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John Collins

John Collins was born into a loving family, never knowing what it was like to be smacked. This was because he had learned to run fast at a very early age and his mother could not catch him. The child, being born within the city walls, was a true 'Coventry Kid'. After the back yard of where he lived became too small to play in, his parents finally opened the back gates and allowed the child the freedom of the city. The bomb sites and ruins after the 'blitz' were to become his playground, and the buses and trains his main mode of transport to explore far and wide. Coventry was his - and didn't Coventry know it!
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A Coventry Kid's Tale

JayTob   28th August 2012
A Coventry kid's tale is a wonderful insight into growing up in the fifties. Children nowadays will never experience such an upbringing. You soon fall in love with 'the child' and have to keep reading to find out what adventures he gets up to. It's a brilliant legacy for your grandchildren and a beautiful interpretation of times gone by. Highly recommended to all.

Margaret Mole   17th February 2012
I did get a copy sent to me from Coventry and it brought back so many laughs and a reminder of the things we got up to. No not as bad as you, as we were girls, but we still got in trouble. I know we lived in a jetty house and would all congregate by where the fire was to keep warm while we talked. We also had a bomb site at the top of the road, hours of making things with the bricks, what memories. Thanks, Marg

Jim Davis   2nd October 2011
If you remember playing on the bomb sites and school in the 50's and 60's, you'll enjoy this little book. I couldn't put it down and chuckled all the way through!

Gloria Jean Cockayne   5th November 2010
I really enjoyed this book. It was humourous and easy to read. A must for any local kids born in late 40's early 50's.

Rob Orland   7th August 2010
Place your tongue firmly in your cheek, sit back and prepare to laugh out loud at the hilarious exploits of 'the child' growing up (fast!) in bombed out post-war Coventry. It's all apparently true but obviously with a hint of exaggeration for comic effect. It'll have you and your kids chuckling away as you follow how 'the child' was always finding a way to make an extra 'bob' - and an extra meal (or two).... and how his dad tended to see lots of men about lots of dogs.... but never actually returned with one!

The Coventry Kid Starts Work

Jo Shepherd   20th November 2013
A delightful read. Had to sit and read all straight through. Determination shines through whether being a painter or mechanic, now and then a comic. A surprise round every corner. Do Read. !

Rob Orland   17th November 2013
Continuing from where the first and extremely funny book ended, this one sees "The Child" leaving school and learning how to get on in the adult world. Just as funny as ever, you'll enjoy his exploits as he learns his trade the hard way, travels in his car the hard way, and finds his ideal girl.... just read and enjoy!

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