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Update, 6th February 2016: I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed all the wonderful messages in this Guest Book. However, since the huge success of the discussion forum, which began 2010, it has become the main vehicle for exchanging messages, so I'm closing the Guest Book to further entries, but will leave it on display for all to read.

So, if you have any questions that you think other readers can answer, or fancy reminiscing with like minded people, please try my Discussion Forum - it's totally free!

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28th Dec 2005John CamptonCoventryHaving recently moved into one of the apartments in priory place it was very interesting seeing the old photos and history surrounding the area. I have the most perfect view of the cathedrals from my balcony, and I am sorry to hear some of the negative views about the new buildings. The council in my opinion are doing a very good job, and are working hard on building a community at CV1 which always helps with the architecture. Maybe including some of these pictures on your website would help people see how Coventry is developing, and the city centre again being a place where people not just visit or work but live, and with a community of towners that will continue to grow. If you ever want to take photographs from my balcony you are more than welcome, it captures all the new with the old, and everyone who visits are blown away with the view.
27th Dec 2005Tina StuartCanadaI was born in Coventry in 1960 and left to live in Canada in 1990. I found your website very interesting. I did actually remember some of the buildings. Sorry to see some of the changes that have been made. Nice to take a trip thru memory lane.
25th Dec 2005TilehillkidTile HillCongratulations Rob on a fabulous contribution to the history of Coventry.
It's a great resource for genealogists and social historians.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
- tilehillkid
19th Dec 2005Colin BarnesCoventryThe ruining of Coventry's skyline is about take another gigantic leap as Coventry City Council continue to do 'their own thing. The latest plan is to build an enormous Yellow and Blue clad warehouse type store that will completely overshadow St John's Church and Spon Street.
They have again completely ignored groups such as the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, the Coventry Society and local conservation groups who all said the building is too big and out of place and plans should be revised to "minimise the overall bulk, mass and height of the building." The council said it had to take all views into consideration, it sounds to me that they only listen to those waving the cash around.
One councillor commented "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I understand the comments that this isn't suitable for Coventry, but I disagree."

That vacuous comment sums Coventry City Council up.
I can understand the need for Coventry to have new business's coming into the city but can't the council be more proactive in promoting good quality architecture?
17th Dec 2005David HealeyCoventryThankyou so much for this wonderful website, have had hours of fun and learned loads of new stuff on our beautiful city... well once beautiful city.
[You're very kind David, and how very true!]
13th Dec 2005Martin BainbridgeStivichall Primary School, CoventryExcellent site, great use for the children in our school. The map feature is great.
Many thanks
13th Dec 2005Jaco PeacockSouth AfricaI will be enjoying the 2 years in this City, so much to see especially the old buildings.
Love it!!
9th Dec 2005Mary DexterChapel Hill, NC, USASmashing !! website. I guess I expected a 'brief history' like most that I click into. I've been here all night!! Photos excellent, overlays incredible. When I get to Coventry I'll surely know where I am. Got around to my English genealogy [put off 40 yrs due to Smith connection] and access to UK records via Anc.com and LDS church and civic. Grandmother b. Birmingham 1877, nee Rowe; one married a Smith. Have now backed them out of the city to Coventry and surrounds as well as Gloucestershire. Rowes lived around Ansty, Hopsford, Withybrook, etc. Smith and Jones from Minchinhampton, Coaley, etc. and Hawkes from Stroud. Coventry church records brought me to your wonderful, informative, creative production. "Worthwhile" is an understatement. I've never traveled much but I'm heading for England. I'm inspired. Thank you so very much.
6th Dec 2005Kim PorterWoburn SandsFor no particular reason this afternoon I was feeling a little nostalgic (probably a sympton of middle-age!), remembering happy years spent at Lanchester Poly in the mid-seventies, studying for my degree in Graphic Design. I idly keyed in 'Coventry 1974' into Google and unexpectedly discovered your excellent site.
Although I only spent three years in Coventry, my father, born 1915, grew up there (Michalmas Road). My grandfather worked as a clerk at the station. My father gainined a scholarshiip to Bablake school and worked for a while as teaching assistant at the pre-war art college before eventually going on to the Royal College of Art in London.
I very much enjoyed your site, besides the wonderful wealth of well researched material it is extremely simple and satisfying to use.
Thank you.
1st Dec 2005Paddy KentWarwick UniversityThis is an absolutely fantastic website - both in programming and content. I particularly love the 'Now and then' item which swaps between old and new. Keep up the good work.
30th Nov 2005Claudio Astorga Talca-CHILECongratulations! You have done a real good job. I enjoyed your web page and got to know some things about Coventry I didn't know before. I had the chance to visit Coventry in 2002 and I think it's a real interesting city. All the pictures that you provide on the web page are real interesting. It would be a good thing if you could publish your work.
Regards from CHILE.
28th Nov 2005Gillian NixMichigan, USAWhat a wonderful web site! I have just spent a couple of hours remembering my youth. I was born at Friars Craig nursing home in 1952 and educated at Bremond College under the strict guidance of Madam Morash. I spent my youth dancing away at the Locarno and shopping at Owen Owen etc. I moved to the States in 1979 but have returned to England many times to visit family.
Thank you for the memories.
23rd Nov 2005Emma WeightmanOakland, NJ, USAI was born in Coventry and moved to NJ when I was 4 (am 26 now). I come and visit my family there every Christmas. Love the site, thanks.
22nd Nov 2005Maria PollardStyvechale, CoventryI have thoroughly enjoyed reading your site. I found your website whilst looking for Civil war references for Coventry with my daughter.
