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David Fry and Albert Smith

David Fry and Arthur Smith have produced a series of books under the general title of 'The Coventry We Have Lost'.

David came to Coventry in 1970 to train as a teacher. He has always had an interest in history, and a personal interest in Binley, where he was living at the time, and Ernesford Grange farm in particular, led him to search for illustrative material, which in turn introduced him to the world of Victorian and Edwardian photography. The rest, as they say, is history!

Albert was born in pre-war Tile Hill, so has seen first-hand the post war expansion of the city and its redevelopment. A product of an entrepreneurial engineering family, he carried on this tradition later in his working life setting up a business refurbishing and repairing fork lift trucks as well as sharing in the running of an antique shop in Queen Victoria Road. He also has a passion for old cars having restored an MG and a couple of Alfa Romeos in his time.
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