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An attempt to list all the shows ever performed at our Hippodromes, beginning with the temporary circus buildings, which from 1884 were specially erected on Pool Meadow for each visit - then, in 1903, to the first permanent, but short-lived, 'Tin' Hippodrome on the Priory Street side of Pool Meadow facing the old Swimming Baths. The popularity of these shows created the demand for a theatre worthy of our city, and so in 1906 began the construction in Hales Street, next to Swanswell Gate, of what we now regard as the Old Hippodrome.
Again, the success of this theatre meant that barely three decades later a greater capacity was required, and so we come to our lovely art-deco New Hippodrome in Hales Street, once known as the Showplace of the Midlands. Opening on the 1st November 1937, it was renamed Coventry Theatre in 1955, then from 1979 became The Apollo, giving its final performance in June 1985. After a short spell as a bingo hall it was eventually realised that such a building could not be put to any practical use, so, sadly, it was demolished in 2002. If anyone still has any tickets or programmes and would like to see them used to illustrate a show, please contact me.

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Old Hippodrome, Hales Street

Mon 6th Jan until Sat 11th Jan 19131,000 To 1 AgainstDramatic comedy presented by H. J. Horner and Leo Ward. Plus, Marie Schultz, Jack Warman, Fred Evans and many more.
Mon 13th Jan until Sat 18th Jan 1913The Village SportsPlay starring Edgar Cooke and Jimmy Russell. Plus, the Mysterious Menetekel, Barlow and Brookes, Fred Cary, and others.
Mon 20th Jan until Sat 25th Jan 1913Other People's MoneyBy Gerald Griffin and Company. Plus, the Columbia Comedy Trio, the Norman & Leonard Trio, Jennie Johns, and many others.
Mon 27th Jan until Sat 1st Feb 19138 Ragtime DarkiesPlus, amusing episode 'Detective Keen', Fred Land, the Mezzettis, Nixon Grey, and more.
Mon 3rd Feb until Sat 8th Feb 1913AladdinStarring Miss Edna Latonne. Plus, the 4 Broadway Boys, Grey and White, Sisters Pearl, and more.
Mon 10th Feb until Sat 15th Feb 1913Nellie WallaceThe Essence of Eccentricity. Plus, Duncan and Godfrey, the Sisters Geretti, Dorsch and Russell, and others.
Mon 17th Feb until Sat 22nd Feb 1913Irene DillonGreat American comedienne and dancer. Plus, the Two Anartos, farcical sketch 'Rogers', Crystal and Saville, and more.
Mon 24th Feb until Sat 1st Mar 1913Ernest ShandThe pink of comedy smartness. Plus, Ernie Ream, the Four Vagabonds, the 4 Clovelly Girls, and much more.
Mon 3rd Mar until Sat 8th Mar 1913The Great RabottiniWith his classical comedy and ragtime band. Plus, George Benson, the Two Boyds, and many more.
Mon 10th Mar until Sat 15th Mar 1913Submarine F.7.A representation, correct in every detail of a real submarine. Plus, Stuart & Alexander, Lil Sprightly, and others.
Mon 17th Mar until Sat 22nd Mar 1913Her Madcap MajestySketch starring Ethel Ward and Company. Plus, Kioto and Copeland, Dezso Kordy, Ryder Slone, and more.
Mon 24th Mar until Sat 29th Mar 19138 American RagtimersPlus, The Famous Kellinos, the Leslie Brothers, The Pages, Robb Wilton, and more.
Mon 31st Mar until Sat 5th Apr 1913The Girls Are WaitingSketch starring Carlisle & Wellmon. Plus, The Five Honeysuckles, Tom Jersey, Daisy Taylor, and many more.
Mon 7th Apr until Sat 12th Apr 1913The Famous Ritchie TroupeIn their great comedy cycle act. Plus, Miss Beaumont Collins, the Four Rays, Leo Bliss, and others.
Mon 14th Apr until Sat 19th Apr 1913The GondoliersBy the Coventry Amateur Operatic Society, a company of 60 with orchestra of 21.
Mon 21st Apr until Sat 26th Apr 1913Bed-FellowsStarring Miss Beaumont Collins and company. Plus Fred Tallman, Stacey and Williams, Owen Clark, and more.
Mon 28th Apr until Sat 3rd May 1913G. H. ElliottThe original chocolate coloured c**n. Plus, Lavail and Bodine, The New Macs, Hunt and Thomas, and others.
Mon 5th May until Sat 10th May 1913A Hot Time In DogvilleStarring Dan, the original drunken dog. Plus, David Poole, the Strength Brothers, Miss Ethel Arden, and more.
Mon 12th May until Sat 17th May 1913Bella & BijouSociety entertainers. Plus, Jay Laurier, Franco Piper, Mona Vivian, Peter and Potts, plus others.
Mon 19th May until Sat 24th May 1913Hetty KingFamous male impersonator. Plus, Walter Bellonina, Buck Baker, Herr Doring, and more.
Mon 26th May until Sat 31st May 1913RagmaniaThe craze of London. Plus, the Four Blairs, Tennyson and Wallis, The Dandy Mascots, Ray Ford, and many more.
Mon 2nd Jun until Sat 7th Jun 1913The Demon Of The CellarFarcical absurdity starring the Six Bros. Luck. Plus, Reg Wentworth, Violet Romney, drama sketch 'Before the Dawn', and more.