I have always been interested in the history of my family's city and thought I knew it well, but I have learnt so much. The pictures are great too, comparing old and new. My grandfather was born at 63 Smithford Street before moving to Hill Street. It was nice to see how these used to be from your maps and pictures.
Thanks I've had a lovely day of learning!
[This is what makes it all worthwhile - thank you Maria.]
18th Nov 2005Nicole Smith SouthamptonI think that this is a fantastic site. A lot of work has clearly gone into compiling all of this information into such a comprehensive and searchable database, and I just wanted to congratulate you on your efforts.
[Thank you so much for your kind words Nicole!]
17th Nov 2005Patal NattalIndiaI'm thinking Coventry is very very nice place to be living. My cousin is owning 2 Asian/English food outlets in Coventry area. He wanting me to come to UK and work for him. I'm now thinking I would like to come to see your fine city of blue. I have many friends over in GB. Think maybe I will be seeing you all soon thankyou.
17th Nov 2005Margaret ScottCoventryI recently went on a ghost walk in Coventry where I live, it started at Spon St. The guide started at 163 Spon St and started to tell us of the fact that the house used to be in another place and that they knew nothing about the previous house, the original 163 Spon St, so I immediately told him that my father and uncle where both born there and my auntie who is 91 remembers it well. I have my father's birth certificate naming the address he was born in 1912. His father's name was William Scott and his wife was Ruth Esther Scott. I thought this might be of interest to someone. My auntie remembers a bakers underneath.
Yours sincerly, Margaret Scott
12th Nov 2005Frank SimmonsZambia - AfricaLooking for ANY records at all of a Kenneth Donald Simmons, Frank Simmons, Edward Simmons, Maria Simmons and/or Dorothy Simmons between 1900 and 2000 from schools, hospitals, churches etc.. I'm Kenneth's son and Frank Simmons' grandson. PLEASE
6th Nov 2005Mike NeillWykenI have fond memories of the cafes that existed from the 50s to the end of 60s. I can remember a few --- the Gigi, Copper Kettle, Swan's Nest, Sombrero. There are more but my memory fails me. I think a list of them and their location would "kickstart" some new additions to the memories pot. I was "dragged" to coventry in the late 50s from London. It was then full of interesting "bits". However Mr JCB must have made a fortune from this town alone when I can't help but come to the conclusion that everyone and their mother conspired to wreck it with one. Your site is a pleasant nostalgia trip. Please continue.
3rd Nov 2005Miss Sadler looking 4 Yasmin BarrOxford she was born in Coventry and moved to Poole then OxfordPlease could anyone help me find Yasmin, she could be using last names such as Barr, Hockney, Clarke or Evans or other, her mums' name was Rosemary.
Yasmin is in her 40s born in Coventry around 1961, she was married in 1980s sometime to a Mr Hockney but was divorced a few years later, so unsure of what last name she has now. IMPORTANT THAT I FIND HER! Thank you! PS. THIS IS A GREAT SITE AND THANK YOU FOR CREATING IT! YOUR A STAR ROB!
Please contact me if you know anything which could help. Thanks.
28th Oct 2005John H BatesEdstaston Wem ShrewsburyWas born in Coventry 1945. After Bablake School I became one of the many Coventry strays 1963-.
Most of my ancestors lived and died within the line of the walls, have traced some well beyond 1800.
Your site is the most marvellous and useful site I've encountered and has helped to put some flesh on the bones of family history research.
Little Park St, Palmer Lane, Cow lane, Well St & are put into context.
Please keep up the great work, I'm sure I shall visit again many times.
Best wishes
26th Oct 2005Norman Halliwell, Joan PulhamCyprusHi, there! We got your web-site from John Solman, in Coventry.
What a super job you made of it. I cannot imagine the amount of work you put into it. Norman - Coventry - born in the Foleshill Road area and Joan has lived in and around the city for 40 years so we both have memories. Norman remembers the days when he went with his parents to buy meat in the Bullyard on a Saturday night - it wouldn't keep over the weekend those days.
22nd Oct 2005Blair HammondGaborone, BotswanaI have been for 35 years an exile in Southern Africa from Warwick. I have an ancient copy of C J Ribton-Turner's Shakespeare's Land which I find fasinating and searching for details about him on the internet, I have come across your site. Keep up your good work and research.
17th Oct 2005Kathy BeesleyCoventryAbsolutely brilliant... I love the combination of now & then photography it has inspired me to take my friends & partner on a history tour... great to see the city with renewed interest. Thankyou... Just wondered if you have published an historic tours guide or if you will be? You would certainly create a fascinating one!
11th Oct 2005David IrvineGulson Road, Coventry now residing in Vancouver Canada since mid seventies.Thank you for a terrific view of Coventry old and new. I was born in 1947 and well remember the bombed buildings and the excitement of seeing our City re-build. Unfortunatley even the best laid plans sometimes seem to go adrift and apart from a few returns to the city in the last twenty five years I have found little that has been improved upon. This is really sad as I had a great pride in Coventry growing up, however they say you cannever go back and maybe they are correct. I am emailing under seperate cover some early pictures of the Humber motor factory. My family left Wales in the thirties and my grand father worked the rest of his life for Lord Rootes. It seemed all my family were involved in the motor trade and on leaving school in the sixties little option was given to anything outside of engineering unles one achived "A" levels at school. Thanks again for a terrific page. - David Irvine
4th Oct 2005Stella AntoniouCyprusI haven't been back to Coventry for fifteen years
I can't believe it's changed so much THANK YOU for the NOW AND THEN photos they're great.
