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Bishop Gate

Bishop Street looking towards where the gate once stood

As you approach the top of Bishop Street, you'll be ale to see the 'Canal Basin' Bridge, which stands very close to the original site of Bishop Gate. (Pictured in David Hale's illustration below, which shows the view from the town side of the gate.)
Before the ring road intervened in the late 1960s, St. Nicholas Street would have continued straight on northwards from here.

Now however, the two roads are joined via the footbridge which primarily gives access to the Canal Basin. At the base of the Bishop Street side of the bridge, the plaque pictured here has been laid giving a few details.

Bishop gate plaque
Bishop Gate by David Hale Bishop Gate by Coventry artist, David Hale. (This image must not be copied or reproduced in any way without permission from the artist.)

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Spires viewed from Bishop Street

Climbing the steps of the footbridge and looking back southwards towards the town centre grants this next view of the two spires, which must be a similar scene to that surveyed by the watchmen standing over the gate many centuries ago. Back then of course, the view would have been unspoilt by modern clutter across the skyline!

In the bottom centre of the photograph is the Old Grammar School that you've just passed at the junction of Hales Street and Corporation Street, with the Burges continuing southwards from Bishop Street towards Primark. (Still Allders in this 2002 photograph, but still better remembered by most locals as the old Owen Owen building.)

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