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Update, 6th February 2016: I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed all the wonderful messages in this Guest Book. However, since the huge success of the discussion forum, which began 2010, it has become the main vehicle for exchanging messages, so I'm closing the Guest Book to further entries, but will leave it on display for all to read.

So, if you have any questions that you think other readers can answer, or fancy reminiscing with like minded people, please try my Discussion Forum - it's totally free!

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17th Jan 2011JohnWeston Super Mare (Coventrian)Re: Thistle pub. It had a room downstairs and another upstairs. The upstairs could be accessed from an external stairway or from inside. It was a Watneys pub in the 1960s, they sold Watneys Special Mild, not very strong and quite sweet, you could drink loads of it, just the job when under age. A crowd of us used to meet there on Friday and Saturday nights, then go on a pub crawl, usually to The Climax, Golden Cross, Godiva and end up in the Jag.
[Sounds like a great topic to discuss on my Discussion Forum John]
16th Jan 2011Lesley ProctorLongford CoventryVery interesting, thank you
30th Dec 2011Les McCauslandAllesley Park CoventryMust congratulate all concerned for an excellent site. Les
[Thank you Les, glad you like it!]
21st Dec 2011AnthonyEaston Ma USAHello
My grandfather Wallace Adler was born at 40 Far Gosford St on Aug 1st 1865. His father was Henry Adler Mother Hannah (nee Brindley) Adler. He had brothers and sisters but I have no information on anyone. The 1871 census has Hannah but no Henry also 6 children. I would like to find any information on the family. I went to Coventry a few years ago and did see the building at 40 Far Gosford St. Thanks for any information
17th Dec 2011Kevin ShepherdIsle of WightHi, I was born and bred in Coventry, born in 1958 in Allsley Park to my late mother Eileen (Nee Walton) and my dad Albert who is now 80 and used to work at Sunblest bakeries. I would love to hear from anybody who knew any of my family. Brother Brian still lives in Cov, Adrian lives in Wales and Micheal lives on the Island. I left home in 75 to join the navy same year as my parents moved to the island. The site is great wish I found it earlier.
25th Nov 2011Victoria WildsmithCoventryHello, just wondered if anybody can remember my late father "Derek North" who grew up in Kingsway, King Richard St, and North Street. Born in 1931, he also attended John Gulson School, was an electrician at the Coventry Theatre and also a projectionist. I would dearly love to hear any memories that anyone has and would apprieciate it, as I would love to share them with my family. Many thanks, Victoria
18th Nov 2011AdrianCanterburyThank you Rob, for a brilliant website. I read the forum every day since I discovered it in September.
[You're most welcome Adrian, thank you!]
11th Nov 2011Pat PollockCoventry until 1978I remember there being a fancy clock on that waste land at the bottom of Trinity Street where (I think) Sainsbury's is now, or was when I lived in Cov. Sainsbury's used to have a shop on the other side of Trinity Street, and on the dairy counter you could watch the salesladies taking up big chunks of butter and patting them into half-pound rectangles and wrapping them in greaseproof paper. It fascinated me.
8th Nov 2011Anne Albright I remember the whale too. It was at the bottom of Trinity St - diagonally across from the Hippodrome. There used to be a small triangular piece of waste ground where Trinity St and the lane behind it met. I saw several displays there when I was a child. It was across the road from the old fire station. I think that land is now incorporated into Sainsbury's. I love this site!
[You're very kind Anne, thank you. Please get in touch again.]
6th Nov 2011David G WrightTelfordAn excellent site and I hope the couple of questions will trigger someone's memory.
Thanks and good luck with this work, Dave
25th Oct 2011Christopher HuddartColdwater, Ontario CANADAWhat a fantastic and interesting website. I have always been curious about WW2 and the damage cities sustained and have always heard about Coventry and the Great Cathedral. This lead me to your site... Very interesting.
[Many thanks for the kind words Christopher, they further help this site to be such a pleasure for me to make.]
