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An attempt to list all the shows ever performed at our Hippodromes, beginning with the temporary circus buildings, which from 1884 were specially erected on Pool Meadow for each visit - then, in 1903, to the first permanent, but short-lived, 'Tin' Hippodrome on the Priory Street side of Pool Meadow facing the old Swimming Baths. The popularity of these shows created the demand for a theatre worthy of our city, and so in 1906 began the construction in Hales Street, next to Swanswell Gate, of what we now regard as the Old Hippodrome.
Again, the success of this theatre meant that barely three decades later a greater capacity was required, and so we come to our lovely art-deco New Hippodrome in Hales Street, once known as the Showplace of the Midlands. Opening on the 1st November 1937, it was renamed Coventry Theatre in 1955, then from 1979 became The Apollo, giving its final performance in June 1985. After a short spell as a bingo hall it was eventually realised that such a building could not be put to any practical use, so, sadly, it was demolished in 2002. If anyone still has any tickets or programmes and would like to see them used to illustrate a show, please contact me.

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New Hippodrome, Hales Street

Mon 6th Jan until Sat 11th Jan 1941Sh--! Keep It DarkWith Billy Thorburn and His Music, Three Loose Screws, Broadway Boys & Brenda, and more.
Mon 13th Jan until Sat 18th Jan 1941It's A Funny ThingTom Arnold's Blackpool Revue, with Harry Korris, Tessie O'Shea
Sun 19th Jan 1941Cyril Fletcher & Oliver WakefieldWith Harry Fryer's Broadcasting Band.
Mon 20th Jan until Sat 25th Jan 1941Dick WhittingtonStarring Jill Manners, Gus Elton, Neta Underwood, Ken Douglas, and others.
Mon 27th Jan until Sat 1st Feb 1941Max MillerWith Vic & Joe Crastonian, Dennis Four, Beadle & Dare, and others.
Mon 3rd Feb until Sat 8th Feb 1941Variety ShowLes Allen, Anona Winn, Naunton Wayne, and others.
Mon 10th Feb until Sat 15th Feb 1941Variety ShowWith Florence Desmond, Kingsley and Forde, the Montreal Trio, George Doonan, and others.
Mon 17th Feb until Sat 22nd Feb 1941Black VelvetStarring Ted Ray and Jill Manners.
Mon 24th Feb until Sat 1st Mar 1941Variety ShowWith Jimmy James, Troise and his Mandoliers, Leigh Stafford, and others.
Mon 3rd Mar until Sat 8th Mar 1941Variety ShowStarring Elsie & Doris Waters (Gert & Daisy), Stanford & Gray, Leslie Strange, and others.
Mon 10th Mar until Sat 15th Mar 1941Variety ShowWith Cyril Fletcher, Oliver Wakefield, Kitty Masters, Sherkot, and others.
Mon 17th Mar until Sat 22nd Mar 1941Variety ShowWith Maurice Colleano, Younkman and his Gipsy Band, Herschell "Jizz" Henlere, Jack Daly, Campbell & Wise, and others.
Mon 24th Mar until Sat 29th Mar 1941Billy Cotton and his BandWith Arthur Pond, Marion Pola and others.
Mon 31st Mar until Sat 5th Apr 1941Oscar Rabin & His BandWith Paddy Drew, Tommy Kaye, Wheeler & Wilson, and others.
Sun 6th Apr 1941Two Colossal Variety ConcertsWith Ivor Morton, Dawn Davis, Dave Kaye, Forsythe, Seamon & Farrell, and others.
Mon 7th Apr until Thu 10th Apr 1941Carroll Levis and his BBC DiscoveriesWith The Adorables, Sam Rayne, Stanelli, the 3 Adairs, Fred Sylvester, Manley & Auston, and others. (Run cut short by the big air-raid of the 10th April.)
Mon 28th Apr until Sat 3rd May 1941Garrison TheatreTheatre opened again after raids. Show presented by Jack Hilton, with Jack Warner and Joan Winters, and others.
Mon 5th May until Sat 10th May 1941Joe Loss and his BandWith Monte Rey, Bette Roberts, Bob Arden, and the Lost Chords, plus others.
Mon 12th May until Sat 17th May 1941The Cafe De ParisWith Teddy Brown, Murray & Mooney, and others.
Mon 19th May 1941Dorchester FolliesFeaturing Maurice Winnick and his Broadcasting Band, and others.
Mon 26th May until Sat 31st May 1941Variety ShowWith Rawicz & Landauer, Hutch, Jean Adrienne, Eddie & Leslie, and others.
Mon 2nd Jun until Sat 7th Jun 1941Variety ShowWith Tommy Farr, the Western Bros., Eddie Gray, and others.
