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Cheylesmore Manor House

Cheylesmore Manor House

A little farther up New Union Street you can access Cheylesmore Manor House through an alleyway opposite the Greyfriars Lane junction. Known nowadays by most Coventrians as the "Register Office" and, indeed, where my wife and I were married in 1993, this building was once home to much more prestigious occupants.

Dating originally from the 13th century, it once belonged to Queen Isabella (the wife of Edward II) and in 1338 was passed to her grandson, Edward the Black Prince. Many alterations were seen during the middle ages but subsequently the manor fell into disrepair. Between 1965 and 1968 the building was restored to the state with which we are now familiar. White plaster cladding was removed to reveal a timber framed structure full of character. To see just how it looked in the 1940s before restoration, you may like to visit my Now and Then section.

The first photo depicts the north side of the old manor, set within a beautiful little oasis. Below is the south side of the building, showing Christ Church spire in the background. Also visible adjacent to the spire, since 2019, is The Wave water-park.

Cheylesmore Manor House

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