14th Oct 2011Mary JohnsonCoventryIn tracing my family tree I have come upon Gambles buildings Edgwick and Turnpike Rd Coventry and Hinckley Foleshill. Can anyone please tell me where these premises were?
13th Oct 2011KevinCoventryWhat the hell did planners do to our city? It was lovely before the war!
11th Oct 2011Bruce WaiteLondonI was leafing through a book by Gavin Stamp about Britain's lost cities this afternoon, and was disturbed to learn, that much of historic Coventry and Worcester (of which I know rather better) was razed to the ground not just because of the Luftwaffe during WWII. Some of it was gratuitous in the extreme. Especially in the 1960/70s.
A villainous and barbarous time in post war town planning ostensibly blamed on enemy action.
7th Oct 2011Ray WardLondonI lived in Coventry towards the end of the war after being bombed out in London, and I spent 5 years at the Wyre Farm Camp school until leaving to go to work at Jaguar. The headmaster was a Mr Martin and his deputy was Mr Morris, and our housemaster was Mr Lamby (Earlsdon house). It was at this school that I started my road to playing cricket which I still do here in Spain at the age of 75. If anybody remembers me please make contact.
26th Sep 2011Ron SkelcherCoventryDoes anyone know when 103 Leceister Causeway was built, and what was its original use?
Kind regards,
11th Sep 2011Lorraine KeysColchester, EsssexI have just been looking at this website with great interest as a long lost relative came from Coventry - a Mary Horsfall on my father's side, born 1811, father was John Horsfall. I do not know if he came from Coventry originally - his wife was Esther Keene. She had a child called Thomas, and I think he was born out of wedlock. I am sure that they lived in Much Park Street, and later on Mary married a Mr Garlick and they lived in Spon Street - so it has been quite fascinating for me to find this website and find out a bit more of where my ancestors came from and who I am!! If anyone knows if John Horsfall's family also originated from Coventry I would love to know!!
11th Sep 2011Gordon SpearAustraliaBorn in 1954, Nuneaton, from then until November 1965 in Wappenbury Rd Wood End Coventry. Had a geat childhood there with most loving friends. With us childen my parents decided to emigrate to Australia in 1965. I still wonder about my childhood friends.
20th Aug 2011John GeeCoventry/ManchesterI was told by my mother that during the bombing I was taken to the fields and left in a dustbin! Suitably wrapped. And left whilst my Mother and father drove ambulances. Obviously there was a minder. I have asked many people about it including museum staff, but no one can verify it.
12th Aug 2011Andrew McDonaldLondon Road allotmentsOur allotment site is 100 years old this year and we are looking into the history of the site, we have found various pieces of medieval pottery on the site and it has been suggested that the current site used to be a monastery grounds or big house. We are also looking for old pictures of the site but can't locate any, any suggestions of where to look?
5th Aug 2011Chris DementSt. Mary's County, Maryland U.S.A.Very informative site! I was directed here by GOOGLE search engine for (post-war Coventry, Donald Gibson).
31st Jul 2011Fiona E. Harrison (nee Bland)Porlock, ExmoorI was born in 1946 at Styvechale Vicarage where my father was Vicar. I have lovely memories of the Gregory-Hood Family, church fetes and bazaars, the Hollicks and their farm, my father setting the enlargement of St. James' Church in motion, the little church that only held 80 people, the huge number of people who attended the new church and the wonderful of life that eminated from it. I remember the ice house, the ruins of the old manor house, the wonderful Memorial Park, etc.
23rd Jul 2011Geoff WaltonChristchurch New ZealandI went to the "Lanch" in the 70s and learnt a lot about the history of Coventry while I was there, particularly the Blitz and the fact it destroyed the Triumph factory on Priory Street. This last year we have suffered 3 serious Earthquakes in my chosen home town and now I really understand the impact the Blitz had on the city of Coventry and its people.
