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An attempt to list all the shows ever performed at our Hippodromes, beginning with the temporary circus buildings, which from 1884 were specially erected on Pool Meadow for each visit - then, in 1903, to the first permanent, but short-lived, 'Tin' Hippodrome on the Priory Street side of Pool Meadow facing the old Swimming Baths. The popularity of these shows created the demand for a theatre worthy of our city, and so in 1906 began the construction in Hales Street, next to Swanswell Gate, of what we now regard as the Old Hippodrome.
Again, the success of this theatre meant that barely three decades later a greater capacity was required, and so we come to our lovely art-deco New Hippodrome in Hales Street, once known as the Showplace of the Midlands. Opening on the 1st November 1937, it was renamed Coventry Theatre in 1955, then from 1979 became The Apollo, giving its final performance in June 1985. After a short spell as a bingo hall it was eventually realised that such a building could not be put to any practical use, so, sadly, it was demolished in 2002. If anyone still has any tickets or programmes and would like to see them used to illustrate a show, please contact me.

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'Tin' Hippodrome, Pool Meadow

Mon 2nd Jan until Sat 7th Jan 1905George GilbeyThe popular comedian. Plus, Miss Rose Newport, Alec Thomas, Newham and Latimar, Rumbo Austin, Tom Walker, and more.
Mon 9th Jan until Sat 14th Jan 1905Bonnie Goodwin and her Four Apollo PiccaninniesPlus, J. C. Morris, comedian, Miss Lily Arthurs, The Three Missouis, Miss Ray Stella, Alf Aubyn, and others.
Mon 16th Jan until Sat 21st Jan 1905Miss Maggie DugganThe popular comedienne. Plus, Jean and Maquire, comedians, Massona, The Sisters Chester, and much more.
Mon 23rd Jan until Sat 28th Jan 1905Dr. Carl HermanThe renowned Hypnotist, Electrician & Scientist. Plus, Miss May Young, Johnny Worman, Phil Herman, and others.
Mon 30th Jan until Sat 4th Feb 1905Harry Tate and Co.In the great comic interlude. Plus, CHarles Lilburn, Miss Lily Travers, The Findens, Oscardo and Albert, and more.
Mon 6th Feb until Sat 11th Feb 1905George GilbeyPlus, Lynn, the original singing newsboy. The Cedrics, The Maples, Johnny Bowman, Mdlle. Fredrica's performing dogs and pony, and others.
Mon 13th Feb until Sat 18th Feb 1905Mr. Edmund Taylor's 'Magic Kettle'Plus, Harry Craven, Wilton Wirton, The Scottish Meisters and Comedy Quartette, The Alhambra Bioscope, and more.
Mon 20th Feb until Sat 25th Feb 1905Dutch DalyConcertina soloist and artiste. Plus, R. C. Note!, Miss Daisy Davenport, Horton & Lindon, and many others.
Mon 27th Feb until Sat 4th Mar 1905The Cee Mee TroupePlus, Miss Nance St. John, Resford and Hunt, Alex Lukos, The Wartenburg Bros., Charles Best, and more.
Mon 6th Mar until Sat 11th Mar 1905The DandiesVocalists and dancers. Plus, The Sisters Desmond, Laurie Wyle, Joe Cheevers, Miss Kitty Beresford, and more.
Mon 13th Mar until Sat 18th Mar 1905Marie LloydThe great star comedienne. Plus, Rosell Le Poi De L'Air, Miss Ella Lane, The Morton Trio, Leo Leicester Sports, and others.
Mon 20th Mar until Sat 25th Mar 1905The Forrest CombinationComedy artistes. Plus, Miss Ada Whitton, Elliott and Warne, Will Cornish, Bijou Russell, and many more.