Mon 9th Jun until Sat 14th Jun 1941Variety ShowWith Billy Bennett, Claude Dampier, Tessie O'Shea, Moran & Mack, Gay & Gay, and others.
Mon 16th Jun until Sat 21st Jun 1941Variety ShowWith Renee Houston and Donald Stewart, Nan Kenway and Douglas Young, and others.
Mon 23rd Jun until Sat 28th Jun 1941Variety ShowWith Scott & Whalley, Les Allen, Arthur Prince, Albert Whelan, and others.
Mon 30th Jun until Sat 5th Jul 1941All In FavourStarring Nat Gonella and his Georgians, Billy Caryll and Hilda Murray, and others.
Mon 7th Jul until Sat 12th Jul 1941The Anglo-Polish BalletPresented by Jack Taylor, cast of 40 artistes.
Mon 14th Jul until Sat 19th Jul 1941George FormbyAssisted by Beryl, Mae, Mac & Marty, Clifford & Marion, and others.
Mon 21st Jul until Sat 26th Jul 1941A Radio RoundaboutFeaturing Adelaide Hall, Youth Take A Bow, Archie Glenn, Baker, Dove & Allen, and others.
Mon 28th Jul until Sat 2nd Aug 1941Garrison TheatreWith Jack Warner and Joan Winters, and others.
Mon 4th Aug until Sat 9th Aug 1941Holiday Variety ShowWith Joe Davis, Harold Ramsey, Dave & Joe O'Gorman, and others.
Mon 11th Aug until Sat 16th Aug 1941Eve on LeavePresented by Jack Taylor, with Frank O'Brian, Ernest Shannon, and others.
Mon 18th Aug until Sat 23rd Aug 1941Variety ShowWith Will Fyffe, Stanelli, Hazell & Day, and others.
Mon 25th Aug until Sat 30th Aug 1941Mad Hatters of 1941Featuring Syd Seymour and his Band, Shek Ben Ali, Constance Evans, and others.
Mon 1st Sep until Sat 6th Sep 1941Henry Hall and his OrchestraWith the Yale Bros., Nat Hope, Nick Cardello, Bernard & Brown, Navan O'Reilly, and others.
Mon 8th Sep until Sat 13th Sep 1941Variety ShowCharlie Kunz, Randolph Sutton, G. S. Melvin, Syd & Max Harrison, and others.
Mon 15th Sep until Sat 20th Sep 1941Dreamin' Of TheeStarring Cyril Fletcher, with Nat Jackley & Jack Clifford, Betty Astell, Nat Mills & Bobbie, and others.
Mon 22nd Sep until Sat 27th Sep 1941Make It A Party!Presented by Tom Arnold, featuring George Doonan, Nita Croft, Noni & Nita, Cliff Cook, and others.
Mon 29th Sep until Sat 4th Oct 1941Arthur AskeyWith June Malo, Dove, Baker & Allen, Marion Pola Trio, Eric Mason, and others.
Mon 6th Oct until Sat 11th Oct 1941Hi! GangWith Stanelli, Pat Taylor, Randolph Sutton, and others.
Mon 13th Oct until Sat 18th Oct 1941The Hulbert FolliesWith Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge and Claude Hulbert.
Mon 20th Oct until Sat 25th Oct 1941Stars of RadioWith Evelyn Dall and Max Bacon, plus Sam Browne, Iris Sadler and Jack Daly.
Mon 27th Oct until Sat 1st Nov 1941Une Nuit ExcitanteWith Turner Layton, Sid Fields and Evelyn Taylor, plus others.
Mon 3rd Nov until Sat 8th Nov 1941The Ambrose Merry-Go-RoundWith Monte Rey, Dave Morris, Marion Pola, Bert Wright & Zena, and others.
Tue 11th Nov until Sat 15th Nov 1941RebeccaStarring Owen Nares.
Mon 17th Nov until Sat 22nd Nov 1941Venus Comes To TownWith Gaston & Andree, Gershom Parkington Trio, Alec Dane, and others.
Mon 24th Nov until Sat 29th Nov 1941Variety ShowWith Georgie Wood, Albert Burdon, Patricia Rossborough, Karina, and others.
Sun 30th Nov 1941Joe Loss and his BandFor just one night.
Mon 1st Dec until Sat 6th Dec 1941Variety ShowWith Jimmy James, Elsie & Doris Waters (Gert & Daisy), Harry Lester, and others.
Mon 8th Dec until Sat 13th Dec 1941Variety ShowThe Two Leslies, Starts in Blue, N'Gai, Mareski, and others.
Tue 16th Dec until Sat 20th Dec 1941The International BalletWith Mona Inglesby, Rovi Pavinoff, Nina Tarakanova, Harol Hunter, and full company.
Mon 22nd Dec until Sat 27th Dec 1941PiccadixieWith Adelaide Hall and George Elrick and his Band, and others. (No show on Christmas Day.)
Mon 29th Dec 1941 until Sat 10th Jan 1942Christmas CrackersStarring Maurice Winnick and his Broadcasting Band, G. S. Melvin, Issy Bonn, Sirdani, Morris & Cowley, Chris Charlton, and others.

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Also of interest might be A short history of Coventry's Theatres and Cinemas, by Bill Birch.

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