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Spon Street - left hand side

Spon StreetGallery

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The historic buildings of Old Spon Street - moving in order up the left hand side of the street - then back down the right.

Left hand side....

1 & 2 Spon Street

Actually standing more-or-less along the original line of Queen Victoria Road, this building forms numbers 1 & 2 Spon Street. It is a pair of Wealden type houses dating to the 1400s and the last to be re-situated in Spon Street in 1989.

The rest of the south side of Spon Street looking westwards from Fleet Street.
South side of Spon Street

9 Spon Street

On the right, a 15th century house - Number 9 Spon Street.
This building formerly stood in Much Park Street.

10 to 12 Spon Street
Numbers 10 to 12 Spon Street

 14 & 15 Spon Street

Numbers 14 & 15 here form a particularly attractive pair and are original to Spon Street. They would have been amongst the prime buildings in the street and has been magnificently restored twice recently - 1977 and 1985.
In the 19th century it was the Recruiting Sergeant pub and an unusual feature is that the twin gables are facing the road.

16 Spon Street

The wooden plaque below gives the main details about the history of this house, number 16.
Interestingly, it was always in Spon Street, but formerly on the other side of the road beyond the point where the 1960s Inner Ring Road cut a swathe through the street. It was a later example of this type of timber framed building in the 17th century.

Plaque on 16 Spon Street

This is the last remaining row of courts in Spon Street. They provided extremely basic accomodation for poorer families and workers. A similar row of buildings would have faced these and all would have shared a single outdoor loo.... the good old days!
Some of these now house the Watch Museum.

Courts off Spon Street

20 & 21 Spon Street

Number 20 - 21 Spon Street. As the carved board (photographed below) explains, this structure used to be the Green Dragon Inn in Much Park Street, which, as is apparent from this page, is where many of Spon Street's buildings were rescued from.

Plaque on 21/21 Spon Street Plaque on 21/21 Spon Street

windmill Pub, Spon Street

The "Old Windmill".
This is another later (16th century) example of this type of building. The earlier timber frame has been completely obscured by rendering and the name board also used to hide the projecting jetty timbers.
Many locals know this pub as "Ma Brown's".

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All photographs by the author of this website.

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