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31st Dec 2013Stephen FennGreat Yarmouth NorfolkI was in a children's home in Coventry in the fifties, the home was called Cromers Close and was at 56 Kenilworth Road. The home was run by a Mr and Mrs Lucas who had two daughters Susan and Wendy. No doubt Mr Lucas and his wife would have passed away long ago. I got a shiver seeing rear photo of the house which is now old folks home, it brought back so many memories for me.
Happy New Year to all, thank you.
27th Dec 2013AnthonyEaston Ma USAMy grandfather Wallace Adler was born at 40 Far Gosford St on Aug 1st 1865. His father was Henry Adler Mother Hannah (nee Brindley) Adler. He had brothers and sisters but I have no information on anyone. The 1871 census has Hannah but no Henry also 6 children. I would like to find any information on the family. I went to Coventry a few years ago and did see the building at 40 Far Gosford St. Thanks for any information.
[Thank you Anthony, this would make an excellent question to ask on the discussion forum]
19th Dec 2013Ann McCarthy nee NevinMokena, Illinois, USAI am interested in contacting anyone who would remember my mother or anyone in her family. My mother Doris Rosetta Nevin nee Smith was the daughter of Thomas and Lillian Smith. She grew up in Coventry and worked in a factory there during WWII. She met my father, who was in the U.S. Army in Coventry near the end of the war. They married after knowing each other for three months.
My mom came to the U.S. after the war to be with my dad. After a few years they went back to Coventry to live with my grandparents. I was born in Coventry in 1952 one year before we returned to the U.S. I know that I have many cousins that may still live in the area, but since my mom died three years ago we have lost touch with the relatives. If anyone can help, please E-Mail me. Thank you.
7th Dec 2013George Jiri SebestaPrague, Czech Rep.In Locarno and Coventry I spent great days and nights of my life in 1966. I was introduced to the Searchers there by Dennis Sullivan, the manager of Locarno. I was 19 and for the first time behind the Iron Curtain. This time formed my life and I think I am influenced by the Mersybeat sound until today. I stayed at Michael Smith flat at Comrie Close in Wyken, he was the owner of a tailoring shop on the main street of Coventry, called Peter Conway, Ltd. It was not far away of the Lady Godiva statue. Does anyone remember those great days of E-type Jaguars and Cortinas GT? Maybe someone even recalls Michael Smith, whom I can't trace after he lived in Southampton with his wife, an Italian lady called Maria-Pia. Since then I haven't been to Coventry anymore. The world has changed - no more so friendly and open as it was in the sixties. I'd like to hear from anyone who liked the nights in Locarno.
28th Nov 2013Janet MulhollandCoventryI found no mention of the other hidious change they made to Broadgate when they decided to concrete it and put what looked like paving slabs raised round the trees which quickly became rubbish bins and yes I remember the temporary shops with Lyons cafe and there was a shop which sold electrical goods and remembered looking in there when I came to town with my dad who lost an eye and had shrapnel in his head and leg when he cycled into Coventry in an air raid to help people as a 15 year old St. John ambulance man and he got his injuries during that and he told me that they were running injured people across a crater at the hospital filled with mattresses only to find there was an unexplored bomb under them. (I don't know how true that little hospital story is tho.)
19th Nov 2013Sally Kaye nee HoweGosford Green CoventryRef the comment on Payne's music shop in Fairfax St.
I recall it well - in fact when it finally closed we bought the shop's old safe and did it up, painting the inside scarlet, the outside black and we polished the original brass until it shone.
It's probably still living in my old home in Kenilworth as it took 4 removal men to get it upstairs and into the office!
12th Nov 2013Tom DalyPerth AustraliaHi, I worked on the door at the 40 thieves, Locarno and Mr George from 1970-1975. Great days with Stevie day at the thieves along with captain Morgan, John the midget and Pete waterman at the Rock House and Chris Bond at George's.
I still come back to Cov. every now and again from my home in Australia but it has changed so much, no more good times there any more. Not for me.
1st Nov 2013Neil ScottCoventryI now live in Scotland but was born and grew up in Coventry. I used to work at a music shop called H. Payne's (Cov) Ltd (Payne's Music) in Fairfax street back in the early 80s. It was owned by Vera (Miss Payne) & Arthur Eley - both have sadly passed on. It was taken over by Eric Wood from Leicester before he closed the shop in 1983. I believe it has all now gone but would love to know if anybody remembers it and better still has any photos of the shop. Just reminiscing.
