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31st Dec 2010Stephen PhillipsSwansea... now Lahore, PakistanI did my degree in Coventry 1989 - 1992. I can say it changed my life massively and I have some great memories of the city. It's been wonderful to discover this site, seeing it brought back so many memories, both of places I saw and places I didn't.
29th Dec 2010AngelaLeamington SpaJust wanted to tell you how much I enjoy referring to your website when I take visitors round Coventry. Your site is lively, informative and entertaining and reflects your huge pride in the city's rich cultural and industrial heritage. I love the city; still teach part time there well into my retirement and have always, since coming to the Midlands over 40 years ago, found it immensely friendly, hospitable and enterprising.
28th Dec 2010Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth, Western AustraliaDougie from Wigan - I had a friend Doris Collins when I was a small child. We lived in Limetree Avenue, Tile Hill in the early 40s and another of our friends namely Margaret and her brother Billy Rice. Could she be the Doris Collins from all those years ago. Doris was probably my first friend I played with at that time. I wonder if her memory is as clear as mine ! ..........
Jo Shepherd (nee Toseland)
26th Dec 2010Dougiefrom WiganAnyone know a Doris Clark (nee Collins) married Johnie Clark in 1959? They lived in the Tile Hill area just off the highway in the 60s. Would like to get in touch with them again as my wife (Irene) was her bridesmaid.
22nd Dec 2010Margaret Mole (nee Harris)Queensland AustraliaHi Dennis,
I remember the bombed area at Eagle St & Foleshill Road we used to walk by it when we went to Hogarths up the road, I think every street had a bombed bit for us kids to play on, I know Parkstone Road did at the top. We in Queensland are flooded and have had rain for days and expect it for weeks, I know you have had snow, so we will all have to make the best of Christmas. So Coventry have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2011. See you then. Marg
19th Dec 2010Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth, Western AustraliaThank you Dougie from Wigan, we enjoyed the slide show. Sorry you had to cancel your trip on account of the snow. Here, downunder, we have just had a close shave, bushfire started by some idiot. Happy Christmas to all over there - keep warm and safe......
18th Dec 2010TimGeorgia, USABrilliant web site, or should I say web complex.
In 1967 I was fortunate enough to visit the Old and New Cathedrals, and Rob's work here helped me re-visit.
Thanks from a Yank (but not a Yankee).
18th Dec 2010David HomanKeresley (Bennetts Rd)What a great site, I have been thinking of my past times in Coventry and when I lived at Brandon in a double decker bus in the early 50s. I must look more into this site, regards Dave
17th Dec 2010DougieWigan, LancashireLooks like my trip to Coventry will be called off this weekend as we are having a lot of snow here to-night and it's no good risking it. If anyone would like to see a bit of your city that I uploaded to Wigan World, this is a short slideshow of some of the photos I took on one of my trips:
15th Dec 2010DougieWigan, LancashireWill be down Coventry in the next few days mainly to go to the crem to take some pots for Christmas and to see the wife's family, it will also be our final resting place one day when the time comes LOL. My wife moved up to Wigan in 1960 and stayed with me when the family moved back to Coventry 49 years ago, I've been coming down all that time so I've seen a lot of the changes to your city over the years.
Just like to say a big thank you to the man and his wife that works at the bingo hall on Radford road for his help last year, (That's all I know about him)
Merry Christmas everyone
14th Dec 2010LoraineWas Coventry - Now Melbourne AustraliaWow, what a wonderful web site. The photos & memories. What have they done to the City center. Where is 'The Elephant'?
Nothing blends in. It's like a child's construction kit has been used. What a terrible shame.
26th Nov 2010Stanley R. Harris, M. D.Allentown, Pennsylvania USABorn and raised in Coventry - evacuated to Lincoln in November of 1940. Attended Bablake School on a Governor's Scholarship. I remember the fire bombs quite well, as one ended up in my bedroom. Would be pleased to hear from any old schoolmates or friends.
20th Nov 2010Arthur JennerRadford CoventryWhat a great site, new to it. Just found a name on it, a pal of mine from the late 40s to 1954 when he moved to Canada. Keep up the good work sir.
