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David McGrory

David McGrory is one of the foremost historians of Coventry. He was born in the city, has ancestral connections with the city going back at least 300 years and has always been fascinated by its remarkable past. He has published many books and articles on the city's history, including; Coventry: Then & Now, Coventry at War, A Century Of Coventry, A History of Coventry, The Illustrated History of Coventry's Suburbs, Bloody History and Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Coventry.
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Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Coventry

Rob Orland   14th September 2008
As with all David McGrory's books, "Foul Deeds" doesn't simply string together a series of unrelated stories about Coventry's dark past. In this book he interweaves elements of our history into each story, so the reader ends up with a fuller understanding of Coventry life. As an example, in the first chapter he describes events connected to the little known Coventry Castle, and also violent activities between the monks and the Bishop. Entertaining and educational!

The Wharncliffe Companion to Coventry

Rob Orland   22nd August 2008
This particular book scores highly on two different levels. Firstly, for people who wish to gain a brief but widespread understanding of Coventry's history, it provides an excellent overview of virtually every aspect of our heritage - important buildings, events and people who shaped our city over the last thousand years. Secondly, for those who already have a reasonable understanding of Coventry's past, this book serves not only to weld together their knowledge like an A to Z revision book, but the author also throws in many lesser known facts, rarely, or even never, found in any other history of Coventry.

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