31st Oct 2013David John Eason GCMLeamington / NetherlandsI am searching for a Sgt Kenneth William Heard, b: Jan-Mar 1922 Coventry. Shot down over north sea 12th Feb 1942, 49 Squadron Royal Air Force.
Can you help please with any details of a memorial in Coventry on which he is commemorated please? The Leamington Observer will be running a story next week on him trying to trace any living relatives.
Thank you
Tel: 07896 201176
28th Oct 2013Jonathan KingMonmouthshireI remember walking "in crocodile" from Brentwood Avenue school to "The Oasis" swimming pool. It was so cold I always called it The North Pole. Only one person ever actually swam in my class, If I recollect it was Graham Smith. Swimming stars had to wait for the outdoor but heated pool at the newly opened Finham Junior School in Green Lane.
However, I do remember we all used to cling to the bar and kick our legs in the water to try and keep warm. Once changed we used to have a hot drink Bovril or tea were on offer for 3d or 4d..
[What lovely memories Jonathan. I wonder if you'd like to discuss then further on the discussion forum?]
24th Oct 2013Mary WilliamsCoventry, W. MidlandsHello there. Does anyone remember Frank Driggs who lived in Fir Tree Avenue, Tile Hill? Many of us used to go to the Matrix Dance Hall in the 50s. I think he got married in 1962 at St Michael's Church, Walsgrave.
16th Oct 2013Mary Williams I remember Matterson, Huxley & Watson. My father had a club card to buy Club stuff from there. When I got married in 1962 I was able to use it to buy my ironing board, which I still have to this day. I also bought our new set of saucepans from them, Prestige with blue handles, and still have them in use. We bought my friend and her new husband a set of them first, and I liked them so got some for us. Great shop and miss it.
29th Sep 2013Roger NixHoniton, DevonI came to Coventry in 1949 to train with Rootes and lived with Mr and Mrs Harvey in Hartland Avenue, Wyken who were kindness personified. There was a terrific vitality about the City then as every factory was going full blast with over 75% of production exported to every corner of the world. Every bomb site was used as a temporary park for cars on their way to the docks.
All the lads on the shop floor at Rootes had the patience of Job and never cursed if we did something wrong but just showed us again how to do it correctly until we got it right.
Went to see the City when in addition to George Mason there was his brother Dick at left back, Plum Warner at outside right, Noel Simpson at left half and Norman Lockhart - an Irish international - at outside left.
From then on I always drove a Rootes car and at one stage did over 150,000 miles in one of the three Imps I owned. Always drove British cars up until 2010 as a British car if correctly set up was far better than any import and anyway after the kindness they had showed me I was not going to put them out of a job by buying the opposition.
Happy memories
29th Sep 2013Patti DewingRolla, Missouri, USAA blessed Michaelmas to you all on this Sunday, September 29, 2013! I suggested to several people at church (Christ Church Episcopal, Rolla) today that they visit your website. One of them as it happened was a soldier in the U.S. Army who showed me the St. Michael medal beneath his shirt that he said he always wears. It made my day.
Michael has had a special role in my life, if not specifically military, but I do refer to him as my moral draft board. When I receive his "greetings letter," I know I must show courage and stand up against some wrong. I guess my middle name, Jeanne, as in Jeanne d'Arc, who heard the voice of Michael the Archangel (I don't hear voices, just a silent call) is not for nothing, though I was named for no one in particular.
Again, best wishes on this special day for your cathedral and its people.
27th Sep 2013Mark CooperCoventryWhat a great site. It's nice to hear the stories from the people who actually live here. Keep up the good work. It is fascinating.
[You're very kind, thank you Mark!]
23rd Sep 2013AnthonyEaston Ma USAMy grandfather Wallace Adler was born at 40 Far Gosford St on Aug 1st 1865. His father was Henry Adler, Mother Hannah (nee Brindley) Adler. He had brothers and sisters but I have no information on anyone. The 1871 census has Hannah but no Henry also 6 children. I would like to find any information on the family. I went to Coventry a few years ago and did see the building at 40 Far Gosford St. Thanks for any information.
11th Sep 2013Chris SimpsonHinckleyI live in Hinckley. Today I took mum shopping. She told me about her father's sister who married a Coventry man. Gladys Warren married a Andrew Morrison and they became Caretakers at Tile Hill School. They would have been my mum's Aunt and Uncle. Gladys had 3 children... Mary, Andrew and Agnes. If you are related to these people, or know anything about them, could you please get in touch with me... I have already found one of mum's relations on a Nuneaton Memory website. Thank you.