18th Nov 2010Robyn FarrarAustraliaI just wanted to congratulate you on an EXCELLENT site. I am in the process of planning my next holiday to the UK and discovered your site by accident. I can tell that you have put numerous hours into this site for it is a wealth of information which will come in very handy as we tour your city. Well done and keep it up. I shall recommend your site to my friends as well.
18th Nov 2010Peter Robson-BurrellGreen Lane, Coventry, West Mid. UK.Looks like a great site. Not had time to explore it yet, but can't wait!
15th Nov 2010Dennis EdwardsFoleshill, CoventryHi everyone. Does anyone remember the bomb sites at the junction of Eagle Street & Foleshill Road? I used to play there as a boy & was wondering if there are any photos or film of the areas. It was a magical time for me.
15th Nov 2010Colette DarraghCoventryI have had a great time looking through the pages on this site and learning more about my home town. I live in Plymouth now, also devasted during WW2 but am proud to be always linked with Coventry.
6th Nov 2010DanBinley, CoventryI really enjoyed your website and thanks for putting all the work into it. I no longer live in the UK but travel back to my hometown quite a lot. It is a pity to see how the town has been ruined by so called planners. They have done more damage than the Germans ever did! They should get 'the Hun' back and flatten the place so it can be rebuilt again!
[I feel that many would agree! Many thanks Dan.]
5th Nov 2010Gloria Jean CockayneWarwickshireHave just purchased a copy of A Coventry Kids Tale by John Collins. I really enjoyed this book. It was humourous and easy to read. A must for any local kids born in late 40s early 50s.
29th Oct 2010Lorraine MurrayScotlandI am looking for long lost cousins of mine who were born and lived in Stoke Heath, I think the address was 55 Meadway, Stoke Heath, Coventry. The names of my cousins is John and Mary Murray and their mother's name was Margaret Cooney. This is all the information I have of them and it would be very greatly appreciated if you know of them and their whereabouts now, I would love to contact them as I have never met them.
29th Oct 2010Phil AllenCoventryI have just spent an incredible couple of hours looking at your site, and that was just on the 'Coventry - now and then' section! The 'fade in - fade out' photos are amazing and bought a tear to the eye on a couple of occasions. I can't begin to imagine how long all of this has taken you. I look forward to exploring the rest of your work. I doubt any other City has something quite like this. Thank you.
26th Oct 2010David AdamsCoventryWell done!!! What a Brilliant Website. Stumbled on it by accident, what a stroke of luck. It is crammed with great info and facts and I will certainly make sure I recommend to all I know. I expect I will be spending a lot of time on this site in the future. I especially enjoyed your views of Broadgate Then & Now!!! I thouroughly endorse your own reckoning on how much better it would be had it not been needlessly redeveloped into the unsightly mess it is today. Once again, well done and thank you.
26th Oct 2010Lawrence CooperKeswick Ontario CanadaYour wonderful sight was passed on to me by a friend, who is an old Coventry fellow. I was an apprentice at Lea Francis Cars, 1950 to 1955. Left there in '56. I have some photos of Coventry, taken from the cathedral tower, as the precinct was being built. Also some taken at the Leaf factory. Have been in Canada since 1967. Many happy memories.
20th Oct 2010DavidNottinghamshireRaymond Abbots's letter has prompted me to research into what appears to be a change in spelling of Bailey/Bayley lane. The former spelling occurs right up to the 1891 census. Ten years later it changes to the present spelling. I wonder why the change?
19th Oct 2010Diana M Taylor CoffmanOklahoma USAI was born during the war and lived on Albert Road, Allesley, my father was an air raid warden. I went to school at Meriden, then at Templar's School Tile Hill Lane. I worked at the Standard Motor Co. Also the Daimler and Truimph Motor Co.
I moved to Oklahoma in 1960 after living in Ramstein Germany. I now live in a small town in Oklahoma called Idabel and work at the Library here, after retiring from the State of Oklahoma Employment Service. I have four children and 8 grandchildren.
18th Oct 2010Raymond AbbotsOxfordshireMy great grandparents Edward and Ann Nelson were married at St Michael's in 1850. He was a whitesmith and she a silk weaver, he was granted the freedom of the city about 1868, they lived at No 8 Bailey Lane until about 1886. I would love to know if the house still stands.