I shall be visiting Coventry in a couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see how things have moved on in the 40 years I have been away.
Thanks for presenting a impressive and interesting website.
16th Jul 2011Deborah GriffithsBorn in Coventry, now in NorthantsNot long before his death in 1985 my uncle, Eric Bayliss told me off his experience on the night of the November 14th Blitz. As a 23 year old machine tool maker at the Coventry Gauge & Tool he was classed as being in a reserved occupation. He joined the Auxilary Ambulance service to do his bit. On that night he was sent to the mortuary, for most of the next 3 days he was there, dealing with the dead, sacks were used to put the bodies in, a bit like a production line is what he said, each sack contained a torso and the correct number of limbs. Once over it was back to work. He never really talked about it to any other members of the family, but he knew that I was interested in family history & the history of Coventry so maybe he felt that I was the person that would value such tragic information.
15th Jul 2011Gra' KingDundee-Brought up in CoventryThis web site is really a reference book! I'm sure there's a team of you, not just one person!
Does anyone remember me from Churchfield High School and/Coventry College of Art, 1958-1962? Think it's time to drink another German beer!
13th Jul 2011Gary DaviesLondonBorn and bred in Coventry I have lived in London for 31 years now. But my heart still lies in Coventry. Only just discovered your site trying to track down Turner's engraving of Coventry from 1830.
Excellent website. Congratulations. Very well put together.
8th Jul 2011Ron ButlerSutton ColdfieldHello Rob,
First of all may I congratulate you on your excellent historic forum.
I was very interested in reading about your Family Tree and about you personally. When I read that you were born in Kingston Road it prompted me to contact you. In 1963 my Mother re-married and we both moved to 95 Kingston Road to live with my new Step Father. His name was Robert Barnes. I was married in 1965 and I moved to Eastern Green. In about 1967 my Mother and Robert moved to Keresley. I hope that you find this interesting.
Thank you again, Ron.
1st Jul 2011Maureen WatersCoventry, now living in AustraliaHello, am sitting im my kitchen feeling so homesick, have lived in Australia for 40 years, but will always be a Coventry kid, found your site so interesting that I have put it in my fav. sites so that I can go back to it another day. I visit about every 3/4 years and feel so at home, but don't like some of the changes that have been done to what I consider "my" city.
Regards Maureen
18th Jun 2011Brian PattersonNSW AustraliaCarmel Langdon (25 Sep 2010) wrote that her grandma came from Spon End. She may be related to the watchmaking Langdon family that lived in Spon St. See the site Langdon_watchmakers at https://sites.google.com/site/langdonwatchmakers/home
17th Jun 2011Margaret MoleQueensland AustraliaHi, We have just returned from our trip to Coventry and i still find it a great place to be. People say its dirty, but look around were you live and you will find the same, I hate it when all they do is complain, I did find the students very rude, but i guess they bring in much needed money. Love your buses, able to get anywhere around for a small fee, I had a lovely time can't wait to get back again. We did get to all the old buildings again, but the Cathedral still stands out the best. Anyone know where I can find the book "A Coventry Kids Tale", tried everywhere. Coventry we will be back. Marg
3rd Jun 2011Carol IverachAustraliaLove your site - so much about Coventry that I didn't know. I was born there and left in 1964 hope to return for good soon.
1st Jun 2011Terry WoodsIndianapolis, IN USAThank you for your work. I visit Coventry for business often and have been interested in the history of your city for quite some time. It's difficult to imagine what the war was like. I'm very thankful that I have not had to experience it myself and my prayers go out for those who have.
Your website is fascinating and very informative.
Again, Thank you.
