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Spon Street


Just around the corner from Hill Street is Spon Street where there is still a high concentration of Tudor aged buildings. Many of them are not original to the street and have been rebuilt there after being saved from demolition in other streets and a preservation order is in place to ensure their survival.
This practice of moving structures from their roots is now generally considered undesirable and it is now preferred, wherever possible, to leave a building in-situ and look at its history within the location as a complete picture.

As you enter Spon Street from Fleet Street, the view on the left will greet you.

Spon Street

If you'd like to see each old building in more detail, please take a look at my....

Spon Street Photo Gallery

Coventry's own origins lay within the forest of Arden, and a reminder of this beginning comes in the form of a deed from the 13th century referring to two pieces of land which lay between the wood of Spon (spelt Spanna) and the wood of Assehowe. It's likely that the area now covered by Spon End was then still uncleared woodland.

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