th Bibliography updated - Coventry as it was
17th Minor information added to "Spon Street" on Tour page
21st Parkside photo added to Town Wall page
22nd History page amended - "Coventry as a City" details corrected
25th Information about the New Star pub added to Memories page
27th Trinity Spire photo added to Tour Gallery
30th Added new St. Mary's Priory and Cathedral page and Cathedral index page

July 2004
2nd  Priory Interactive links added to 1610 and 2000 maps
3rd  Street Animation re-done (Hopefully improved.)
4th  Archaeological finds added to St. Mary's page
20th Updated photo for Priory Street Now and Then
25th Text and image corrections to some pages
25th "Starry Night" colour scheme added
26th Correction made to 1937 map (Whitefriars Lane added)
29th Swanswell Pool added to Now and Then and relevant links from Maps
29th A to Z "jump links" added to Contents page
31st Information about Godiva added to History page

August 2004
1st  Added explanation of the "bent pilars" to the Old Cathedral page
1st  Added a video clip of the Bells Ringing to the Old Cathedral page
8th  Added a 1951 Street Map to show the beginning of post-war development
8th  Corrected 1937 Map to include Bablake Street & Fretton Street
12th Events page added
14th Replaced unreliable Andale counters with "Webcounter" by www.digits.com
15th "Coventry's beginnings" added to the History page
17th Naiad photos added to Tour Gallery
19th Page 9 introduced for Now and Then
20th Godiva Procession added to the Events page
22nd Now and Then expanded - Coat of Arms Bridge and Coventry Station
23rd Coat of Arms Bridge memories added to the "Your Memories" page
23rd Altered the top of every page with a full width logo
24th Rounded the corners of the title header
27th Rounded the corners of the Gallery pages
30th 1968 Street Map added showing a partially completed Ring Road
30th Explanation of maps expanded on the Main page
31st Pedestrianised Areas indicated on Post-war maps

September 2004
3rd  Link added to our son Steven's NEW WEBSITE full of his own photographs - steve.historiccoventry.co.uk
12th Added a better photo of the old cathedral ruins
13th Two new photos of inside St. John's church plus more information
16th Added the "Doom" painting to the Holy Trinity section
19th Added a full size photo of the Doom painting
26th Added some new music clips and lengthened the older ones on the Personal page
26th More photos and info. of excavations from St. Mary's priory added, including the Apocalypse painting
30th Corrections made to some facts on the Old Cathedral page

October 2004
2nd  Site Map updates
11th The Council House added to the Tour Pages
23rd "Drop-Capitals" resized for better fit
25th Added "Message" feature to Gst Bk for failed emails

November 2004
1st  Added more Great Butcher Row photos on Now & Then page 2
2nd  New website section added - "Post-War Reconstruction"
19th Broadgate chapter added to the reconstruction pages
25th A little more information on post-war Broadgate.
26th Post-war page enlarged and Centre Plan added
28th Post-war redevelopment pages completed (for now)
29th Links added and minor page changes made

December 2004
3rd  Information about the building of Christchurch added to Tour page 2
8th  Mandy given her OWN WEBSITE - mandy.historiccoventry.co.uk
21st "A City of Two Halves?" section added to the History page
23rd Small pictures added to jolly up the History page!
24th History page endowed by Queen Isabella
26th Market photo added to Post-War page 3
29th Lichfield photos plus others added to Cathedral Gallery & St. Mary's page

^ 2004 ^

January 2005
2nd  Reorganised subfolders - included Steve & Mandy in Cov folder
7th  High Street east view added to Now & Then page 9
8th  Information about Lychgate Cottages updated
10th Information about buildings added to the Spon Street Gallery
23rd Another photo added to the Spon Street Gallery
24th And another photo added to the Spon Street Gallery
24th Precinct Westwards and Spon Street 1900 Flood added to Now and Then page 10
27th Incorporated the Gst Bk into the Coventry folder
28th Incorporated the Links page into the Coventry folder
30th Moved www.historiccoventry.co.uk to its own server

February 2005
1st  Two engravings added to the City Wall page 3
6th  Added "AutoForm" feature to send Gst Bk entries via HTML
10th 1817 engraving of Spon Gate added to City Wall page 3
11th Added script to make all pages virtually "Printer Friendly"
15th Site Search added
21st Better quality old Trinity Lane photo added to Now and Then page 6
25th Improved ruins photos on the Old Cathedral page
25th Site Search boxes added to other pages
26th Complete Cascading Style Sheet overhaul
27th Photo changes in Now and Then