Warmest Regards
29th May 2011Frank TaylorAshby De La ZouchBrian Gubbins mentioned Holbrooks Lane, we moved to 260 around 68-69 when I started school at Cardinal Newman as it just opened. Next door were the Kendals - coalman, My dad used to park his truck on the Holbrooks pub car park. I have fond memories of Holbrooks, Dunlop disco monday nights, Holbrooks Sunday nights, Holy Family some Sat nights, Christ the King started some disco's. Steptoe's caravan, The Lyric, Batch Bar, paper round at dales, unicorn social club, Hen lane club - glass collecting, The Bantam, bottles of cider from the off licence along from Foleshill park next to Dunlop works, Craftsman Pub, Seagull chippy, the stink from the bonemill up from Rowleys Green, we moved to Holbrook lane from Langdale avenue on the Dales estate.
24th May 2011Aaliyah HyareCoventryI love Coventry cathedral is great. I even love Lady Godiva where peeping Tom was looking at Lady Godiva.
16th May 2011Phyllis Kavanagh (nee Byrne)Coventry. EnglandHello, my name is Phyllis kavanagh (nee Byrne) born 1943 in Coventry. I attended Bishop Ullathorne R.C. School 1954-1958. I would love to hear from a dear friend of those years, her name was Maureen Smith, I believe that she became a hairdresser and may even have owned her own shop, lastly I know that she lived in Eastern Green? Eastern Green Road. Can anybody help!!!
12th May 2011Fred NeckNow in the Scottish HighlandsWhat a truly amazing website. My 14 year old Grandson came in recently and told me he had been studying WW2 at school and had heard about the big raid on Coventry. I asked him if he thought he knew anyone who had survived the raid. Of course, he answered "No". I then told him he did know someone.... me... although I was very young at the time. I turned up my former address on Google Earth and asked him if he noticed anything about the houses on the other side of the road. He noticed they had been built more recently. I pointed out that if the German bomber had flown along the road just a few yards closer to our side, it wouldn't only have been the houses opposite that were destroyed. I wouldn't be here now.... his mother would never have been born.... and... neither would he have been born. I'd like to think my story helped him understand the horror of those times a little better. My father had gone off to war, and with me a young child, my mother was asked if there was anywhere she could go "out of the war zone". We lived in Essex at the time.... she chose to go to Coventry to stay with her family.
8th May 2011Terry SmithBringhurst, LeicestershireA Coventry Kid and a Freeman of the City. I don't visit the old place as much as I would like to (I moved to Lutterworth in 1967 with my work) but I think the place looks very tired and scruffy these days.
3rd May 2011Yvonne Brown nee WalkerCoventryI was born in Gulson Road hospital in 1955, my father worked at the Humber, in Humber road. He died when I was 5, we lived next door to the Crosses and the Woods. We moved to Stoney Stanton Road, at the back of Tony Hatches newsagents, publisher of Crossroads. We then moved to Paynes Lane, which has been knocked down, before moving to Gulson Road. I went to St Marks primary school and Broad Street girls school. I worked at Owens and Owens in Broadgate and later at Curtess shoe shop in Gosford Street. Coventry has changed so much, a few weeks ago I took my daughter in law to see the cathedral were I was christened as a baby, and was appalled that they now charge 7 pounds to go in. I love Coventy but it doesn't feel the same anymore. I think going into the cathedral should be free to see the history that makes Coventy so special.
1st May 2011PaulBedfordJust spent a long weekend in Coventry. Walking the streets inspires my imagination with such a diversity of old and new. Thanks for this superbly detailed website that opens a big window into the history of a unique city.
[You're so kind Paul, many thanks for your generous words.]
21st Apr 2011Ron SkelcherCoventryHi, what a great website, my grandad was a 1 hour runner, born in Brinklow 1870 he ran for Godiva Harriers and later Walthamstow Harriers. He was a world champion as an hour runner, he held this record from 1896-1911. In 1905 he was living as the landlord of the Park Hotel in Ordsall, Salford where my mum was born. If anyone has any info on my grandad HARRY WATKINS, photos etc, please get in touch. Once again wonderful site full of interest, thanks.