Your site is a real treat to browse through, thank you.
12th Oct 2010Ken PeckBerkshireResponse for Alan Clare, Boston Lincs, re comments he posted on 6 Oct 2010 - The Headmasters of Frederick Bird School, Swan Lane were: Mr. Jennings (rigid, heartless disciplinarian) followed by Mr. (Wilf) Harris (Gifted Head for that time). Other teachers in my time were Mr Clennet (science), Polard (music), Jones (Biology), Geof Bennett (drama, sport, gen studies - most outstanding teacher), Mr Budd (crafts) sacked I recall? and Derek Turner (Art) became Assistant Principle Cov School Art. Mr Sanders? (metalwork), Mr Jones (RI). I was born Stoke Heath, 1937. I also attended Stoke Heath School.
6th Oct 2010Alan ClareBoston LincolnshireAnyone remember the headmaster at Frederick Birds senior boys school 1940 1948 era and the teachers Foggy Fulger Clank Gibbs Benny Macnight Mr Davis and Miss Overton. Happy days.
5th Oct 2010Jan MayoCoventryGreat site, finding it really enjoyable. I grew up in Hillfields, my maiden name was West. Will write some of my memories when I can find the time. Keep up the good work.
3rd Oct 2010Derek Anthony BatesHullWould like more info on the factories near city centre before the blitz
28th Sep 2010Thomas GraalCoventry UKHi everyone. I was wondering if there are any pictures out there of the 2 bomb sites I used to play on as a child. I used to live at 148 Foleshill Road & the first bomb site was one house away from ours. The second was between Foleshill Road & Eagle Street. My brothers & sister had a great time playing there, it would be nice to see images of the sites.
[A great subject for the Discussion Forum.... try this link]
26th Sep 2010Gail BuceSedro Woolley WA, USAMy Great Grandfather William HONT (HAUNT/HAWNT/HOUNT/HUNT and LISTON) was born in Coventry in 1838-40. This has helped me understand this county to help with my search for records of William HONT. Thank you
25th Sep 2010Carmel LangdonSpainMy mother was born in Spon End and was a child during the wars. Her story is in the Coventry archives. She would love to know if anyone she knows is on this site as most have passed on.
Thank you
24th Sep 2010Paul StantonCoventryI must say how much I have enjoyed looking at the site, many memories came flooding back, particularly of Broadgate circa 1974. What a terrible mess the planners have made of the town centre.
I think you have done a wonderful job with this site, keep up the good work.
18th Sep 2010Marjorie Richardson Nee Aiers23 Bayley Lane CoventryI was born in 1918 and christened in St Michaels Church later to become the cathedral.
We lived next door to a public house (do not remember the name) and down the entry between us and the pub was a courtyard with about eight houses... a row of lavatories at the bottom and a water tap in the middle of the yard. Across the lane was where our friends lived, in the oldest house in Coventry, it had a passage underneath which my father and friend went down, but they said after a while it was blocked with a large fall of stones.
15th Sep 2010Tony SmithCoventryJust looking on the web for my daughter for information about Coventry in the blitz and stumbled on to your site, brill well done. Still looking and learning about Coventry. Lived in Cov whole life (52 years) PS. bit disappointed in the new Herbert art gallery, thought there would be more for the children.
14th Sep 2010Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth W ASusan Osment's comments about Hearsall common brought back so many memories regarding the 'crock fair'. Incidentally, I still have a couple of items still intact. I alway came home with a little ball on elastic filled with sawdust, and to win a coconut was a bonus. Such simple pleasures in those days.
Thanks again Rob for allowing everyone to recall the past.
[As always, the pleasure's mine!]