3rd Oct 2005Julie AllenBathurst NSW AustraliaWhat a sensational site. Thank you so much, I have been able to find the streets that my forebears the Marsh/Clarke families lived in in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 census.
Terrific work and the photo gallery is wonderful.
Back to my research!!
Julie Allen
2nd Oct 2005Rose RinnSt. Clair Shores, Michigan USAThank you for this wonderful website. I had a friend visiting me here in the States and I wanted a bit of knowledge and history of his hometown. I'm certain I will go back to this site many times. Thanks again.
28th Sep 2005MarieWyken CoventryHi all, Does any one know where I can find any information about the history of Wyken, in particular farming in or around Blackberry Lane?
I would be very gratefull of any help!
p.s great website
Thanks, Marie
28th Sep 2005Lynne EvansQueensland, AustraliaWhat a magnificent website. You are no doubt proud of it as you should be. You have bought to life a wonderful city and I felt privileged to have walked the main areas of Coventry and spent a lot of time in the ruins, just thinking about the devastation and the excellent work of recovery. My ancestors hailed from Coventry so I thank you sincerely for producing this wonderful opportunity to see parts of Coventry that I just did not have the time to see. I do not expect a reply to this. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see your masterpiece. Thank you.
[You make me very proud to read this, Lynne. Thank you so much!]
27th Sep 2005June GreenoughSurrey, U.K.I enjoyed your site very much, I was born in Gulson Road Hospital in 1945 and we lived in 7 Clara street (believe this was a hostel). My parents brought me down to London when I was 3yrs. and have never been back to Coventry since, so it was nice to see what Coventry looked like before I was born and then in recent times.
26th Sep 2005Roy Salmon & Audrey SalmonTaranga NZMy wife and I were born and lived in Cov, married at St Johns used to work at Humbers and Ryton until we imigrated to NZ. I went to Barkers Butt school my wife went to St Johns. Love your new site, words can't express our gratitude for a wonderful site, thank you, Roy and Audrey Salmon.
24th Sep 2005Lorraine NichollsMooroopna Vic. AustraliaVery informative site thank you
22nd Sep 2005LeeCoventryI've been working in Cape Town South Africa for over a year now and came onto this site because I was feeling a little home sick. It amazes me how much history our city has if one takes the time to look for it. Thanks for a great site.
20th Sep 2005Tracy Morrison-nee CurringtonPefferlaw, Ontario CanadaI visited Coventry while travelling with my sister and daughter in an attempt to go back to our roots and see where my great grandparents, and my grandfather were born, they lived in Sow Common. It was so nice to find your site. I am trying to research Coombe Abbey, it is where my great grandmother was employed as a cook in the late 1800s. I cannot find a picture of it. My sister and I are doing a family tree for our family and would love to be able to find a picture to paste in our family tree book. Thank you again for such a beautiful site.
17th Sep 2005Gaynor Abercrombie CoventryWhat a wonderful website about Coventry, my parents thought it was fantastic to see all the old places and information.
As I was born in Whitefriars Street within the old city wall and being a true Coventry kid the old photos and places brought back memories of my childhood.
16th Sep 2005Ian DowdallCoquitlam, BC, CanadaHi,
just wanted to say what a delight it was to see someone who enjoyed looking for the ghosts that remain of Coventry's former glory.
I emigrated to Canada 2 years ago after living my first 38 years in Coventry. I still miss the beautiful buildings that must have made it a jewel of Britain 100 years ago.
Congratulations on an excellent site!!!
13th Sep 2005Dave WengerAustin, Texas, USAMy son just came to Coventry, as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I enjoyed very much your website. What a wonderful work of appreciation for your city. Very interesting to see.
6th Sep 2005Vincent HammersleyCoventryWhat an excellent site. Thanks
31st Aug 2005Gareth PricePortsmouth, EnglandI would just like to take the time to thank you for a truly masterful piece of work. Very, very interesting and full of excellent pictures. I hate to think how many months (years?) have been swallowed up by this project!!
Thankyou once again!
23rd Aug 2005Tim JonesCoundon, CoventryI enjoy looking at old type buildings and this is a very enjoyable site.
I am an ex coundon court school pupil (1976-1980)
And an ex taxi driver with various companies in the city...
19th Aug 2005Jessica StewartRichardson TX USACongratulations friend - I knew it was only a matter of time before the whole world discovered you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer family. Three years and you are already in Prime Time.
With kind regards,
Jessica Stewart
17th Aug 2005VickyBraunstonAn excellent and informative website. Well done!
9th Aug 2005Philip TownsendCoventryFantastic photos real memories, thank you very much
7th Aug 2005Peggy PeltierClay, NY, USAMaiden name, Clark, born in Birmingham, England.
Only visited Coventry once during 2nd World War. That was the only time I ever saw my father (Michael Clark) I was probably about 3 or 4.
I heard he passed away but I know he had a second family in Coventry.
5th Aug 2005Ian Robertsex Coventry / Rugby, living in GermanyA very nice site, well made, well done. I was born and raised in Coventry thru the 50s and 60s in Gordon St and Spon St before moving to Rugby. My mother still lives near Hearsall Common and my brother in Allesley. I have lived overseas 20 years and Coventry has changed a lot, not for the better in my opinion. Still your site invokes pleasant memories, so many thanks.