15th Apr 2011Gail Powell (nee Benfold)West Moors in DorsetI was born in Kersley Hospital in 1952 and we were then living at 50 King Edward Road, Cov. and my great Aunt Ethel Smith lived in the same road. We moved to Torcross Avenue, Wyken and I went to Wyken Croft Infants and Juniors. I still have a photograph of some of the girls in the last year at Wyken Croft and remember some of their christian names. Wondered if the photo may be of interest. Moved to Dorset in 1964 but have fond memories of my childhood in Coventry, going to Sunday School at Wyken Church, trips to the Swanswell to feed the birds, the excitement of Barnaby's toy shop at Christmas and feeling very grown-up going to the Locarno Saturday morning disco, followed by a trip to Fishy Moore's afterwards. What a lovely site to have found. I have been researching family history so have gleaned so much on the watchmakers, silk ribbon weavers, iron workers (to name a few) in the family. My great-grandmother Alice Sidwell used to launder the Nun's Habits when the family lived in the centre of Coventry and my Mum can remember watching her ironing them. Also my Mum (now 83) and her sister lived close to the football ground and raised their pocket money looking after bicyles in their front yard while the men/boys were at the match.
14th Apr 2011Peter WalduckNow Bletchley but from Perkins St Coventry.I have just found this site and to say the least it is fantastic. I was brought up in Perkins Street and went to Wheatley Street School in "Cov" in the 50s. I lived at number 12 Perkins Street and the street does not exist any more apparently. If anyone remembers me please get in touch it would be great to hear from you.
I remember a lad's name who was a friend as a lad, Gordon Waller, don't know if he is still about. I am a pensioner now but always remember "Cov" in the fifties, and the likes of Wheatley Street school, and factories such as Wyleys (probably spelt that wrong) and Coventry Glass in Vine street. It would be great to hear from anyone.
10th Apr 2011DavidNottinghamshire (originally from Coventry)Re the Jarvis family:-
I don't know if this is of any help, but the 1911 census shows Ernest Edward Jarvis (born West Bromwich 1881) his wife Lizzie (born 1888 in Wolston) and their daughter Marjorie Winifred aged 4 years. Ernest is described as a "driller planer" in a cycle factory.
7th Apr 2011Lizliving in Cyprus Brilliant site, can anybody help please, doing the family tree. Trying to track down the Jarvis family who lived at 7 Sackville Street, does anybody know of them and can provide me with some info, think they moved out of City but went on to own a garage, cars or repairs, not sure which.
Much appreaciated.
4th Apr 2011Pru Bankes PriceNewquay, CornwallCan anybody tell me what went on at the Humber Road, Stoke works of the Peugeot factory during the war? Did they manufacture cars or munitions or army vehicles. I'm currently doing some research on Coventry (where I was born), incidentally I think the website is excellent and thanks for any help you can give.
31st Mar 2011Daniellea Boyle (Turley)Spon EndI miss 8 Spon End!!
I spent the best years of my life in Coventry!
With my Nana Marjory Turley, she left home every day to go to work at around six thirty.. Feeding the bird's under the railway bridge by the park.. She then went on to work in the school, Oh my god I miss those days.. Playing with my cousins Jayne and Mark on the swing that went from side to side.. I miss those days running to meet my lovely Nina. She was a nina not a nanna, when I was a little girl nina was the name that I chose not nanna she was my nina not nanna.. Remembering Marjory Turley the most wonderful lady in the world!! So loved so missed. You spend your days wishing to grow up, but I so so miss those days walking from 8 Spon End down past the public house over to Dunbars then over the bridge to meet our Nina from work. Filling the bag with Lights for the cats and the dogs from the Butchers.. Oh my god Nina I miss them days meeting you from work.. It's you Birthday soon, you will always be our special lady from 8 Spon End.