13th Sep 2010Susan OsmentBlackpoolHi, although I haven't been back to Coventry for years I have been impressed by your details and photos, the lovely old buildings now gone. I was born in Coventry in 1943 and went to Centaur Rd school. Is it still there? I can remember going on holiday from Pool Meadow on Bunty's coaches and school trips to Wicksteed Park with Coco the clown. Do they still have the pot fair on Hearsall common? We lived in Kingston Rd and my grandfather lived on Earlsdon Ave, Sue Osment xxxx
7th Sep 2010Gary JonesCoventryIn a recent Coventry Telegraph article my father pointed out a picture which was of a bomb damaged part of old Coventry. It was a bomb site near Earl Street and Little Park Street. It was of a camp site. In the picture was a tent and a horse drawn cart. My father said that that was his home. I am very interested to see more pictures, he said circa 1950s.
5th Sep 2010Malcolm PowellAsh Green CoventryRegarding Sheila Vasil 23/4/10 I was at St Michael's school when we all got a hardback photo of the school at 100 years old. Thank god someone else remembers it.
29th Aug 2010John Paynenow living in KidderminsterMy maternal great grandfather lived in Coventry, from 1850s to 1880s. In the 1861 census he is in Gosford St, occupation victualler, at the griffin.
Any information on that place or general info of that era would be much appreciated.
23rd Aug 2010Mr. RCoventry !Fantastic website. Keep up the great work, Rob !
[You're so kind, thank you very much indeed!]
22nd Aug 2010Sheila Scott DarbyChristiansburg, VAI visited the cathedral in 1979 with my husband, the Rt. Rev. Harry B. Scott, III. It was a life-changing experience for both of us. After all these years, it is wonderful to see the ruins and the new cathedral as we remember it. Thank you for this comprehensive and beautiful website. This is particularly significant for the U.S. right now as we (endlessly) debate the erection of a mosque near "ground zero" in New York. One question--when we visited in 1979, I thought the words, "Father forgive," had originally been left after the bombing, sort of a minor miracle in itself. I may be thinking of something else. Please, if you have time, enlighten me about this. Thank you so very much, Sheila Darby
14th Aug 2010Mary McDonaldToronto CanadaMembers of my family had a longstanding fish/fish & chips shop run by my great uncle Jack Brown. The business was carried on by Jack's daughter and other family members for many years and employed others in the community. I wonder if anyone might recall where Jack's shop, or that of his daughter, was located. Many thanks.
[Catch up with this on the Discussion Forum]
13th Aug 2010Christine Arnold (Cross)23 Hope Street, The ButtsI would like to get in touch with Peter Weston who I see came from Hope Street and I believe may have been a neighbour of mine in the 1950s.
11th Aug 2010Roger BrownJohannesburg South AfricaMy mother was Margeret Ilsley and I understand she came from Spon End. Her brothers were Charlie (wag) Percy (comedian) and Jim, who worked at the Alvis. I know little else about her and would be grateful for any further information, Thanks.
During the early 60s, I was a Policeman in Earlsdon and later at Holmsdale road Foleshill. I would like to get in touch with any of my old colleagues.
9th Aug 2010DavidNottinghamshireThis is directed at Barbara Brookes regarding her grandfather. I can find just one John Roberts who died in Coventry in 1960. He was aged 69 and his death took place in the first quarter of that year. I have also looked at deaths in 1959 and 1961 but there are no matches. So it looks as though this is right person.
8th Aug 2010Barbara BrookesBirminghamJohn Roberts was my grandfather, he lived in Coventry and I think died in 1960.
27th Jul 2010Hugh MitchellClayton Road, Coundon, CoventryThis looks like an interesting site. I hardly ever get to Coventry these days, as I live in the Netherlands.
20th Jul 2010DavidNottinghamshireI have just come across a terrific website. This is the The War Graves Photographic Project whose aim (to quote their website) "is to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, MoD grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day and make these available within a searchable database." Entirely run by volunteers they already have a database of 1.5 million images. This includes 300 in the various Coventry cemeteries, 96 in Nuneaton and 25 in Bedworth. For a small donation you can obtain either an emailed or hard copy of the photograph.
Looking further afield this website makes it possible to obtain photographs of the headstones of any family members who were killed in various conflicts around the world.
This is their website address :- http://www.twgpp.org
18th jul 2010Lisa Johnson was LucasHythe HampshireI am trying to find family ties in Coventry for my dad. I know a lot of Lucas's existed there, would be very grateful of any information. My dad is John Anthony Lucas born 1956 to Derik John Lucas and Yvonee Lucas, not sure of maiden name. He also has two sisters Marie and Carol.
