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Update, 6th February 2016: I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed all the wonderful messages in this Guest Book. However, since the huge success of the discussion forum, which began 2010, it has become the main vehicle for exchanging messages, so I'm closing the Guest Book to further entries, but will leave it on display for all to read.

So, if you have any questions that you think other readers can answer, or fancy reminiscing with like minded people, please try my Discussion Forum - it's totally free!

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31st Dec 2014Michael McBroomOrlando, FloridaBorn in Binley Village, grew up in Willenhall and spent my latter years up until 1980 in Radford. Attended Binley Park and for the last 10 years in Coventry worked at Jaguar Cars until December 1979.
After 24 years of living and working in West Sussex, I relocated with my company to open a new venture in Orlando in 2004 and still remain.
7th Dec 2014Ann BackhouseNew ZealandIn 1949 my family and I lived in a caravan park in Coventry called Canada camp, I am wondering exactly where it is and what is there now?
28th Nov 2014CarolCoventryCan you tell me when the Forum Building was built please (where the Forum Bowl was), Longfellow Road. I'm not 100% but originally was it called something to do with GPO?
[This would definitely be a great question to ask on the Historic Coventry Discussion Forum]
23rd Nov 2014Lesley NevilleEast LeakeI am looking for any information regarding my 2nd gt grandfather Ebenezer White & gt grandfather Ebenezer James White, both watch makers 42 Spon St Coventry circa 1887? Anything on both industry and area please ?
11th Nov 2014Paul BlenkinsoppCoventryCoventry through and through
11th Nov 2014Frances LennonSouthampton UKLooking at my grandmother's marriage certificate, it gives a description of her work status. Catherine Caldicott lived at number 7 Wright Street, Coventry and her work was 'Armature Tapes Magneto Works' I would like to know where my grandmother worked and what sort of job she did. Catherine was married to Joseph Lennon, a 'fitter' William Caldicott, her father was a Market gardener and her father in law, Felix Lennon, was a grocer's assistant. Thanks.
[Thank you too Frances. I think this would be a great question to ask on the discussion forum]
2nd Nov 2014Heidi Thornton EssexPrice, Carbon County, Utah USAI love your website and so much information. I have been working on my family history for over 13 years and just this year I have been able to trace my maternal grandmother's family line to Leofric, Earl of Mercia and Countess Godgifu. I understand that my ancestors, the DeTemple's (now Temple) made their living in sheep and fled England in the 1600s and all came to America. I love the old maps and reading the history of Coventry!
19th Oct 2014Susan Cooper WilliamsCoventryBorn in Moat Street 1950 Spongate School.
18th Oct 2014Anne HornStamfordMy daughter attended a dance school at the Cheylesmore Community Centre in the 1970s, the principal was Mrs Neill, I seem to remember that her and/or her daughter were in the Ivy Benson Dance Band. Just wondered if anyone knows whether Mrs Neill or her daughter are still in Coventry?
[Thank you Anne, this would make an excellent question to ask on the discussion forum]
1st Oct 2014Stephen FennGreat Yarmouth, NorfolkThanks to your site I have made contact with a person who like myself was a resident at a children's home in Coventry called Cromers Close which was at 56 Kenilworth Road and was run by Mr and Mrs Lucas who had two daughters Susan and Wendy. During my time at Cromers Close in 1958 and 1959 I went to Stivichall primary school on Green Lane and remember a dark haired girl called Jackie Burgoyne.
21st Sep 2014Pauline PullenCoventryStoke Heath school, Stoke Girls school, Common Way, Victor Sylvester dance studio and Marks and Spencer are all in my memory bank.
17th Sep 2014Graham MarstonCoventry (Marconi-Jabil-Telent)My wife was born in 1937 at Gulson Road Hospital. They lived in Castle Street, Hillfields, above a cobbler's shop. Any ideas of the name of the shop or any details, pictures etc.?
11th Sep 2014Kate O'NeillTenby, WalesA fascinating story. I didn't know about St Mary's until I came across this site.
Just one point - if, as you say, St Mary's was Priory Church, it would be Friars, not Monks who lived and worked there. Then as now Friars live in community and work in the outside world. Monks are enclosed, i.e. they live and work within their abbey.
[That too is fascinating Kate, I wasn't previously aware of the distinction between monks and friars, thank you so much for your kind information. In Coventry's case, however, all the history documents describe the Priory as being home to Benedictine monks - I think I need to investigate further!]
11th Sep 2014Mrs Muriel Butt, nee BanksOriginally Coventry - now LeedsMiss the history etc. - my grandfather was an organ blower in the methodist church - ? Warwick Rd etc.
