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Update, 6th February 2016: I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed all the wonderful messages in this Guest Book. However, since the huge success of the discussion forum, which began 2010, it has become the main vehicle for exchanging messages, so I'm closing the Guest Book to further entries, but will leave it on display for all to read.

So, if you have any questions that you think other readers can answer, or fancy reminiscing with like minded people, please try my Discussion Forum - it's totally free!

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26th Dec 2003Mike Jennings-BatesWellesbourne, WarwickshireI thought you were not much into computers!! You have done a most fantastic job in both site and information/research and created a site to be proud of. I am going to send the info around the world to my far-flung Coventry relations.
Mike Jennings-Bates
21st Dec 2003George J. Jackson-GossPiscataway, (Pa-scatawy!) NJ, USAMr. Orland, Thank you for the work you've done for all Anglo-Philes to visit and enjoy, as I have. Born in Sydney, Aust. 1930, of Convict? Descent C-1840, first known ancestor named Buddwess, sad to say all died early and I'm the last of the Jacksons, have visited England from 1983 to 1995, never seen enough! Travelling from East to West, North to South, Cardiff to Canterbury, Knockandoo to Hastings. Never could fathom the British thought on building; flat, ugly structures, no appeal whatever; no matter the age of the ancient they appealed to me as one I would dearly have lived in, all houses, homes, pubs etc, always said Welcome.
Thank you again for so wonderful a day in Coventry.
aye yours, George Goss, the Aussie.
26th Nov 2003Chris HyamsHawley, Hampshire (Birthplace Coventry !)Great site ! I'd like to use some of your images on a web forum for architecture enthusiasts where we regulary create 'guess the city' quizzes. Thanks. [Of course you may! - Rob]
5th Nov 2003Alan MillinerUSA (Born in Coventry)I was born in Coventry (Little Heath) in 1954 but have been living in the USA since 1984 and although I do get home every few years, your website was really great to browse over.
19th Oct 2003Anne ElliottCanadaI have barely begun browsing your excellent site and am already impressed with it's layout and very good photos. Recently, I have been doing a little bit of "research" to go with a few of my own old snapshots taken back in 1965. I was born in Birmingham but managed a few visits to Coventry many years ago. My mother's great-great grandparents were married in the Cathedral of St. Michael in 1783. Please do continue to add more and more information to such a good site. Best wishes from Canada.
12th Oct 2003Roy Thurlow Having spent an enjoyable hour or two browsing your site, I thought I'd just say "Thanks" for all of your efforts in making this site one that I will return to again. I moved from Coventry in 1980, and visit it only rarely, so the "Now and Then" pages are of particular interest to me - a lot changes even in 20 or so years... Thanks again, Roy
5th Oct 2003Dave FlynnCoventry, EnglandFantastic site, I was born in Coventry and in all the years of living here (34) I have never found out as much as I did from your site. You are a credit to our City! Is there any chance you could find out why certain areas with in the City are named as they are? I have always wondered about this. Thank you again.
31st Aug 2003Neil PalmerToronto, Ontario, CanadaI was born in 1962 at Keresley Hospital and lived on Woodway Lane for 7 years then emigrated to Canada in 1969 with my parents and brother. I still have a lot of friends and family still living there. You have done a fantastic job of depicting Coventry Past & Present with a very friendly Web Site. Thanks for your effort and Great work. Neil Palmer.
29th Aug 2003Jean Pulford (nee Hives)Thetford, NorfolkI think your site is great, it brought back some memories as I left Coventry 1983 and I still miss Coventry. I noticed on your family tree that your family is associated with Northampton - so are mine, strange!! My mothers side came from Coventry and my father's side came from Northampton. I visited Coventry last year and was surprised at the changes being made. I was born in Tomson Avenue, Radford.
11th Aug 2003Trevor SuttonChristchurch, New ZealandI moved to N/Z in 1996 and it's great to see some pictures of my hometown. I might be living on the other side of the world but Coventry will always be my home.
4th Aug 2003Norman K. StanleyTillsonburg, Ontario, CanadaGreat revisiting our old hometown. I was raised at 10 Black Prince Avenue, Cheylesmore (in the old prefabs), & my wife, Sheila at 109 Princess Street, Foleshill. We emigrated to Canada in 1972. We have visited Coventry several times since to see family & friends... 109 Princess Street is still there, but, alas, those prefabs in Cheylesmore are long gone (before we emigrated). It would be really great if you had any photos of Cheylesmore in the 40s & 50s, we have been unable to locate any. Many thanks for a great website, which we visit often. Keep up the great work !!
2nd Jul 2003Nash ZanzigorocosGujarkhan, JapanI used to live in Foleshill Coventry, I moved here 47 years ago to work. I've tried to trace my family the Zanzigorocos family up for years but I couldn't, but thanks to one of your photographs I spotted my grandad. I am so happy to know we were once the steelback of England. Thank you very much.
23rd Jun 2003Jeannie LeightonArizona - USAIn researching my husband's persona for a middle ages reinactment group we belong to (The Society for Creative Anachronism), I came upon your website on Coventry, England - very informative and easy to navigate - thank you for hosting it.