16th Jul 2010DavidNottinghamshireOf course that Travelodge is actually housed in the old Leofric Hotel which, when it opened in the 1950s, was THE place to stay in Coventry.
15th Jul 2010DougieWigan AreaOnly just been made aware of this site so not a member yet so can only post on the guest book. I know it's not for this sort of thing but would just like to point out to the people that have moved out of the Coventry area, that a Travelodge Hotel opened May 2009 in Broadgate that we now use, the most we have ever paid for a room for 2+2 is £9/£19 by booking in advanced, maybe someone could add something like this to your forum page to help others.
[Great idea Dougie. Anyone can chat on the Discussion Forum for free by registering via this link]
13th Jul 2010DougieWigan AreaRob Orland -- Been looking at your site it looks good for the people from the Coventry area, keep up the good work and thanks for the invite. I've seen lots of changes to your city over the years, one thing that still sticks in my mind was the building of the first two Jackblock Flats in the 60s.
[The pleasure's mine Dougie, thank you!]
10th Jul 2010Margaret Mole (nee Harris)AustraliaHi, I have been waiting for them on the Antique Roadshow to show Coventry again and yesterday it happened, I did try to see if i reconised anyone, but no such luck, but I will say the Cathedral looked beautiful, so proud to say I was born in Coventry. Love your site.
7th Jul 2010TonyCoventryBrill web site
[My pleasure, thanks!]
30th Jun 2010Nick John CunninghamMelbourne AustraliaBrilliant website. It took me back to my childhood over 40yrs ago. When I used to come into town with my mum on a wonderful old double decker bus around Broadgate. Waving my hat to everyone and waiting for Peeping Tom to come out. Wonderful times.
30th May 2010JanCoventryI just wanted to say how wonderful to see and read all the old pictures and comments of Coventry. Am born and bred here and must admit prefer it as it was. Thank you for the memories you have given and awakened. I will continue to look through the links and wish for times gone by.
[Thank you Jan, you're very kind!]
22nd May 2010Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth Western AustraliaMANY HAPPY RETURNS 'HISTORIC COVENTRY' ON THE 24th MAY.
You have come a long way since your first year and going from strength to strength. Keep up the good work.
[It's still a real pleasure, thank you!]
16th May 2010Derek Brown Wyken CoventryDo you remember the amount of bakeries we used to have in Coventry? Do you know the names and where the areas we could find them?
[This might be a great subject to discuss in the Forum]
15th May 2010Gail FowlerStoke, CoventryThis website has 'touched' me. It has certainly bought back some memories !! I have not been back since the early nineties. I now live in Kent.
I was born at Walsgrave Hospital (late 60s). I went to Sacred Heart primary school, then Cardinal Wiseman 'girls' School.
7th May 2010Bernard CleaveChristchurch New ZealandI often turn to your site to connect with my old home town. I have not been back for over ten years and hope to be back soon. I spent my childhood 1935 to 1946 living in Hastings Rd Stoke. Does anyone else remember the street? We had our share of bombs etc and life was grim but there was a spirit of togetherness that does not exist nowadays. It would be good to hear from some of the old folks.
30th Apr 2010Stephen KubiakWyken now SomersetGreat memories, can still think of Coventry with fond regards.
26th Apr 2010Skip HerringTyler, TexasI am a direct descendant of Julienes Herring!
23rd Apr 2010Sheila VasilNorwalk CT USAWhen did St Michaels School at the top of Gulson Rd & which was 100 yrs old when I was there get knocked down?
23rd Apr 2010Angela Bolton (nee Irving)Watch Close, off Spon Street, CoventryI was born 1950 1, Lime Tree Cottage which was of, I believe, 3 houses (2 up, 2 down) back of Spon Street. I went to Dover Street school behind my house. In next door lived HORACE ? and family The Headmaster used to have his office right up in the tower [used to be the Coventry Music School] I used to see Ann Brown who was Granddaughter to Old Ma Brown in the OLD WINDMILL INN, SPON STREET. She told me the story of when she went into her Grandma's bedroom and not knowing that the old lady wore a wig, it frightened Ann when she saw the wig by her bedside table !