11th Sep 2014Former forum member, now a lurker!! PhilipinCoventry is our "One Small Voice of Calm" midst the boring schoolboy rhetoric, by those who shall be nameless, which is all too present on this wonderful forum, created and maintained by Mr. Orland, and his Moderators. Give the boys their conkers and let them have a go, spare us their petty can-you-top-this contests.
29th Aug 2014Margaret Joan (Paxton) ThomasBorn Coventry; U.S.A. since 1951My father was from the Coventry/Wyken area. My parents divorced when I was very young. I would like to know if I have family on my father's side. His name was Charles Paxton and my uncle (Frank Fernley) was his best friend.
26th Aug 2014Ellen HoffmanBedfordshireHello all,
The message I am leaving is to thank Anne Williscroft for the fantastic help she has given me so far in researching my mother's family tree, Lowe. I am a novice at all this and Anne has helped me immensely so far. Most of my mother's family have passed away, THE only remaning family I have on her side is one aunt. With Anne's help I have been able to tell her things about har ancestors that she didn't know and it has made her very happy. So once again Anne, thanks for your valued help, hope I'm not too much of a pain.
25th Aug 2014Claudia PinsentDartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaWhat a great site. I came looking for medieval buildings and found them in spades and looking not too shabby despite the years.
Thanks for your efforts.
[Thank you too for such a kind message Claudia.]
14th Aug 2014John WhiteCoffs Harbour NSW AustraliaWas born at Tile Hill 1933, bombed out in the war, lived in Kingsbury then Baxterley, returned to Canley 1944. Attended John Gulson school & Cov. Tech.
Worked at Armstrong Siddeley, Humber, Dunlops, emigrated 1966 to Australia.
10th Aug 2014Joy SturgessCheylesmore, CoventryI was born in 1957 to Iris and Fred Sturgess, at home in 30 Lichfield Road Coventry, one of 4.
8th Aug 2014EllenBedfordshireI am trying to do my grandfather's tree. I have him down as living in Bulls Head Yard in 1925, the name is Joseph Lowe. Can anyone help me with this please?
8th Aug 2014Linda RamirezEdmonton, CanadaAs a history buff I loved exploring this website. Born in Coventry as a Hornby. Grew up in Tile Hill during the 60s. My grandfather Leonard Hornby was a police constable during the war years - lots of stories about the blitz. Emigrated in 1971 - grand-dad bought me a duffle coat "for the cold weather over there"! Say hello if you're from those days or remember me.
6th Aug 2014Susan I was watching a BBC show about the Women's Land Army, which took place in Coventry. Being a "yank" I really knew nothing about Coventry particularly as it pertains to the War. I Googled it and came upon your website. I have found so much enjoyment in just scrolling through your website. It is so very interesting. I love looking at the pictures, although I have no clue who the people are, it is just fascinating.
6th Aug 2014Scott MurrayJacksonville, Florida USAJust found the site, and was very impressed. I hoped to find someone I may have known, I was born in 1943 and left in 1960. Maybe someone remembers me, if so, drop me a line.
31st Jul 2014Ann Jennifer WhitesideGuelph, Ontario, CanadaWonderful web site! I went back to Coventry in May 2014 for the first time since 1953. I was born 1942, went to Stoke Lodge School and won a place at Barrs Hill but couldn't go because we emigrated to Canada that Montreal (1953). We lived at 19 Courtleet Rd - I saw it in May - and Dad worked for Rover. I admired the new cathedral in May but cried over the ruins - used to go to carol services there with Mom in the 40s after war. Very emotional returning to childhood home. Love to hear from ANYBODY!
28th Jul 2014Maggy Edwards (was Flowers)CheylesmoreThanks to this site made a contact regarding the Stoke Smithy and the Flowers family. Anyone else who may have any information or pictures please get in touch. Thanks to Graham and Rob for all their help.
[A pleasure, thank you Maggy.]
27th Jul 2014Sally Kaye nee HoweCoventryI am desperately trying to find a photo of my paternal grandmother's general shop in Much Park St - now long gone under the ring road but it was directly opposite the old Admiral Lord Rodney pub. The family name is HOWE, her first name was Lilian.
Can ANYONE help please?
17th Jul 2014Rick DaviesVanvouver BCGreat site, I left in 74 but still miss Cov.
6th Jul 2014Aidan GriffinWoking, SurreyFond memories of working at GEC Telephone Works in the early 1960s. Myself and my friend, Frank Boyle, both started there in Jan 1962. We worked in Panel Test and were always referred to as 'Hank and Frank'.
4th Jul 2014Gary GreenRisboroughJust looked at comments on Stoneleigh Terrace. Seem to recall taking my driving test from one of those houses in the 50s.. Gary
24th Jun 2014KarenCape TownDoes anyone have any records or contact with GEC apprentices in the late 1950s? I am trying to trace Ray Shore who was in Coventry in 1958 / 59.