24th Mar 2011David WisdomMissouri USAFormerly Whoberley Kid now living in the USA these past 9 years, hope it was okay to link this site on my son's website. www.alexwisdomracing.com
Like people to be able to see where I was born and bred, excellent site and I visit often to make myself smile. I hope you get a few more visits from our link to educate these Americans that Ancient means older than 50 years! LOL
22nd Mar 2011Margaret Mole (Harris)Queensland AustraliaAfter getting the news up from the Coventry Telegraph and seeing the people knitting in the Cathedral made me think of the old man who I saw knitting in the shops behind Lady Godiva, is he still there, I think it was about 2004? Marg
17th Mar 2011DavidSurreyJust want to say thanks for a wonderful site on this ancient city. I find it bittersweet with the terrible catalogue of architectural losses, but I am happy there are many pics and a few buildings left. You have done so much work and clearly love you city. Thanks again
11th Mar 2011Brian ForsterTasmania. AustraliaHello. I have been reading this site with great interest. I am now 67 and I also worked at Mattersons, and I remember Mr Tyzack! I was an apprentice Ironmonger with Mattersons and I did work in the M&L building in the fireplace department where my father John Forster also worked, the internet is making the world so small and bringing back so many memories of old Coventry. My daughter visited Coventry two years ago and took many photos of my old school [Woodlands] and the houses we lived in at Whoberly and of course the city centre but is difficult to place some of the buildings now. I do hope to "come home" one day before I pass on. Regards Brian Forster
9th Mar 2011Good News Network GNNAustraliaHi, Robert, We have used a link to your great site as The Good City Award for March went to Coventry due to Women's International Day, lady Godiva and the 100 year celebrations there.
4th Mar 2011Barbara WinchQueensland AustraliaI was born in Coventry in 1954 to Charles Edward Sparkes and my Mother whose maiden name was Esther Murial Middleton.
We came to live in New Zealand in 1965 and I moved to Australia in 1988. I have been back to UK twice and would love to come back again. Thank you for the lovely memories I have got from your site.
3rd Mar 2011Rachel ConyersOriginally from Coventry, now living in HarrogateI am trying to find out some more information about my grandmother, Lucy Stewart, who was living at 19 King Street, Coventry in 1937. Does anyone know anything about that address or name? The only other information I have is that she worked as a Polisher at a motor valve company. Any information would be much appreciated.
28th Feb 2011MandyEarlsdon CoventryHi, I really hope i can be helped. I'm trying to find out if there has been or is a well somewhere in Earlsdon. I've been told (not sure if it's true) that there was a well but has now possibly been covered up, it could have been victorian times. There is a reason for my question, thank you.
23rd Feb 2011Judith Gould nee EllisYorkYour web site I found last year now I am always looking at it so I thought I would write something in it. I was born in Hillfields Coventry 1945 and lived in Stockton Rd and I went to Frederick Birds school Swan Lane we called it Freddies. I have some wonderful memoirs of growning up in the vibrant city, like the drill hall for wrestling, speedway, dances, there was so much to do. I met my husband in 1959 he worked for Garlicks as an apprentice carpenter. We moved to York in 1965 but still like to go back sometimes to see the old places. If you are a Coventry kid you never forget your roots.
19th Feb 2011BrianBorn in Coventry 1946, now in Hampshire and visit Cov but rarely.What a brilliant website! I spent my first 18 years or so in Coventry and have fond memories of it. I stumbled across Historic Coventry about 7 hours ago and haven't been able to leave it yet - I've learned so much here as well as indulging in a little nostalgia. Thank you so much for the immense amount of work that you've put into the site, and with such flair!
[I'm lost for words - well, nearly! Sincere thanks for your kindness Brian]
13th Feb 2011Ann NewbyBorn W,ton/ now live Blyth NorthumbriaVERY GOOD SITE!!
Only hope it grows to include social subjects to assist genealogists even more.
Carry on the good work!
[Thank you for your kind words and encouragement Ann.]
12th Feb 2011Rick FoxPierce Township USAThe lovely Coventry !! And it produces such lovely people. HELLO G Winnie !!