20th Apr 2010MollieCoventryVery interesting website to look at
[Thank you, you're welcome!]
16th Apr 2010Marina B.Peterborough (originally from Georgia)I was planning my short visit to Coventry next week when I came across this website. It was so moving to see that much of love and pride one feels for own city and is kin and able to share it with others. Thank you very much. I am so looking forward to this trip now.
[That means the world to me, thank you so much, too.]
9th Apr 2010David CronanNottinghamshireTo answer Claudia's question, this website gives the history of watch-making in Coventry and the reason why all the workers lived in that small area:- www.waymarking.com
To quote a couple of sentences:-
"This plaque is part of the Coventry Watchmakers Heritage Trail and is situated in the historic Spon Street where many historic buildings have been preserved. This area of Coventry - Chaplefields, Spon End and Earlsdon was a centre of the watchmaking industry in the UK. In the Chaplefields area, people used to work in workshops built on to their houses called 'top shops'. Some of these can still be seen today with their large windows that gave good amounts of daylight for the intricate work.
Later on the work moved into factories. Rotherham & Sons became the major employer and manufacturer of watches and clocks and came to enjoy an international reputation. By 1899 they employed 400 - 500 people plus about 200 outworkers and produced 100 watches a day. The firm was started in 1847 by one of Coventry's most famous watch makers Samuel Vale."
Incidental, some of my ancestors worked in this industry and lived in Spon Street.
9th Apr 2010Claudia BarnesJacksonville FloridaThank you so much for this site which just lead me to another discovery. Just yesterday I googled my great-grandfather's name and came up with his marriage listing and where he lived. On this same listing there were several watchmakers who lived on Spon Street who married about the same time and lived close by. I wondered why so many watchmakers lived in the same area. I assumed there must have been some kind of factory where they all worked. Was it common practice for factory workers to live near to each other or did the factory provide housing? Thanks to your site I found a photo of what Spon Street looked like back then. Being so far away it gave me a glimpse of the past. Again Thank You!
9th Apr 2010Claudia BarnesJacksonville FloridaI am so glad I came across your site. It was very touching to see the church in Wyken that was on one of the postings. My parents, Mitchel French and Winifred Joan Sweet French were married in this church during the war. My father had a painting of this church and it was one of his most prized possesions. My mother was a war bride. She told me of the day after one of the bombings when she was going to work in town and the lead thar held the glass together was still melting down the side of the church. I asked her if she was scared and she said no she had a job to do. Thank You.
3rd Apr 2010Brian GambleLeicester but been in Rugby since 2005I've just been watching Blitz (London's) on channel 4 this evening 3 April 2010. Then as you do (well I do), I remembered that Coventry had one of its own. I came across your wonderful site and after having a good look around thought I would congratulate you on such a wonderful website, so informative and user friendly. I must admit Leicester has my roots but Coventry is what I now regard as my new home city. I spend many hours wandering around your fair city wondering what it would of been like before that dreadful day in 1940. Your site has opened my eyes.
Many thanks and best wishes
1st Apr 2010Alan EdgsonModbury, DevonReading the comments of Angela (27 March), reminded me of the old flour mill that stood almost in the heart of the city. The whole mill was powered by a wonderful old steam engine that looked as though it belonged in a museum it was so beautifully maintained. It absolutely shone with its immaculate paintwork and highly polished brass and to stand alongside it when it was running it was as quiet as a mouse.
I was discussing this with an acquaintance a couple of years ago and wondering what had happened to it when the old mill was knocked down, and hoping it had gone to a good home, I could have wept when he told me that as a scrap merchant he had been responsible for smashing it up with burners and sledge hammers several years ago. Why were these valuable reminders of the city's past allowed to be destroyed in this way. With its central location and many floors the mill would have made a lovely museum showing the crafts that the city was famous for much better than any modern building.
I realise I have no rights to criticise having left Coventry forty years ago but it still means a lot to me and through this fantastic site I am kept well informed and up to date with developments.