4th Aug 2005Suzzanna Jones-GriffinCharlotte North Carolina USA.I was born in Coventry and now live in the good old USA. I was so pleased to see this site. What a great treat to see all the photos and have a trip down memory lane. Rob, you did us proud. I will be showing this to ALL my friends and Family.
2nd Aug 2005Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth West AustraliaFor me it is Coventry Revisited and how well I remember climbing those Cathedral steps, round and round for sixpence, and counting them as we went, but for the life of me I cannot remember now how many there were. I am sure Muriel Wells would know. Reading her memories felt as if I was walking in her shoes.
You never fail to deliver Rob. Good on you.
31st July 2005DerrickCoventry but now moved to East SussexBrilliant site ! Could spend hours and hours here. Keep up the good work you are doing.
30th July 2005Mike McCannCoventry/EnglandI was born in Coventry and lived and worked here all my life.
Rob has shown us a Coventry that was, and a Coventry that is. He also shows us a Coventry that could have and should have been, and not the mish mash of bad architecture that the people of Coventry have had no say in.
Without doubt Rob has pointed out the "true gems" that Coventry still has to offer its residence and visitors.
Well done Rob. Keep it up.
Mike McCann (COVENTRY)
[That's very kind of you Mike - my pleasure. Thank you!]
22nd July 2005Gary HaighCoventry / UKAn informative site, as a true Coventrian I did not know much about my home city until I visited these pages.
My hat is well and truly off as many hours of work have been spent producing not only this web site but also the information contained within it.
19th July 2005Muriel Wells (nee Parritt)Blenheim, New ZealandI have a nostalgia for my home city, which I left in 1960. I have enjoyed browsing through some of your pages and will be returning! I do agree with your comments about the despoilation of the central city, and of Broadgate in particular. It is a great pity that the leafy, central island in which Godiva sits was not left alone. I wasn't impressed when I revisited there in April 2000, but the mind boggles at the "tent" now in situ. I can remember the fine plans of the late 1940s, how exciting and impressive they were. It is a pity that the reality doesn't live up to that vision! Thankyou for your impressive input. It has given me great pleasure.
18th July 2005Pat BlizzardSt. Petersburg, Florida, USAExcellent website! I'll be coming to visit August 17th, and this has been very helpful. My architect husband will be delighted to visit such an interesting city. Your maps are fascinating.
18th July 2005Charlie AdamsCoventryI teach English to speakers of other languages and we're going on a trip around historic Coventry on Wednesday. Your site has been invaluable in providing me with useful and interesting information, and I now feel very proud to be showing them around. Thank you!
12th July 2005Maureen RoodeLoveland Colorado U.S.A.Hello Rob, I was sent this web site from my cousin who lives in Coventry. It has given me hours of pleasure. You have done a wonderful job with pictures and putting the history of Coventry together. I was raised in Lockhurst Lane in Foleshill. I left in 1958. I do come home every other year to see family. My maiden name was Tedds, so if anyone sees this on your web site I would love to hear from you.
My grandson will be able to see where I grew up thanks to you.
God Bless you and your family.
Maureen Roode
10th July 2005Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth. W. AustraliaHi Rob, If the schools do not get on to your website then they are missing out. What a brilliant way to learn of their towns history.
Please keep going with this site, it is absolutely fascinating.
(Can we say hello to Phil)? [Yes, certainly.... "Hello Phil !"]
2nd July 2005Alex L LigginsDundee ScotlandBorn in Coventry in 1940 but moved to Wales in 1951. Joined RAF in 1957 & was posted to Scotland where I have lived ever since.
Am currently researching Family Tree.
1st July 2005StefanieCoventryThis is a great place to live in Coventry and the people are friendly.
27th June 2005Kevin GaleCoventry, now in CanadaWicked to see some of the old city. I actually live in Canada right now, near an olde settlement called 'Coventry' on the border of Bolton, Ontario. The town has since been forgotten except for a small sign leading into the area that a land owner has left. All that remains is the grave yard & bits of the old mill. Maybe some connection to the hometown, who knows.
Thanks again for the memories (haven't actually been back since '93), but I have been told it has changed considerably.
25th June 2005Nigel GaleToronto, CanadaThank you for such an amazing in-depth look at Coventry, now and then. I've lived in Canada since 1989, have only been back home once -in 1992. We're going back in August this year and I was looking for some info on the city, photos, changes, etc. This site has opened my eyes in more ways than one.
Leaving in my twentys I had different priorities and interests. Coventry was just where I lived! Now that I'm almost forty (and by the way, I remember Locarno's as Tiffany's!), the history of such a great city means everything.
Many thanks, I've had a great evening on your site!
22nd June 2005Barrie HighamCoventry - now living in Boston, LincolnshireMore congratulations from a Coventry kid now living elsewhere, alerted to your site by the Radio 4 programme. Am involved in a major restoration project on the 14th Century St Mary's Guildhall in Boston, Lincolnshire - which has links to the Coventry Guildhall.
Fantastic website, packed with information and very entertaining. My memories of the old Hippodrome - Tommy Cooper in panto when I was about six years old - he shot up out of a trapdoor with a loud bang and I had to be taken out of the theatre in tears. Spent the whole show in the foyer with my Dad eating Maltesers! Also seeing the Shadows, the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds when I was only 8 years old, later on Deep Purple, Bowie. Happy days! Thanks a lot.