March 2005
3rd  Hertford Street added to Now and Then page 2
3rd  Priory Street Swimming Baths added to new Now and Then page 10
7th  Made the Scroll Bars match the colour shcemes in CSS
11th Reduced the size of larger graphics and moved map images to ntl server
16th Moved virtually all jpegs to ntl server and re-indexed images on relevant pages
16th Put all maps onto one page with "Mouseover" selection
19th Broadgate Special page added to Now and Then section
24th Launched the new 'Buy Prints of Historic Coventry' website
25th Fire Escape Ladder and other information added to Broadgate Now and Then page
27th Added some Now and Then photos to sell on 'Buy Prints' site

April 2005
2nd  Information about the War Requiem and a new photo added to the New Cathedral page
5th  References and links to Prints website added to several pages
10th Extra bits of information added to the Broadgate page
13th Alternative separate maps added for folk without javascript
13th More information about Whitefriars added to Tour page 4
18th West Orchard and Smithford Way added to Now and Then page 10
20th Added "Effects" page to the Buy Prints website
21st New photo added to the Broadgate Now and Then page
24th Aerial Photo added to the Coventry Maps page
25th Some map objects rescaled for accuracy
25th Altered the Index Page - added St. Michael's Background & Hidden Title

May 2005
8th  Added "magnified" images & links to the main page watercolour painting
21st Made all font sizes scalable in the Style Sheets to aid those with visual impairments
26th Added some city gate engravings to the Wall pages
30th Updated some County information on the History page

June 2005
21st Added BBC Radio 4 link on the Main page
29th Added a Now & Then page to Steven's website
29th Made all fonts scalable for accessibility on Steven's website

July 2005
2nd  Altered the "Gst Bk Thank You" page to include a "Buy Prints" link
10th More photo pairs added to Steven's Now and Then page
17th Four photos updated in the City Wall pages
19th Embedded more CSS into headers for easier editing
20th Updated some missing streets on 1851 to 1951 maps
21st Changed "rounded corner" tables for CSS divs on the History page
22nd More CSS updates - some tables removed
23rd All other pages recoded with CSS
24th CSS update completed (I think)
25th Ford's Hospital added to Now and Then page 10
26th Page 2 added to Your Memories section - Muriel Wells
27th Priory Mill Dam added to Now and Then page 10
28th Corrected the line of Ironmonger Row on the 2000 map
29th Magnified and extra photos for "Down the Burges" Now and Then page 2
30th Form added to Contact page as an email alternative

August 2005
9th  Added a Broadgate button to all pages
9th  New Butcher Row postcard image on Now and Then page 2
9th  New early 1900s Broadgate photo added to Broadgate page
9th  "Morning after" photo of the Ruins added to Old Cathedral page
9th  Links added to this page for easier locating of changes
10th New stained glass window photos added to the Old Cathedral page
11th County Court photo added to Tour page 3
11th Path of parts of the Ring Road corrected on Maps
11th Boundary Maps updated to include Coventry's further growth by 2004
12th Added a STEET INDEX for the year 2000 map
13th Made all the individual maps interactive
14th Cleaned up CSS code to avoid some conflicts in Netscape
14th Bibliography page seperated from the Main page
16th More Trinity Lane photos added to Now and Then page 6
20th Two new pages added to Mandy's website
24th Brighter Coat of Arms image & St. Michael's church on Home Page

September 2005
7th  New Main page built with animated descriptive boxes
8th  Main page montage adapted for all colour schemes
9th  Updated and added more information to the History page
15th Added a section on the coat of arms and Coventry's motto to the History page
18th Two more photos and information added to the New Cathedral page
18th Two more pictures and information added to the Broadgate page
24th Humber Works on fire photo added to Now and Then page 3
28th "Coventry Rose" poem by Neville Macaulife added to the Cathedral section.

October 2005
3rd  Old Priory Row photo add to the Butcher Row part of Now and Then page 2
3rd  Different Railway Station photo added to Now and Then page 9
4th  Corrected the position of Greyfriars Gate on the City Wall map
4th  Improved the operation of the Boundary Maps
5th  Bibliography page updated
13th Golden Cross & Pepper Lane added to Now and Then page 8
20th Information about the Lych Gate cottages updated on Tour page 3
25th Broadgate Blitz Animation added to Broadgate Now and Then page
27th Wyley Chapel photo and information added to the Old Cathedral page
27th More information about the possible origins of Coventry's name
30th New Heritage Weekend 2005 page added to Steven's website

November 2005
10th Explanations about the growth of Coventry's streets added to Maps page
17th More information about Coventry Theatre on Now and Then page 8
18th Gulson Free Library added to Now and Then page 6
18th More photo comparisons of Butcher Row and surroundings on Now and Then page 2
19th Ironmonger Row added to Now and Then page 10

December 2005
5th  Reworded part of the "About Me" page
13th Added a photo and information about old Bablake School on Tour page 1
13th 1812 Engraving added to 22 Bayley Lane on Tour page 3

^ 2005 ^

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