27th Mar 2010AngelaLondonWhat a terrific site. Came across it in my search for pre-blitz photos of the Cathedral. What a tragedy the War was. But it seems that a fair amount of destruction happened in the 30s too. And as for the post war architecture - every major city has suffered at the hands of that. Locally we managed to save the demolition of a 19th century mill building (rare for that part of London) from the local council's plans to put a transport depot in its place! Town planners it seems still have no value for aesthetics.
25th Mar 2010Deidre JordanBrownsville, Texas, USAI returned to Coventry for a school reunion last week afetr an absence of 40 plus years. Oh what a shock!! Thank God the "carnival tent" over our beloved Lady G was gone; (at least she no longer looks like a sideshow), but the Cathedral Shopping lanes and the other shopping area just behind the Lady G statue really do not add anything to our city.
I plan on returning to Coventry so that I can spend more time there looking at all the items mentioned in your extremely informative site, for which I thank you. You have brought to mind so many details I had either forgotten, ot did not know. My 19 yr old grandson has also expressed a wish to see his nana's hometown.
You have done a fine job. Thank you very, very much.
20th Mar 2010Neal HoltonScotlandI lived in Coventry from four years old until I reached twenty. I look back on those years with a great deal of fondness, and this site has given me some lovely images of Coventry during my time there, a historical perspective, and also how it appears more recently. Many thanks for a well presented and informative website.
14th Mar 2010Kate FaulknerStone StaffordshireI found your website when I was looking for information on the Holy Trinity Church and the Doom painting - and what a great find it is! The work you have done is great and really brings Coventry to life through the ages - I had imagined that most of it had been destroyed in the Blitz and what had survived that had been destroyed by the town planners - but no - historic Coventry is still there to explore - and that's just what I am going to do when I am on holiday - pay an overdue visit. Thank you for spending time in putting together such a good website - it really does show Coventry off in an excellent light. Best wishes for the future.
11th Mar 2010Peter MARTYNoriginally from Coventry, currently living in Warsaw, Pl.Friendly, open and informative.
With sincere regards
[You're very kind, thank you.]
9th Mar 2010Carole BourneStratford CT USAWas born on Purcell Rd but always interested in the history of my home town.
Have a friend who lives in California whose family lived and I believe still does on Priory Row.
Wish you could look for old pictures of the area where I was born as saw the old post office at Bell Green on the Coventry Library site very interesting
28th Feb 2010Neil WilkesCoventryMaking an internet documentary on Coventry and the site has proved to be the best tool available for what we need. Many thanks from everyone from www.coventrycreate.com
18th Feb 2010BarbaraBirminghamI am doing ancestry, starting with my maternal side.
The name is ROBERTS. I was told that my grandfather lived in Spon Street, so I looked this up in the archives at Birmingham library, and there was a John Roberts living above 58 Spon Street, Coventry in 1953. I think he died in 1960. I don't know Coventry well, but if anyone can help me with this I would be grateful, Barbara
5th Feb 2010Reggie PhillipinesHello! I am happy reading about cross of nails. If possible can u send to my email the photo so that I can print out and have a frame. I couldn't find in my country about cross of nails. Thank you very much. Have a pleasant day.
31st Jan 2010Gabrielle Angelique De JesusAlbany, New YorkI've recently made a friend who is from Coventry and wanted to learn more about its historic past and present. I found this site on the internet and am completely fascinated by it. I haven't gone through it all but plan on it ;). Loved the BBC radio piece that spoke about the website and found it wonderful to hear it in Mr. Orland's own words. I will continue to return and get through all of its beautiful pages. Hope to see and learn more. Is there a current map with sites to see on the website? I haven't gone through it all yet and am planning a trip to see my friend. Thanks for your time.
27th Jan 2010R. WheelerLake Charles, LAThe pictures showing the buildings before and after WWII are a delight. I was reading about Coventry history and your pictures make it come to life. Thank you.
27th Jan 2010Jean McRobbieKelowna, British Columbia CanadaI have enjoyed reading the history of Coventry.
My uncle, John Alexander McRobbie lived in this area and Warwick, Warwickshire with his wife Iris Thelma McRobbie.