Mon 9th Jun until Sat 14th Jun 1913FlatsAnother Fred Karno production. Plus, Maisie Ellis, The Payolas, Little Ganty, and many others.
Mon 16th Jun until Sat 21st Jun 1913Harry FordThe great comedian. Plus, The Juvenile American Ragtimers, Meg and Jock, The Slaters, and others.
Mon 23rd Jun until Sat 28th Jun 1913Liane D'EveCelebrated Parisian comedienne. Plus, Auber the musical monarch, Bart and Bart, Ben Albert, and much more.
Mon 30th Jun until Sat 5th Jul 1913George FormbyPlus, Henriette de Serris, the Brothers Bernhart, spy episode 'When Swords are Drawn', and more.
Mon 7th Jul until Sat 12th Jul 1913Princess D'Aryabain beautiful dancing scena 'La Sylphe'. Plus, J. W. Rickaby, Devon and Earle, Gladys Hooley, and others.
Mon 14th Jul until Sat 19th Jul 1913Alexander and his Ragtime Minstrel BandPlus, Madame Adah Payne, Maggie Benson, Tom E. Hughes, and many more.
Mon 21st Jul until Sat 26th Jul 1913Our CurateSensational sketch by Fred Eustace & Co. Plus, Arthur Challoner, Everhart, Minola Hurst, and others.
Mon 28th Jul until Sat 2nd Aug 1913The Rag-Time SixPlus, Arthus Clifton, the Four Cherries, Francis O'Flynn, the Flying Julians, and more.
Mon 4th Aug until Sat 9th Aug 1913Sam MayoPlus, Leonard Gautier's animated toyshop, the Geni Family, Josie Delaine, The Great Bosanquet, and others.
Mon 11th Aug until Sat 16th Aug 1913When Women RuleStarring Colin Bryce. Plus, Moran and Tingley, Lucille Benstead, the Brothers Horne, the 5 Cliftons, and more.
Mon 18th Aug until Sat 23rd Aug 1913An Emperor's SwordA Napoleonic incident, by Edward Marris. Plus, Cissie Lupino, The Maples, Burns & Bentley, and more.
Mon 25th Aug until Sat 30th Aug 1913Albert WhelanThe famous Australian entertainer. Plus, Owen McGiveney, pantomime 'Solo', Norma O'Gorman, and others.
Mon 1st Sep until Sat 6th Sep 1913George LashwoodVocal comedian. Plus, Selwyn and Willows, Mart and Pep, Stewart and Morris, and much more.
Mon 8th Sep until Sat 13th Sep 1913Wakes WeekA Fred Karno production in three scenes. Plus, Jean and Josie, the 8 College Girls, Hal Smithers, and more.
Mon 15th Sep until Sat 20th Sep 1913Loss Of The TitanicThe immortal tale of simple heroism. Plus, Chas. Erard, Lona Wayne, Lotto, Lilo and Otto, Gilday and Fox, and more.
Mon 22nd Sep until Sat 27th Sep 1913Queer FishMusical extravaganza starring Walter Passmore. Plus, Vere and Nelldon, The Villions, Scott and Whaley, and others.
Mon 29th Sep until Sat 4th Oct 1913Her LadyshipStarring Miss Marie Studholme. Plus, J. P. Ling, Shine and McVoy, Harry Claff, Julian Mack, and others.
Mon 6th Oct until Sat 11th Oct 1913Joe O'GormanIreland's own comedian & raconteur. Plus, The Imperial Manchu Troupe, Tew and Lea, the Soho Trio, and more.
Mon 13th Oct until Sat 18th Oct 1913The Saint and the SinnerStarring Alfred Woods and company. Plus, the Dayton Family, The O'Gorman Bros., Fred Pardoe, The Rangers, and more.
Mon 20th Oct until Sat 25th Oct 1913Josephine DavisComedienne. Plus, John Humphries, Naughton and Gold, Holden's Mannikins, and others.
Mon 27th Oct until Sat 1st Nov 1913Next, PleaseOne man revue by Bransby Williams. Plus, Chass. Lewis, Alice Grill, the Cyclery Buffoons, Jack Lane, and others.
Mon 3rd Nov until Sat 8th Nov 1913Ernie MayneSinger. Plus, The Grotesques, the Schillott Brothers, Sterling and Love, Sammy Shields, and more.
Mon 10th Nov until Sat 15th Nov 1913The Rigoletto BrothersVaudeville act. Plus, Jennie Hartley, Stuart Cleveland, Lily Flexmore, The Royal Merry Four, and others.
Mon 17th Nov until Sat 22nd Nov 1913The Steam LaundryCliff Gray stars in another Fred Karno farce. Plus, Arthur Astill, the Four Minims, Green and Wood, and others.
Mon 24th Nov until Sat 29th Nov 1913Sam MayoPlus, Dalkeith, Hurl and Ford, The Gilberts, Valazzi, Potter & Hartwell, and others.
Mon 1st Dec until Sat 6th Dec 1913The Crazy Comedy BandBy mad musicians The Ten Loonies. Plus, scena 'Indiana', Alice Craven, My Fancy, the Kleine Twins, and more.
Mon 8th Dec until Sat 13th Dec 1913Mark SheridanPlus, Bertha de Pas, Baroness D'Astreel, the Rallis Wilson Trio, Syd May, and more.
Mon 15th Dec until Sat 20th Dec 1913A Lamb On Wall StreetNew York Stock Exchange based comedy with Bert Coote. Plus, Inez and Pim, The Camerons, Dave Carter, and others.
Mon 22nd Dec until Sat 27th Dec 1913RudinoffThe Royal Society entertainer. Plus, General Edward Lavine, Victor Wakeman, Lester and Moure, Vera May, and more. (No performance on Christmas Day.)
Mon 29th Dec 1913 until Sat 3rd Jan 1914Whit CunliffeThe original Mister Cupid. Plus, The Forders, the Claymore Trio, Bert Lloyd, John Paley, Mason, Wilbur & Jordan, and more.

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Also of interest might be A short history of Coventry's Theatres and Cinemas, by Bill Birch.

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