10th Sep 2013Chris SimpsonHinckleyMy mum Betty grew up in Coventry with her brothers and sisters prior to 1935. They lived in Colony Cottages, Holbrooks. Her maiden name was Warren. Mum says that she attended Tile Hill school (catholic). Mum is still alive. If anyone recognises the name, please get in touch... you can also get me on facebook.
9th Sep 2013KevanLondon & ColchesterI run the pubshistory site at http://pubshistory.com/ - this site started in Essex, and I have been adding other areas for the past ten years. I added Coventry 1940 pubs and hotels today, with more to follow. I visited the area a number of years ago, and have always been struck by the devastation of the Blitz. I really enjoyed reading the history relating to this on the site, thank you.
26th Aug 2013Raymond WardLiving in Alcalali Alicante SpainI was born in London 1936. We were bombed out and my mum took me to Coventry just after the blitz. I spent just over 5 years at Wyre Farm Camp school which I believe became City of Coventry Boarding School. Leaving school I then worked at Jaguar early 50s, played cricket at Courtalds and Daimler. Very sad to see what has become of the Courtalds ground. We sometimes went on Saturday nights for the dancing but more often or not the Arden Ballroom in Bedworth, top band every Saturday (no drugs then) just fun and a hope to get the late bus back.
As for Cov FC, who remembers Alf Wood in goal, George Mason at centre half, Ted Roberts centre forward? I could go on, life was so simple then, football in the streets until the bobby came round on his push bike or until it got too dark and the mums called us in. Lived in Guild Road. Left to do my national service and then back to London.... great site thanks for your efforts.
15th Aug 2013MartinDerbyshireI worked at The Smithfield Hotel between 1968 - 1971, firstly as Assistant Manager then as Manager. I've not been back to Coventry since, maybe I should visit!
I worked with some good people and have some good memories...
14th Aug 2013Paul JowettMaple Ridge, British Columbia, CanadaI love coming back here to look at the guest book and other sections. It seems that although most of us Cov Kids no longer live there, all share that same feeling. It's still in our heart and will never leave us. I personally own a piece of Coventry, a Jaguar XJS, a true Coventry built car. I hope to make one more journey back to see the city before I die but for now I just click on Rob Orland's Historic Coventry and enjoy this great website. Keep up the good work Rob.
9th Aug 2013Amanda HarperAbbeyfield SocietyI manage a supported living facility in Allesley, Coventry. At the house there is a spacious lounge area which would benefit a small group, meeting or club. Would this be a useful facility for someone?
There would be no charge if the use of the room would benefit the house and help to integrate the current residents into the local community.
9th Aug 2013Oran HunterEastern GreenLived on Farcroft Caravan Park Broad Lane 1950s, would love some info on history of this and why it was built originally.
2nd Aug 2013Margaret MoleQueensland, AustraliaHi,
Have just returned from a holiday in Coventry and again I just loved walking around the city, I find the people friendly, the shops very good, and best of all its my home town where I was born (only on loan to Australia). Looking forward to coming back again if that's possible.
Born Foleshill, played in Longford Park as a child, Windmill Road School was my school, and what happened to the Dovedale picture house?
31st Jul 2013John WheelerWestbury Road CoventryBorn and bred in the City. Folly Lane School during the war, then Coundon Road School (Miss Grainger!) then Bablake. My grandfather had his tailor's shop at 19 Spon Street, now sadly demolished. Daimler apprentice (Freeman of the City and proud of it) till 1956, National Service R.E.M.E. then working in Kenya. Would love to find out what happened to Valerie Thompson of 149 Oldfield Road or her brother Roger (ex Bablake), also Pauline Packwood from Fynford Road Radford, radiographer; her father restored fairground gallopers, possibly married a doctor in Australia! All help appreciated!
18th Jul 2013Yvonne Brown nee HicksCoventryI went to Broad Street school, left in 1970 off Foleshill Road. Lived in Paynes Lane, also Gulson Road. When I was 5 I went to Humber Road school, my dad Bert Walker, worked at the Humber, those were the good days.
6th July 2013Klaus Weisa German in CaliforniaVery nice Website. All is organized and interesting.
A lot of work and design.