8th Feb 2011Ron StynesCape Town, South AfricaLovely web page, takes me back for a walk through places long forgotten! Many thanks
7th Feb 2011DavidNottinghamshireJust a reminder that the "Climbing Great Buildings" episode featuring Coventry Cathedral is being repeated on BBC2 at 14:30 Tuesday February 8th. I imagine it's also on iPlayer for the week following the broadcast.
4th Feb 2011Graham MarstonCoventryIt has been a few years since we met Rob, (at Jabil). Since retiring I have spent many hours on my Computer and often spend time looking at your site. I look at it in amazement at the great time and effort you put into it.
The site is a Must for anyone who lives or has any link with Coventry. Well done Rob keep it up.
28th Jan 2011Michael CheckleyCoventryReally pleased I found this website - the content is excellent - really took me back. Well done for producing such a comprehensive set of webpages of historic Coventry.
[The pleasure's all mine, thank you!]
23rd Jan 2011Stew WadeyMatamata , Waikato, New ZealandBorn upstairs bedroom, two up two down council house, 53 Beake Ave, Radford. March 1951. Hill Farm infant then junior school, good 'ole Barkers Butts secondary modern. Savoy for the 'flicks' and when transformed into 10 pin bowling....was part of a bowling team "The Strike Five", with competition also at Top Rank in town and the Forum at Walsgrave. Was a Jimmy Hill hooligan (not really) but the Sky Blues at that time was the community drawcard.......... the away games supporters train supported my train spotting hobby before steam locomotives disappeared from service. Late 1960s Brandon Bees was at its best time I reckon, let me see if can recall a team.... Nigel Boocock, Col Cotteril, Ron Mountford, Rick France, Jim Lightfoot, Les Owen, Roger Hill. Yep looking at the old photos of Broadgate........ the No 15 or 16 bus stops were in front of Owen Owen and Leofric entrance. Went to the Locarno..... where live bands revolve on stage for change, and being quite safe getting a late bus home on the open access double decker buses. I have good memories of Coventry as a youngster, but good parents supported me expanded my horizons which saw me emigrate to New Zealand July 1970. My Dad died in Moseley Avenue and my Mum passed away in New Zealand. My Mum was a telephonist at the Central Post Office during the Blitz, my father demobbed from the RAF after some secondment to the Polish Squadron. Worked at Parkside then Rolls Royce Aero Engines, before retirement responsible for passing fit for purpose all the primary and secondary blades of the Olympus engine that first powered the Vulcan and then the Concorde. Such was the craftsmanship from that era. Of course that engine never let any aircraft down, other reasons caused aircraft flight failures. Yep, fond memories of Coventry. Unfortunately in recent return visits I find it a different environment, even though I realise it will be never the same as you remember it. Plus I can honestly say that I never put soap powder into the Belgrade Theatre fountain pond, and that reminds me of the Saturday Cov Evening Telegraph sports "Pink", whose offices were opposite. Gede, I could go on and on.
Regards. Stew Wadey
15th Jan 2011Mark HauserIndianapolis, Indiana, USAI came across this site while researching an answer to a crossword puzzle, then spent several hours reading and following links and information. While I had some sketchy knowledge about Coventry, I became engrossed in reading about the city and its history.
The webmaster is to be highly commended on the design, usability, and content of the site. A visit to England has always been on my list of vacations that I hope to take, but now it has just moved up the list and Coventry has become a must see for me.
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of presenting your city.
15th Jan 2011Marilyn Poot-DodsonThe NetherlandsI was born in Coventry and lived until I was 24 in Canley. I have just written a letter to a friend of mine living at the Riddings-Earlsdon. I believe that her husband Bill Dunn is still doing Earlsdon History. I thought let's look Earlsdon up on internet, one thing led to another. Now I am in Historic Coventry. I will place it under Bookmarks and have another look later on. I now live in The Netherlands-40yrs, already. Success and greetings, Marilyn
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