22nd June 2005Kathy HopkinsGt Baddow, Essex, EnglandWhilst listening to "Making History" I visited your site and think it is absolutely wonderful - I hope others can take your lead and produce this sort of thing for towns and cities across England. I am not familiar with Coventry but marvelled at the way you have used technology to show change. I particularly liked the timeline with the maps and the overlaid photos. What a worthwhile way to use your talent and learning. I know it must have taken an awful lot of time and effort but I'm sure it will be appreciated by everyone who visits. Well done. Huge admiration!
22nd June 2005Pauline Diana BaxterEastbourneI have just listened to 'Making History' on Listen Again whilst doing a pile of ironing!! I have only ever visited Coventry once and that was many years ago. I remember the simple wooden cross with 'Father Forgive' in the old cathedral ruins.
You are obviously very proud of your City and family too which is nice. Something to be valued. Young Steve sounds a lovely young lad. Yours is a website of 'real' people.
I hope you win the Making History award.
22nd June 2005John FisherCoventry UKI no longer live in Coventry. I lived there until I was 21 and left to work in London as an illustrator for Illiffes. When I was 15 I did some drawings of Fords Hospital etc. Would you be interested.
John Fisher
21st June 2005Bryan CockshuttElkton, Maryland, U.S.A.In 1940, I was 7 years old and living at 433 Holyhead Road (attended Coundon County Council School) until the big raid of November 14. The day after, my father sent my mother, sister and myself back to our point of origin (Accrington) though he remained in Coventry throughout the war, working on munitions, and came to see us every weekend. We emigrated to the U.S. in 1948.
Your website is very well done - my compliments.
21st June 2005Veronique FernandezSunnyvale, California USAI had an amazing reading with a pyschic yesterday and she told me I had lived in Coventry hundreds of years ago. I had three brothers and an older sister. My father was a famous well-to-do barrister and we lived in a beautiful mansion. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for our family name. Is there any way to do some research on this??? Famous barristers perhaps??? Your web-site is darling. I want to go immediately to see this charming town....again! Thank you!
21st June 2005Frank ClaybrookeSwansea South WalesI am originally from Birmingham and in my youth I used to race on the Butts cycling track if it is still there. I think your web site is absolutely wonderful, one of the best I have ever seen. Good luck and keep up the work.
[From 2004, that old Butts cycle track is now home to Coventry Rugby Football Club. - Rob]
21st June 2005Kathleen McGaleNueaton/WarwickshireJust listened to radio 4 in the car and heard all about your site. I am a keen family historian, I shall be recommending your site to my genealogy nutcase friends!! Lovely to see such enthusiastic children. My elder daughter always loved history as a child and still does (now well into her 30s).
21st June 2005AnnSutton, SurreyI studied in Coventry just after the war & was interested in your site, excellent.
19th June 2005LianneCoventryA lovely site, bringing to mind many happy memories. My Bateman ancestors were also from Coventry so it has been fascinating to see how the city looked to them. Thank you!
16th June 2005Sue BatesCoventryI would just like to say, I think your website is great.
16th June 2005Carol WilliamsCoventryAs a Coventry girl, born 1961, early years spent in Radford (now living in another city - Hereford) I looked at your site out of interest to see how Coventry has changed. Have spent a fascinating hour looking at all the photos - just amazing - very many thanks! Intend to tell my Dad (another Coventrian) who has a great interest in old photos of Coventry.
16th June 2005CarlaDebary, FlMy son has become engaged to one of your residents and I wanted to see her hometown. The photos and history is wonderful to read. My mother in law is also English and so is my ancestory. I enjoyed the website and will continue to study it closely for the day when I get to come there to see it for real. You have done a nice job.
13th June 2005Kathryn Mayer (of Savile & Sotheron genealogy)Thunder Bay (Port Arthur), CanadaI'm finding all sorts of wonderful websites now that I'm in possession of the first half of my maternal Grandfather's family tree and history book. My 11th Great-Grandfather was supposedly the 1st Baron de Coventry, his name being Thomas of Aylesborough. His Father was Sir Thomas Coventry (if the book I have is correct) Do you have any feedback for me? I'm still trying to locate history and/or photo of Darrington Hall, but my eyes are crossing due to plotting out the tree based on info provided in the recently acquired book. You'll note my e-mail address to be of my company Wolf Tree Publishing. This company has been named after my 4th Great-Grandfather Augustin Wolf of Bukovina. Also, I've noticed on-line, mention of a Crayke Castle... am wondering if my ancestors named Creyke are one and the same... I'm trying to map out an eventual vacation to England during which I hope to set eyes upon as many of my ancestral homelands as possible. Sincerely, Kathryn
11th June 2005John ThornhillCoventryThis is an excellent site and a worthy celebration of a truly great but often overlooked British city.
9th June 2005Melissa HaydenKilkenny/IrelandVery good info about Coventry and a great selection of pictures.
8th June 2005Mrs. Janet McDonaldCoventryFabulous website, thank you for taking the time to prepare this. It does not matter where you are in the country/world you can always get a bit of Coventry. Well done.
5th June 2005AnthonySouth of Boston Massachusetts USAGreat site: Been to Coventry twice. Loved every minute of it.
My grandfather was born on Far Gosford Street, First August 1865 Wallace Adler son of Henry and Hannal (Brindle)Adler. I have his birth certificate dated August 4 1886 but I cannot make out the number of Far Gosford St. It looks like #40 #43 #45 or something.
Can any one help with the address? When I was there in the area there was a pet shop and some buildings closed (under repair?) and a cemetery.