Mon 27th Mar until Sat 1st Apr 1905The Boganny TroupeAs the lunatic bakers and comedy resleyests. Plus, Miss Lillie Loreman, Fred Keating, Chas. Austin, and more.
Mon 3rd Apr until Sat 8th Apr 1905The WaldronsBurlesque Adepts. Plus, Miss Grace Merton, Harry Toff, F. V. Sprey, The Vampiers, and more.
Mon 10th Apr until Sat 15th Apr 1905Miss Marie LoftusComedienne. Plus, Will Conroy, Charles Honory, Kalan & Kalan, Harrican & Holt, and others.
Mon 17th Apr until Sat 22nd Apr 1905Rastus and BanksThe Major and the Maid. Howe & Ardie, Miss Eadie Rivers, The Australian Combination, Harry Bedford, and more.
Mon 24th Apr until Sat 29th Apr 1905DidaThe World's greatest mystery. Plus, Francis and Mellie, The Culane Trio, Walter Munroe, Flo D'Orville, and more.
Mon 1st May until Sat 6th May 1905Alice LoretteWith her marvellous statue dog. Plus, Will Percival, Mons. Mozzetto, J. W. Morris, Arizon Troupe, and more.
Mon 8th May until Sat 13th May 1905Pierre CardollThe steel-skinned man! Plus, Harry Nation, Miss Amey Alvera, Hallam & Stanton, The Mozandos, and others.
Mon 15th May until Sat 20th May 1905The Trapnell Troupe of Lady AcrobatsPlus, Edie Charnley, Harry Lewis, Benson & Gefferys, Miss Lellith Leyton, and many more.
Mon 22nd May until Sat 27th May 1905The Great RolandPlus, Miss Ida Brophy, W. H. Scott, The Durrant Brothers, Charles Deane, Emma Don, and others.
Mon 29th May until Sat 3rd Jun 1905Aera, Zebra, and VoraIn a grand speciality scena entitled 'The Indians at Play'. Plus, Fred Terry, Arundel and Arundel, Miss Katie Butler, and others.
Mon 5th Jun until Sat 10th Jun 1905SpotThe original up-to-date Travesty Cake Walk Craze, the most laughable extravaganza ever produced. Plus, Miss Connie Milton, Mons. Colpit, Graham and Harrington, and more.
Mon 12th Jun until Sat 17th Jun 1905Donaldson Brothers & ArdellIn a great comedy pantomime 'In The Lion's Den'. Plus, Harry Swift, Cavern and Cave, Lizzie Patters, Denby Dent, and more.
Mon 19th Jun until Sat 24th Jun 1905Gentleman JoeAnd his wonderful performing horses, dogs, etc. Plus, Arthur Boyd, Katie Marsh, Reed and Learn, and others.
Mon 26th Jun until Sat 1st Jul 1905King and BensonComedy speciality artistes. Plus, The Whites, Childie Stuart, Charles Gardner, Messrs. Keith and Morson, and more.
Mon 3rd Jul until Sat 8th Jul 1905Miss Daisy JamesFamous London comedienne in 'The Gibson Girl'. Plus, Harry Martell, Miss Bessie Lind, The Pinners, and others.
Mon 10th Jul until Sat 15th Jul 1905Tricky TrouvilleMusical melange. Plus, Teddy Rutland, Gladys Warren, The Ottoways (Frank and Edith), Nelson Keyes, and more.
Mon 17th Jul until Sat 22nd Jul 1905Steinway QuartetteIn the successful song scena 'Songs of the Sea'. Plus, Miss Esme Gordon, Tom Hughes, Gordon & Iris, and others.
Mon 24th Jul until Sat 29th Jul 1905The Mannons TroupeIn grand pantomime 'Uncle Yank'. Plus, Miss Jessie Marvella, The Olive Trio, Kisby, Miss Adey Spencer, and more. A week's break follows.
Mon 7th Aug until Sat 12th Aug 1905Sisters Phillips and Brothers LorenziThe famous four comical cards. Plus, Miss Celia Jewell, Arthur Stacey, Otto and Olga, and more.
Mon 14th Aug until Sat 19th Aug 1905Burk and McBoyeComedy speciality artistes and Arabian acrobats. Plus, VIvian Dell, Jonny Fuller, The Bohemians (Will & Madge), Florence Gwynn, and others.