I was born in Coventry in 1959, emigrated to South Africa in 1970.
Thank you
18th Jun 2014Sandra DeeCoventrySomeone asked about the posh hairdresser in Hertford St. It was Mary Hobley's, they used to do a lot of the stars appearing at the Hippodrome.
[Many thanks for that Sandra, I wonder if you'd like to discuss it further on the forum?]
10th Jun 2014Bob O'BrienNow residing in St Clair Shores, Michigan USAJust found this website... was employed at E Laxon & Co Ltd... from 1971 to 1976... left a post / message on the forum, would be interested to see or hear from any people who knew me... thanks, Bob O'Brien
24th May 2014Joy GreethamCoventryWould love to get in touch with anyone who used to go to Stoke Lodge School Coventry in the 1940s.
Thank you
22nd May 2014Fred TamplinCoventryAnyone remember the Bridge cafe on Lockhurst Lane bridge 1962? We used to have good times in the cellar in the evenings.
[This would make an excellent question to ask on the discussion forum Fred]
19th May 2014Jean CaldicottoCornwallBorn in Coventry 1933. Went to Frederick Bird school. Be lovely to hear from any one who remembers me or my family.
8th May 2014Stephen FennGreat Yarmouth NorfolkSeeking info on Mr and Mrs Lucas who ran children's home Cromers Close 56 Kenilworth Road, Coventry, where I lived for a time in the fifties, thank you.
6th May 2014Neville CoventryThornlands Australia these daysThank you for the wonderful site. With the surname Coventry and fist name Neville my geneological roots are hardly a mystery. That said I have a sense that we all have a spiritual geneology as well. Hence I love to see what is happening in Coventry as I have a special feeling about all that relates. I expect the day I visit I will likely touch the ground and feel home.
Great work on the site.
Neville Coventry
15th Apr 2014Kelvin WattsHolbrooks, CoventryJust found this site, I am intrigued about it. I was born in 1951 at Gospel Oak Road.
Memories..... I came to Australia in 1972.
5th Apr 2014Ann HadlandGorleston on sea, NorfolkI cannot believe I have only just discovered your wonderful website! I am a homesick "Coventry kid" who, sadly, left Coventry in 2004 following the sudden death of my husband, Peter, in September 2003 - BIG MISTAKE!! I long for Coventry again but it seems beyond my reach as most rented property seems to be for STUDENTS!
I need a little bungalow or groundfloor flat, maybe even a 2bed house if it has accessible stairs (i.e. NOT STRAIGHT UP LIKE A LADDER). Any suggestions please?
26th Mar 2014Peter TaylorPoole Road, Coventry. (I went to Aust. 1972, now live Cheshire)What a great site, you're doing a wonderful job, much more interesting than watching the box, I also have only just discovered your site but wont leave it, ever! (only to go to bed). I was born in 1935, went to Moseley Ave. School, which I left in 1945, then went on to Barkers Butts School in Banks Road until 1950 becoming an apprentice at Lee Beesley's, chucked that, then worked at Renold Chains as a toolsetter.
I can recall some of the names of chaps who were in my class. One I'd love to hear from is Bobby Munns who lived on the corner of Banks Road / Poole Road, alas some I knew have already left this world who include Bob Wright, Bob Stafford, Graham Ellis, Horace Emery. If any others know me please get in touch, for friends I'm always available.
21st Mar 2014A. S. FinnieLanarkshireI went to St Marks P School, Stoney Stanton Rd 61 till 64, had good memories. Stayed in Swanswell St. Your web site is brill.
25th Feb 2014Brianne Van Hout nee. TownsendCanada, OntarioHello,
Your page came up in a search I was doing on my family history. There are very few records in my family and I have wanted for some time to locate anything... The only thing I was given to go on was that my father's grandmother came from just outside of Coventry. Her name was Violet Burton and she married a Townsend. As of right now I do not know the name of the man, only that he may have been an orphan and has spent time in the British Isles. I also have the name Maggie Morgonson who also married a Townsend. I was wondering if you had any information or even if you could suggest where to look. Thank you very much. B. Van Hout
9th Feb 2014Martin SpinkSouth Wales but still a Coventry kidThe Keresley Holbrooks photos, the ARP wardens - the one on the far left is my grandad Harold Smith from Addison Road. I think the tallest one on the back row is his mate Jack Jones from Stevenson Road. Fantastic site, keep up the good work.
7th Jan 2014Maggie BarronOttawa, Ontario, CanadaI am looking for information on a James Watts, born in Coventry, Warwickshire, estimated to be born sometime between 1890 and 1910 or so. He married Frances Miles (or Myles) either in England or Canada. Frances Miles was from Reading, Berkshire. They had a son named Frederick Edward Watts born in 1936 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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