Thank you in advance
You may e mail me:
4th June 2005Edward AstonChemainus, BC, CanadaYour website achieves interest in Coventry. It was a great pity that this type of communication was not available during the time when the concrete monstrosity of a ring road was developed. We could have saved several hundred old frame builds for posterity. When the round cafe (built in the 1960s) in the lower precinct has a preservation order applied to it, council is scraping the bottom of the barrel.
I did visit Coventry in May 2005 and found in particular the Transport Museum very interesting and well stocked with exhibits; at least something has been done to save some recent history.
I am an ex-Coventrian and Freeman of this city.
30th May 2005Dave BarkleySouth Bend in USAGreat web site. I am an ex Cov city kid left for the US in 1947. You have brought a lot of my memories back, was a Barkers Butts - Wyre farm kid. Thanks, I miss the chip shops and pork pies the most. Thanks again, used to live in Coundon.
29th May 2005TonyCoventryThank you for bringing Coventry to life through this site, excellent.
19th May 2005Matt CattellCoventryExcellent site with some brilliant photos and interesting and informative text. Easily the best web site I have looked at on Coventry. Nice one.
18th May 2005Eileen StewartSurrey British Columbia, CanadaMy Sister Amy Orland told me about your website and I have enjoyed browsing it, and am very impressed by the work you have put into it, I will keep it in my favourites and browse it some more. I was raised in Coventry from the age of 3 and lived in Bristol Road Earlsdon, I come back and visit my family in Coventry approx every 3 years and always enjoy exploring the old buildings and museums. So I just wanted to say I have enjoyed your website. Thank you, Eileen
15th May 2005Richard MaseKampala/UgandaI have never lived in Coventry but I found your website very interesting. I found it while trying to look for a lost friend called Lynne Doherty. She lives near St. James Church and married to Ray with two children, Nikki and James. If any one knows any info about them please email me, thanks.
8th May 2005Fergus O'DonohoeIrelandA marvellous website. The "overlying photos" idea is an excellent one. It is like travelling back in time.
7th May 2005Patrick Earl Herring, Sr.Lawton, Oklahoma, USASome Herring genealogists believe that my ancestor John Herring was born about 1620 in Coventry and was the son of Julienes Herringe, a prominent minister of the time. Are there any Herrings out there from Coventry or whose ancestors came from Coventry? I would love to hear from you.
7th May 2005Duane FletcherPhiladelphia, PA, USAI have visited Coventry Cathedral 3 times. The first in 1976. Next visit, I brought my Grandmother. After that, my nieces.
Those few acres say to the world, "There will always be an England." It may be trite, but it is true.
Thank you for creating this beautiful web-site. It allows us to share a bit of our experiences there with our next generation.
The new cathedral inspires such awe, that I have no words, and will not try . . .
6th May 2005HeatherSpokane, WA USAI will be visiting this summer and I love the pictures and information, can't wait to get there!!
6th May 2005Vibeke Pedersen, MrsCopenhagen DenmarkLooking for exciting places to go this summer, Coventry seems to be an obvious choice.
My main interests are Tudor time and Tudor people, and by the way anything connected with England as even I am a Dane England is My country.
Best regards
6th May 2005Ian BishopMission Viejo, California, USAI lived in this town for about four months. I used to work near Spon End!
4th May 2005Christine ClarkMinnesota/USAMy grandmother was born and raised in Coventry, and now lives in the states. I wanted to see photo's of where she was from. Your site is really nice... I can't wait to show it to her. She is eighty-five and finds the internet facinating!
Thank You. Wish I could be there, but this is the next best thing!!!
2nd May 2005Hayley KeefeCoventryGreat site, pleasure to view, thank you. Mr Rob Orland, you are a star!
19th Apr 2005Steve GalsworthyBournemouth via CoventryWonderfully put together web site a real pleasure
17th Apr 2005GuestUK: Coventry (of course) :)I was looking for a website about this wonderful city for a friend abroad and came across this gem! Well done Rob, excellent site! As a football fan would have liked to have seen some info on my beloved singers ;)
But overall, top site!!!!
15th Apr 2005VinNewport now living in ScunthorpeThe performance of Galloping Godiva was on at Scunthorpe on the 12th 13th April 2005. See my note posted on 14th April 2005. Have just had another look at the pictures and it brought back good memories of my visit to the Cathedral in the early sixties. Enjoyed your childrens websites and your family history website as well. Thank you very much.
14th Apr 2005FARHATCoventryWhere is St. Elizabeth's Primary School?
[St Elizabeths Road, Foleshill, Coventry CV6 5BX - How about that for a free information service!]
14th Apr 2005 Las Vegas, Nevada USAHistory of Reeder/Reader
14th Apr 2005VinNewport now living in Scunthorpe UKA brilliant website. Have only visited Coventry once in about 1960, went to see a performance by our local primary schools (2 teams of 250 different children each night for two nights). They called the play Galloping Godiva and we had a real horse in the church that I go to with the lass who owned her playing the part of Godiva! That was the first time that we have had a horse in our church!! Enjoying the website, it's easy to read, hope to visit Coventry again. Keep up the work. Found it through the link from Countess Godiva website.
12th Apr 2005ColinCoventryI would just like to add to your comments on the present day Broadgate. Those of us over a certain age can well remember the pride and almost reverential attitude Coventrians adopted toward this piece of land. When I was little I used to think it was against the law to walk on it! (who knows there may have been a byelaw.) I'm afraid Cathedral Lanes has ruined it all, I don't even think it has any merit as a building, I would prefer the old temporary shops at least they didn't spoil the vista. The classic view of post war Coventry in all the old guide books used to be Lady Godiva surrounded by manicured gardens with the two spires in the background (as shown on your site), this fact alone should have told the planners something! I say open up Broadgate again, bulldoze Cathedral Lanes, liberate Godiva from the tent and give her back her gardens and spires.