Mon 21st Aug until Sat 26th Aug 1905Tom CostelloPlus, Maggie Remmer, Jack Cruston, Miss Rustas Elliott, Charles Jerome, Ellis and Watts, and more.
Mon 28th Aug until Sat 2nd Sep 1905Tom LloydPopular eccentric comedian. Plus, Miss Minnie Florence, The Paolias, Los Rupetors, Andrews & Thompson, and others.
Mon 4th Sep until Sat 9th Sep 1905Three of a Kind40 minutes of uncontrollable laughter 'Little Bessie got the Mumps'. Plus, Miss Alice Digby, Swan and Vesta, The Carlyles, and more.
Mon 11th Sep until Sat 16th Sep 1905F. V. St. ClairWorld-renowned song write and vocal comedian. Plus, Miss Minnie Mace, Sid Bandon, Miss Tiny Keif, and many more.
Mon 18th Sep until Sat 23rd Sep 1905Charles AustinPopular comedian. Plus, Miss Lily Sewell, Kempton & Murdock, lorence Barclay, Miss Lily Lena, and more.
Mon 25th Sep until Sat 30th Sep 1905Austin RuddComic vocalist. Plus, Arthur Stacey, Johnson & Brown, We mona, Nellie Colman, Ruby Norton, and others.
Mon 2nd Oct until Sat 7th Oct 1905Tom LeamoreRenowned comedian. Plus, Miss Clara Sefton, The Harrison Bros., The Four Blackbirds, Miss Annie Reid, and more.
Mon 9th Oct until Sat 14th Oct 1905G. W. HunterComedian. Plus, Miss Georgina Leonard, Bland Marsh, Morny Cash, Harry Bent, and others.
Mon 16th Oct until Sat 21st Oct 1905Miss Alexandra DagmarPlus, Sisters Pyne, The Zampers, The Vays, Miss Grace Merton, Gladys V. Archbut, and more.
Mon 23rd Oct until Sat 28th Oct 1905Fred PoplarWith Tom York, Miss Kittie Wager, the Scottish Meisters, La Belle Nelio, Joe Humphreys, and others.
Mon 30th Oct until Sat 4th Nov 1905George BastowFamous character comedian. Plus, Fancourt & Ruby, Wrag & Wrag, Arthur Gill, Spencer & Clark, and others.
Mon 6th Nov until Sat 11th Nov 1905Edward BoydComedian. Plus, Mona Comly, Maxford & O'Neil, Johnny Danvers, Stanley & Vandyke, and more.
Mon 13th Nov until Sat 18th Nov 1905Julia MackeyEngland's greatest comedienne, vocalist and mimic. Plus, Frank Lawton, Miss Emmie Ames, Miss Wineford Ward, and more.
Mon 20th Nov until Sat 25th Nov 1905The Phantom ShipPlus, Frank Gee, Miss Kate Nidall, Little Zola, Miss Mabel Lynn, The Camerons, Cliff Ryland.
Mon 27th Nov until Sat 2nd Dec 1905The Harvey BoysComedy boxers. Plus, Miss Nellie Vann, Miss Baby Lloyd, Frank Elliston & Co., Walter Emerson, and others.
Mon 4th Dec until Sat 9th Dec 1905Miss Peggy PrydeComedienne. Plus, Lambert and Glover, Miss Kitty Malone, Walter Munroe, Alf Chester, Charles McCann, and more.
Mon 11th Dec until Sat 16th Dec 1905Jack PleasantsComedian. Plus, Miss Patty Yale, Collins & Rice, J. P. Ling, Fred Terry, Vi Carlyle, and others.
Mon 18th Dec until Sat 23rd Dec 1905Florrie FordeWith, George Barron, The Lassors, Miss Rose Elliott, The Gilbert Brothers, Miss Mollie Seymour, and more.
Tue 26th Dec until Sat 30th Dec 1905Nat TraversCoster comedian and his aristocrats in scena 'Life in an East End Hotel'. Plus, Edwards and D'Acre, Fred Keeton, Okez Bros., The Brothers Webb, and others.

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1884 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985

Also of interest might be A short history of Coventry's Theatres and Cinemas, by Bill Birch.

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