1st Jul 2013Roy NealePottsville, AustraliaI was born in Rintoul Ave, now re-named as Houldsworth Ave in 1932 until being bombed out in 1940 and moving to Bond Street, Nuneaton. I well remember the 'Hare and Hounds' as I used to accompany my grandmother who 'washed the glasses' while I sat with a bottle of 'Vinto' and a pkt of biscuits'. Some days I was lucky and had a bag of chips from an old 'chip caravan' on a nearby corner. They were real chips cooked in a coal fired deep fryer. Maybe some people may remember this.
I came to Australia in 1949 but I never will forget my roots. I am now nearing 81 and tell my grand and great grand children of my grandmother, the 'Hare and Hounds' and those wonderful chips.
Good old days.
30th Jun 2013MarilynCovWhat a wonderful site. You've put so much work into it. Thankyou!
[You're very kind, thank you!]
25th Jun 2013Gerry DanielAberdeenshireFurther to my message of a Month ago (many thanks for the reply Rob). I have over the last few weeks interrogated all 30 pages of the forum and read as many strings and links as I could with great interest. I wish I had found the site some 2 or 3 Years ago as there are so many Topics which I could have left comments or helped answer questions. I wish I had listed them all in order for me to leave messages now albeit belatedly! In fact my photo appears in one Topic - Page 13, 'Woodlands School'. There is a shot of the HeadMaster in the Mid 1960s Don Thompson. I am the sulky faced fairheaded lad in the bottom left hand corner looking at the camera (when told not to)! I have now enrolled as a Member and hope to contribute to this fantastic forum going forward.
[Thank you once again Gerry, I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.]
24th Jun 2013Sue Sharman, nee BibbPeterborough (born Coventry)Absolutely amazing site... thank you. Found Miss Bashford's article fascinating and remember being in the production of Oliver in 1977. Mrs Williams was a formidable teacher... no one dare cross her path. She was amazing.
22nd Jun 2013Steve TaggarSan Antonio, Texas, USAGreat overview of the city! Thank you.
12th Jun 2013Bernard SmithAreley Kings in WorcestershireJust came across your site. It's so nice to realise that somebody would like the memories of an old Coventrian. I was born in Vine St, Hillfields, moved to Dane Rd, went to Briton Rd Infants' school (my earliest memory was of the German Airship sailing majestically over our school). We were all sent out to see it (I was sans shirt, having been with nurse for inoculation.
Funny how things stick in the memory!!!
3rd Jun 2013SherryCoventryFantastic page! Well done really enjoy every aspect of it thank you.
[You're welcome, thank you!]
29th May 2013Rachel AllenGibbet Hill, CoventryI live on Stoneleigh road in Gibbet Hill and have done for some time and have been told many stories about Wainbody Woods and Gibbet Hill. I've been looking for old photos of Kenilworth Road, Stoneleigh Road etc. but can only find one or two on the internet and I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me find some or if anyone has any.
Many Thanks
Rachel Allen
28th May 2013Gerry DanielAberdeenshireThis is a great site and you should be commended for obviously the hard work and dedication (never mind time) devoted to it. I was born in Coventry in 1955 in Kirby Road, Earlsdon. I moved out of the City in 1979 and have lived in Scotland since 1990 and have very occasionally returned but never long enough. Hopefully you can expand the 'now & then' series to other older suburbs of the City.
[Many thanks Gerry, I hope one day to find time to expand the site further in that direction - great idea.]
11th May 2013Liz ChellCoventryThanks for this site, I like to browse and nosy in from time to time. My father was the late Adolf Dabrowsi.
28th Apr 2013barleybearWarwickThis really helped with my homework, thanks a bunch.
9th Apr 2013Piers LawrenceCamborne, CornwallHello !
I'm researching a watchmaker, Charles J. Hill.
I believe he was originally from Coventry, but also apparently had an office in London too, since he may have been registered as a Maker to the Admiralty. Any assistance would be gratefully received !
Regards.... Piers
6th Apr 2013SeanStirlingHi Rob. I own an old Hillman Avenger Tiger with the reg OHP 39M. The car had a few owners in and around Coventry in the 70s and 80s. Would like to hear from anyone who maybe remembers or owned it. Thanks, Sean
3rd Apr 2013Geraldine CrossCoventry (Wood-End, Stoke, Walsgrave, Coundon)Really loved looking at this site. I grew up Coventry and most of my family are still there. I moved to Florida 10yrs ago. But looking at this was a wonderful trip down memory lane...
9th Mar 2013LeeAustraliaGreat site. I love history. Found you on Good News Network about the best cities.