8th Apr 2005Linda GoddardRochdaleHave just found this website - it's wonderful! A "Coventry kid" by birth we moved "up north" in '62 when I was eleven years old. I still miss Coventry and probably always will. Looking through the photos here has really brightened up my day. Thanks.
4th Apr 2005Audrey DawsonBradford, West Yorkshire.Family History research has brought me to your wonderful site and for that, I am very grateful.
My ancestors originate from Arley, Warwick in 1765 (that's as far as I have got back) and then I found my way to Ansley and then St Michael's, Coventry and Hill Field, Coventry.
Coventry is truly 'aspiring' and 'inspiring' with it's beautiful church spires. So much so, I want to visit it for myself!
2nd Apr 2005Steve KirbyLondon SW8Congratulations - you write clearly & concisely, and the layout and illustrations are good. I came across "Historic Coventry" looking for some background info on the history of the city, regards, Steve Kirby. PS. I don't know if you have included this - Benjamin Britten's oratorio "War Requiem" was commissioned for the consecration of the new Coventry Cathedral and first performed there on 30 May 1962, conducted by the composer. [I haven't yet - but I will now! - Rob]
1st Apr 2005Martha HERRING HammFayetteville, N.C. USAIn a word "Unique" plus a few more: outstanding, beautiful, inspiring. I am in AWE of your talent for bringing Past & Present together. May I please Share news of this site with Others? Those old buildings are magnificant. What Binds the stones/brick and what materials were used, Primarily? Stones appear mostly smooth and red/brown in color. Yes! I spotted the Apparation right away.
Best Regards,
Martha HERRING Hamm
1st Apr 2005Sarah PennySouth AustraliaHiya, I'm new to the internet and am only just letting my imagination start working as to 'where I can go'. I have an Auntie and Uncle that live in Coventry and it was great to be able to see what a beautiful area they live in. Having never been to the U.K. I found your site really interesting, thanks!
25th Mar 2005Helen Diehl HoffmanHelena Montana USAA wonderful site. My great-great grandfather, John Michael Hancock, was born in Coventry in 1820 and came to the US in 1842. I did visit Coventry in 1973. Thanks for sharing so much information and the pictures of Coventry. The maps were very helpful to me. I have a better picture of where they lived in relationship to other landmarks.
25th Mar 2005John RalphKidderminsterI lived and worked in Coventry for a number of years. I have long known that Coventry has gone through many changes but this site brings home exactly how much it has changed and continues to change. A great site, well done, keep it up.
23rd Mar 2005Graham WhiteheadOriginally from CoventryI no longer live in Coventry (left in 1961) but I am most impressed by your web-site. I have always maintained an interest in historic Coventry. I was educated at the Coventry Junior Technical School (The Butts) 1949- Woodlands School-1955. At Tech I was in the same form as Peter Orland who I feel must be a relative of yours. Congratulations on your hard work promoting Coventry's history.
23rd Mar 2005GemmaCoventryI just wanted to say how great your site is. I have a fair knowledge of Coventry history, but I am planning to show some friends who have not lived here very long that Coventry is more than the concrete jungle it first appears to be. I found all the information I needed in one place. Also some interesting facts on the buildings I plan to take them to. Thanks very much - keep up the good work!
23rd Mar 2005William RaffertyDudleyAlways knew Coventry had a fasinating history, I have worked in the city for 10 years and never knew the half of what I was looking at each day
21st Mar 2005Charles NicholasMalta - CoventryI came to Coventry in 1947 after World War II. I love the past and Coventry is steeped in History. It is a shame that the Coventry Council do not exploit it. Coventry is a great City and I have seen a few.
20th Mar 2005Claire HampseySolihullWhat a fascinating site! Lots of interesting info displayed in a user-friendly way. Especially enjoyed the 'Now and Then' photos. Too much to take in on one visit - will definitely be back. Well done.
17th Mar 2005Richard TaylorCoventryAn excellent insight into the times of old. Visitng this site was a memorable experience, and I shall be referring a few people to the site
15th Mar 2005ZanisCoventryTop site for a man like me who loves the past.
11th Mar 2005Dave and MarkCoventryHello, just found your excellent site after moving to Cov 2 months ago. What a fab city this is, and how steeped in history!
Thank you so much for this brilliant set of pages!
6th Mar 2005Sheena BrennanOshawa Ontario Canada.... your site on Coventry is amazing.... as my curiousity on knowledge is fullfilled to the fullest.... you see, I was born in Coventry back in 1951.... then my family emigrated to Canada in 1953... so you see I do not remember living there at all... I plan on visiting Coventry soon and I wanted to obtain some knowledge of its history before I arrive there.... and I found your site... thank you.
5th Mar 2005Cheryl TurnerCoventryI noticed via Google that you have an ancestor James Turner from Foleshill in 1818. My great great great grandfather was William Turner born in 1920 in Foleshill. I'd like to work out if they were brothers. Do you have any more details about him (couldn't find Turner on your family tree though I only had a quick look!) EXCELLENT SITE!
1st Mar 2005Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth, Western AustraliaLooking around Coventry was a truly worthwhile visit and the views were spectacular also the website highly recommended - Thank you. We Coventrians cannot believe the new Spon End as we used to reside at the Broomfield Tavern Broomfield Place in 1960.