26th Jan 2010Richard SadlerA Coventry Kid now in WalesGreat site as a Coventry Ambassador may I congratulate everyone.
Is the site still on going as I might be able to contribute.
26th Jan 2010Bill FrostFareham HantsI was evacuated at the age of five [with my six year old sister Irene] from Moseley Avenue School following the November Blitz. We were sent to Solihull and seperated after a short spell with a foster mother. I was moved to the Evans Convalesent Home for 4 years [My sister was moved several times and I saw little of her]. I would like to hear from anyone that was at the home during this period.
[Please write again Bill, your email didn't respond, thank you.]
25th Jan 2010Rebekah MarkhamNow living in CoventryMy husband's ancestors lived in Coventry in the 1800s, they were the Timms family. (Also spelt Tims). Patrick and Alicia Timms came over from Ireland by 1834 and settled on Lockhurst Lane, before moving to Palmer Lane in the city centre. Patrick died of cholera in 1849, in a house on New Buildings which was used as a pauper hospital. Alicia somehow managed to avoid the workhouse and married again, going to live on Hill Street. Whenever I take the short cut down Palmer Lane I always think of the families crammed into the houses and the hard life they would have had. My husband's connection is their daughter Margaret born 1844, who married into the Rowley family. My eldest daughter also has connections to the Charley, Gascoigne and Cleaver families of Coventry. Does anyone know which school children living in the city centre would have attended?
25th Jan 2010JohnRugbyI have only just found this web-site. It's very good. I am a Cov-kid born in Lower Ford Street. If anybody could help me I am looking for old photos of Frederick Birds School, Swan Lane. Buildings and Classes. I went from 1959-1963 but any years would be great. Also South Street school, infants and junior from 1953. I only have fond memories of my childhood. If anybody can help I would be very grateful. Thanking you. John.
21st Jan 2010Sid SimmonsCoventryI remember the whale. It was positioned opposite where the old Market Tavern was, 30 yards in front of the car-park. It was basically an enormous whale's ribcage.
20th Jan 2010Brian SmithNear CambridgeI don't know if you can help me.
During my basic training in the RAF, April to June 1957, a squad of us came to Coventry, to do a route lining, for the Queen and various members of the royal family to attend a service to consecrate something in the new Cathedral.
This was after she had laid the foundation stone in1956. I have made contact with a fellow airman who also went on it, but he can not remember very much either.
Regards Brian G Smith
17th Jan 2010Brian HenstockRoyston (Originally Coventry)Fantastic site - I am in awe of the technical ability and the content, photographic and text.
I grew up in Coventry, so some of the recent changes are part of my experience, but it is very interesting to see the changes wrought before I came to know the place!
14th Jan 2010Amelia ThorntonLeedsI have looked at this web site to see what Much Park St and Gosford St were like before the bliz and down loaded it for my family tree as my grandfather was born in Much Park St in 1904. His sir name was Barnett, he lost his father in the bliz and he and his mother and siblings then moved to Birmingham where he lost his mother and took on a family. It's nice to see were he came from many thanks to this site.
9th Jan 2010Pat PollockShropshire (originally Coventry!)Happy new year everyone! I meant to pop in before this to say how lovely the Christmas lights in Broadgate were - I was in Cov a few weeks ago. Did anyone take a photograph? (although a video would be more impressive!)
8th Jan 2010SamanthaCoventryHi,
I just thought I'd drop you a note to say what a brilliant and informative website. Congratulations.
Best regards,
5th Jan 2010David CronanNottinghamshireI seem to remember that back in the 1950s (and possibly earlier) most factories in Coventry used to work on Good Friday but then have "Easter Tuesday" off as a holiday. I once heard an explanation why this was so, but have now forgotten what it was!
I think it was to do with a particular trade (possibly ribbon weaving) using that Friday to finish off important work so that their products would be ready for the Easter holidays.
Can anyone throw any light on this?
1st Jan 2010Myhalo TymoczkoRutlandI am trying to trace the history of my grandmother Annie Samson. I know that she sang in pubs in Coventry and that she was alive in 1928. At this time she was working in the Kings Head, Broadgate. Can anybody help with any information relating to Annie? Thanks for an informative read.
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