2nd Mar 2013Claire WilkinsonSpainI am trying to find out about the Home Guard that was attached to the Coventry Corporation, Foleshill Road Gas Works, as my father was a member all through the 2nd world war.
26th Feb 2013Peter ShepherdSurrey, British Columbia, Canada.Born in Coventry 1927, I think in the Munitions Cottages, I am trying to confirm this. I attended the following schools: Balsall Street, Whoberly, Broadway, and the Coventry Tech. Apprentice toolmaker at the Coventry Gauge & Tool (Matrix). Played football and cricket for the Coventry Gauge and later for Roots, also played football for the Royal Warwickshire Army Cadet Brigade team. Lived in Earlsdon for 16yrs.
17th Feb 2013Ron Critchlow234 Foleshill Rd, CoventryWe lost our home in Links Rd, Radford during the blitz. This moved us to the above address which was previously the home of the City registrar. But it has been impossible to find out his occupation time of the property.
We stayed there until my father retired as he ran a company called Scott Bros from there. They were in clothing, opposite Cash's Lane. School life was Pridmore Rd, later Coventry Junior Technical School, later apprentice at Armstrong Siddely Motors. A good grounding. Is there an Apprentices' Association?
Played for Hill Farm Rugby. This grounding created a good life for me plus the overseas military experience. That's me, any connections?
6th Feb 2013Peter AshtonCoventry, but last 2 years in BulgariaReally great website, and of interest to me for so many reasons, particularly the old photos and maps. After living in Coventry for 55 years, I'm not sure when (or whether) I'll visit the city again, so I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor to the site. Thanks a lot.
3rd Feb 2013Madeleine WassonCoventryI was born in Coventry in 1938. I remember the latter years of the war and I have lived in Coventry all my life and am proud of my city.
22nd Jan 2013GrantSpon EndI work for a charity that currently resides in the former Coventry and Renold Chain Building in Spon End. Does anyone have any photos? or information about the history of the building or the companies that resided here, as we are going to be doing a commemorative piece about the history of the building. Contact me on grant.murray@aol.co.uk
21st Jan 2013Maureen SauveCanada (born Coventry)I just wanted to say what a great site this is.
Do you know where I could purchase Cash's Cards for shipment to Canada?
12th Jan 2013Joe GrahamBelfast IrelandHaving lived in Hillfields Coventry in the 1960s I browsed through your wonderful site and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. I always found Coventry a very homely place and the local people very welcoming to a stranger. Keep up the good work.
9th Jan 2013BrianOriginally Whoberley, CoventryJust another old Coventrian [oops sorry you're not old]. I have only just found this website dedicated to old Cov'. I even had a go at the quiz and got 9 out of 10... the old memory box still works. I have never been back to Coventry though my daughter did a couple of years back and visited all my old places. I was born and bred in Whoberley, went to Woodlands school [it's still the same!] Worked at Mattersons in Hales St. Oh how the memories don't fade... Kind wishes, Brian.
[Many thanks for that Brian. I wonder if you'd like to discuss your great memories on the discussion forum?]
8th Jan 2013Brian ForsterTasmaniaJust found this site whilst browsing. I served an apprenticeship as an "Ironmonger" at Matterson Huxley and Watson. I wonder if anyone remembers them? I came to Oz in 1965. I have so many memories of Cov I long to return one day. I will visit this site often.
7th Jan 2013Stephen GraingerKeresleyI was born in the School House, New Street, Keresley. It's been knocked down now. My three older sisters still live in the area. As a kid used to visit the Empire, Gaumont, Hippodrome and Opera House in Coventry for the Saturday morning matinees. Went to Highfield Road every home game for City. My mum was born in Hillfields in 1902.
Nice website.
6th Jan 2013Yvonne Brown, was HicksGulson Road, CoventryCan anyone remember a little boy of two weeks, who was abandoned as a baby, and his mother took him from the front garden in Bramble Street when he was six years old? My parents' names are Lena and Arthur Hicks and we lived in Gulson Road, next to the hairdressers. I was only 17 then when he was taken away, I would love to see him again, but believe he was taken to Southern Ireland with his mother.
I am also looking for any information on Arthur Hicks my dad, as I have lost contact with him. I last saw him when he was living in Walsgrave, Coventry.
6th Jan 2013Anthony OstrowskiMargateAnybody who knows me I'll love to hear from you, I was born in 1953 and live in Woodend.
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