28th Feb 2005William FrostFareham, HantsWhat happened to John Gulson school after I left in 1952 ?
26th Feb 2005  This website really helped me thankyou.
24th Feb 2005CatherineLiverpool / EnglandCoventry is a great place, what do you think about it? It is so cool there is lots to do.
18th Feb 2005Grant L. ThompsonAmes, Iowa USAThis is a wonderful site. It is well laid out and extremely useful.
15th Feb 2005Ann HansenBanora Point AustraliaI have recently discovered while reseaching the Swinburn family that there are some of my branch of the family living in Coventry. Originally the family came from Co Durham and Northumberland. If any of them read this I would love to hear from You.
15th Feb 2005J-Y CanuFrance (Normandy)I found your web site very interesting.
I submitted a request about my ancestor James Turner born in Coventry (1818)
13th Feb 2005Vic TerryCoventry / England but living in CambridgeshireI only found you because you beat me in the auction for the 'Coventrian' journal BUT I'm glad in a way that you won, otherwise I may never have found this MAGNIFICENT TREASURE TROVE of items re my beloved Coventry, SIR, you are manna to the cause! THANK YOU so much for such pleasure, I will be constantly visiting your site for a regular dose of nostalgia and knowledge.
10th Feb 2005Bryan Lucas Stumbled upon your web site while searching for a map of Coventry, and happy that I did. You have some very interesting information on resources to further pursue my family genealogy. My GG Grandparents (Thomas William Wilson and Mary A. Granger) were married at Saint Michael's February 9, 1855. Shortly thereafter they migrated to the USA to work in the silk industry.
Keep up the good work.
Bryan Lucas
9th Feb 2005Kenneth HalesChesnee, SC, USAAwesome web site! My Hales family roots are in Coventry until the mid 1800s when Lewis Henry brought his family to Michigan, USA. I am reasearching my genealogy at this time and would love to visit Coventry someday in the near future.
All the Hales's were Christened in the Saint Michael's Church. I appreciate all the pictures.
Best Regards, Kenneth L. Hales
8th Feb 2005Jennie HowellBrumVery good website. I would like to make my own one day but college and work take up all of my time! Keep up the good work!
31st Jan 2005Ken & Nikki ShuteCorvallis, Oregon. U.S.A.My Sister put us on to your Coventry site. We are really excited with it and spend quite a bit of time browsing.
Thanks a lot for setting it up.
Ken & Nikki
27th Jan 2005John R.NorthamptonHi Rob
My compliments on your fantastic website!
I was born in Brookside Ave Chapelfields 1952 and moved to Woodfield Road, Earlsdon in 1963. I have many fond memories of growing up in Coventry (I left in 1981).
Your photos have brought back lots of memories including those of Broadgate before it was redeveloped - those prefabricated shops where I used to catch the no. 9 bus home from school!
Many Thanks.
22nd Jan 2005Judi HarrisLeamington SpaWhat an eyeopener!! What a site !! I have never seen the old city portrayed in such a superb way. I should have been born in Coventry but for the 14th November blitz. Mum was dug out from the rubble of our house in The Mount, Cheylesmore (Dad was on firewatch up the road at the Siddley works) and they moved to Leamington to live with my grandparents. The house was rebuilt and we moved back in 1947, and I went to Manor Park Primary School, Cheylesmore then to Barr's Hill Grammar School in 1953. I married and lived and worked in Coventry but I now live in Berkswell. I'm into family history but most of my ancestors come from the Cotwolds and Oxfordshire, but there are a few 'Stratfords' - my maternal grandmother's name who lived in Coventry. I'll definitely be returning again to visit the site. Thanks for some wonderful memories.
20th Jan 2005Lawrence RandleDowners Grove, Illinois USAJust begining my search for Randle roots mostly in Foleshill.
15th Jan 2005Joan & Alex GardnerCanadaHi Rob:
We thoroughly enjoyed your site of Coventry. My Grandmother was born on 37 Wellington Street, Coventry according to her birth certificate. This was in 1869. I did not see a Wellington Street on your maps. Her name was Selena Brown.
Thank you for all your hard work.
3rd Jan 2005Donald & InezCaliforniaLived in Coventry until November 1952, live in California now.
3rd Jan 2005SylviaRiverside, California, USARob. This is my 2nd note in as many days. I can keep going back to this site, and it will bring me much joy. You have done an outstanding job with both pictures and history. I am sending your web site to my brothers and sisters all of whom lived in Coventry far longer than myself.
I was married in St Marys & St Benedicts Church in Coventry. All the best for you & your family in 2005.
3rd Jan 2005Mike GoldsteinLondon originally, live in Kenilworth, but regard Coventry as my adopted City!I came across this site when searching for Pru Porretta's address! But I was very pleased to see such a great compilation of web-based information about Coventry. Well done! I shall be referring the site to a couple of people who will be delighted to see it.
2nd Jan 2005Chris SpainMorgan Hill, CA. U.S.A.Rob, many thanks for putting this site together, having moved to California 11 years ago with 3 Children born in the US this site is a real opportunity to show them where daddy grew up.
2nd Jan 2005Sylvia M. Oylear, Nee ShuteRiverside, Ca. U.S.A.Lived in Cheylesmore 1940--1946
Loved what you have done with your site
1st Jan 2005Jim BrownCoventryMyself and my family are most impressed with the continued development of this site, we and our predecessors are all "Coventry Kids" originating from Spon Street and Eld Road, Foleshill.
Many thanks for the effort that has obviously gone in to preparing Historic Coventry
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