18th Jun 2003HelenScunthorpe, LincolnshireA great web site, I love the overlaid pictures. I don't know the area myself but found it both informative & interesting. Have spent a pleasant half hour wandering through Coventry and will come back for more. Thanks Rob for a great site.
10th Jun 2003Muriel WellsBlenheim, New ZealandI enjoyed revisiting my home town via your site.
2nd Jun 2003PhylKalgoorlie, Western AustraliaI really enjoyed your site. My mother was born in Coventry and her family is from there. As I've been looking for the streets where they lived it was great to be able to find them on your maps. I loved the pictures they, really bring Coventry to life.
Thanks again for a truly great site.
1st Jun 2003Glenys WoodCarmarthen, WalesFantastic site, good luck with your research.
Glenys Wood - researching Wood family from Coventry.
31st May 2003Christine EllisSydney, AustraliaYour site is absolutely wonderful. Loved reading your family history - well laid out and most enjoyable. As am researching in Coventry also enjoyed and appreciated all the information regarding St Michaels etc. Many thanks.
26th May 2003M. KiplingerTemperance, Michigan, USAToday is Memorial Day here and our local PBS station is playing tribute to service men/women and just played a tribute requiem written in honor to St. Mark's Catheral. So I typed in Coventry England, on my computer to feel the movement of the music.
It was moving to me to here this music and I had an opportunity 7 years about to visit Coventry on tour of your UK/Ireland. I was very touched as I walked through the catherals-new/old. With our tour group was a lady who had lived in Dresden Germany and experienced the same terrible experiences as a child in Germany as your people had during the war. Her weeping over the expereince of being there at the catheral, really made me think how strong your country/city of Coventry as a whole are to overcome all the terrible things such as war. You rebuilt a beautiful city.
I really enjoyed viewing this web page. It brought back some wonderful memories of my tour. I hope someday to return to your country again and enjoy the wonderful hospitality I experienced. Thank you.
18th May 2003Stephen Brookes MBEFylde CoastThe ability of being able to use the internet to keep in touch with 'home' is made a happy experience when a quality site holds you and gives 'new' information.
Rob, you have created a site which I have book marked. Thanks for the effort you have put in. Best Wishes, Stephen
17th May 2003Dorothy RobertsMackay, Queensland, AustraliaA wonderful site. So much information.
3rd May 2003Dianne NepveuOntario, CanadaWhat a wonderful site! I wasn't sure before, but I will now be including Coventry in my upcoming trip to the UK.
26th Apr 2003SarahCanadaHi Rob: Words cannot expess the wonderful feelings I got walking through Coventry via your website. I am planning a backpack tour through GB and thought of Coventry. Now I know for sure that this place is an absolute must. You should be working for the British Tourism Commission Rob!
25th Apr 2003Carol Iverach, nee WiseAustraliaI migrated to Australia in 1964 and just felt like taking a sentimental journey back home!!!
22nd Mar 2003Brian RowstronMelbourne, AustraliaWhat a brilliant site!
Thank you Robert.
17th Mar 2003Aaron TaylorBurtonThis has really helped me with my R.E. project.
16th Mar 2003Wendy BockmanCalgary, Alberta, CanadaI love your website. The pictures are very nice to see. I especially enjoyed seeing the old street maps, amazed to see how old Hill St. is, I was born on Hewitt Ave. Must show my parents. Thanks.
30th Jan 2003RogerIllinois, USAI'm from there. Larry gave me your address.
28th Jan 2003Larry A Great website Rob, thank you so much for sharing it with us.
25th Jan 2003MichelleUKA very informative site. Thanks.
17th Jan 2003Nick MottramYorkshire and NottinghamGreat web site! I need a few tips.!!!
11th Jan 2003MikeCoventryWell done.
Love the pictures and the history. Keep up the good work.
11th Jan 2003Dorothy RobertsMackay, Queensland, OZWhat a fantastic site. I left Coventry in 1952 but still love to read about the old town and look at pictures of familiar places. I can recall the old streets demolished to make Trinity Sreet.
11th Jan 2003Cynthia GreenCoventryRobert, what a pleasure it was to look at your site. What probably started as hard work, will no doubt give so much pleasure to so many. Well done.
10th Jan 2003John LoweryCoventryMany congratulations on a smashing site.
I , and I know many other Coventry Kids, have been trying to locate maps of old Coventry streets for ages. Now, you have come up trumps.
Again, thanks a million & Congratulations.
4th Jan 2003Barbara RosethornePerth, Western AustraliaHi Rob, Great site, I grew up in Coventry but moved over here 30 odd years ago. I remember learning about the City walls at school & enjoyed the "refresher course". We're visiting the UK later this year & I'll certainly be checking out the remains of the walls & other places of historic interest.
I'm into family history too, I'm always amazed just how much info is available on ordinary folk. My lot were from around Kenilworth, Warwick, Fillongley & Brum. I can't wait to get steeped in all that history! I say Coventry's in Warwickshire too!
Thanks & keep up the good work.
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