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25th Dec 2008Margaret Mole (nee Harris)Queensland, AustraliaMerry Christmas from us in Australia. I guess you could be having snow, we are having it hot with a chance of a storm.
One thing I did learn was when we were in Canberra a couple of weeks ago we did a tour around the new Parliament House and the Tapestry in there is the second biggest in the world, and guess where the biggest is, in the New Coventry Cathedral, something I didn't know, so I did ask was it that one and she seemed suprised that I would know, Coventry is in my blood, I guess we never stop learning.
Have a good one Coventry. Marg from Queensland
24th Dec 2008Bruno CraystonFeldkirch, Francehttps://www.historiccoventry.co.uk/postwar/postwar.php
I remember that part of town I saw one week after my arrival in 1976. Is there still a movie theatre upstairs ?
23rd Dec 2008SimonCoventryJust like to say what a fantastic website you have made. I've lived here all my life and learnt some interesting facts about this great city. Once again congratulations on a great site regards Simon
[Many thanks for such a kind comment Simon.]
21st Dec 2008Patrick WarwickMilos, GreeceWonderful site. I lived nearby to the old paddling pool at Stoke Green and never knew its history as a place where carts drove through. My wife, who is a true Coventrian was very excited to find out a few months ago that her family name of Quinney is truly historically connected to the area from Longford to Nuneaton and indeed Quinney is an unusual name not found generally in use out of the Coventry area. Her Father opened the first supermarket in Coventry a week before the Coop in the fifties.
21st Dec 2008Paul JowettMaple Ridge BC CanadaHi Rob, I was in Coventry in September with my kids first time in thirty years. Wow it has changed so much. We took a walk around the precinct and walked up to Broadgate and was so disappointed with what they had done it was such a nice view so open the grass and flowers around Lady Godiva's statue has all gone and replaced by a big ugly building. We spent two weeks visiting friends and relatives and everywhere we went we were made welcome. I will return at some time in the future with another couple of my kids. I think you have such a great website please keep adding to it. All the best Paul
20th Dec 2008Rosalind KellyNorth LondonMy family emigated TO Canada in 1957 from Coventry. I have hardly been back but would love to know if people who used to go to the Coventry Jazz Club at the Golden Cross pub near the cathedral are still around. I was only sixteen but it was a fantastic introduction to a music I have always loved since. Travelled the world as a journalist and now concentrating on my painting. I was a student at the then Coventry College of Art. If anyone knew me like John Thompson, Ian Mulsher, Anne Mc Cann, please get in touch for a trip down memory lane.
16th Dec 2008Janet HarrisonCoventryI was an evacuee in 1941. I was sent to Solihull at the age of 3 years, my dad got killed in the 1940 blitz, he was a part tme fire man. Our house got bombed in 1941. The people I stayed with were a Mr and Mrs Turnbull.
13th Dec 2008Deb SolesTecumseh, Ontario , CanadaI really enjoyed your web site you have such a lot of information and the photographs are excellent. I'm a Coventry kid living in Canada since 1991. Keep up the good work!
10th Dec 2008Shirley FletcherToronto Ontario CanadaBorn and bred in Coventry and lived there through the "Blitz". Emigrated to Canada in 1966.
8th Dec 2008Rick HubbardCoventryI now have a greater respect for the city I live in. My parents endured the war, my father fought in the navy during the war and the tales he would tell have greater meaning after reading about the Blitz on these pages.
Rick Hubbard,
Senior Technician Bugatti Veyron.
7th Dec 2008Jeff HaughtonTexasHi Rob. Found the link to your site as I was attempting to search for the current status of the old Gulson Rd Hospital in an effort to obtain my birth records. I was born there in 1949 and emigrated to US in 1969. Happily, my original task has been put on delay as I have been perusing your site for the last two hours. Congratulations on all your efforts, a very well organised and informative project.
30th Nov 2008Sue HudsonBorn in Coventry- now in Cambridge Ontario CanadaLove your site, very informative for those of us born just after the war. It's great to see memories and comments from people you know, my uncle - Derick Parsons and a friend in Canada - Pauline Evans. Hope to see more..... Sue
30th Nov 2008James A. & Constance L. CoventryBrentwood, California, USALove the website. James has been to Coventry every time he has been to England, needless to say.
We got the "Coventry Rose" poem by Neville Macaulife from this site and he was wonderful in allowing us to use it to preface our family tree.
We also have a "Coventry Cathedral" rose growing in our garden.
Well, back to reading this great site. We don't want to miss anything! Thanks.
28th Nov 2008Derick ParsonsNuneatonStill a Coventry kid at heart.
25th Nov 2008Karen MusaAllen, TexasBorn & raised in Coventry.
Enjoyed looking at the website.
10th Nov 2008Elizabeth Bellinger AndersonKimba South AustraliaHow sad it made me to see Broadgate in 1999 when I returned to Coventry on holiday. What were the Council thinking, to allow the wholly inappropriate muddly hotchpotch of buildings on the once lovely green park surrounding Lady Godiva's statue? Hiding churches and ancient buildings to what purpose? Is there ANY chance of these ugly developments disappearing?
28th Oct 2008Margaret Mole (nee Harris)Queensland. AustraliaHi,
We have been back in Australia now for 3 weeks after our trip to Coventry and around. I would like first to say it was a pleasure to come back to Coventry as everyone was so nice, polite, and the shop service was the best. I would also like to mention the lovely trips we had with Harry Shaw Coaches, and for the trip with Ashley to Molton Mobray Markets, again I thank you all. The cathedral is still as beautiful, the only thing was the weather and the sun didn't shine much, but we had a wonderful time and can't wait to come back again, could it be because it is where I was born, I think yes, I will always call Coventry home, so look after it for me. Love your web site, try to find time every week to see who has been on it with the hope I might know someone from the past. Thanks Marg.
27th Oct 2008Chris HallidayBristol, by way of Boston, by way of CoventryI just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your site. I attended Cov Poly in the late 80s, and worked at the Council House in the Computer Department in the early nineties before moving to America. The amount of information you've got here makes fascinating reading - I wish I'd known some of this stuff when I was in Coventry, and it'll make my return visits all the more fun! Thanks for all your hard work.
24th Oct 2008Matthew DuffyCoventryI am 17, turning 18 a month today (the date today being the 24th October). When I am not completing coursework for my computing course at college, I am usually looking at your fantastic website, and I mean that most sincerely. The brand new history articles are an amazing pool of information. I haven't been able to read in depth just yet, but rest assured I will be doing so.
Keep up the good work and thank you for providing such a fantastic website and highlighting Coventry, past and present.
You are very much appreciated.
23rd Oct 2008Paul HollowayCoventryGreat site! very interesting. Coventry born and bred, born at my Nan's house in Parkgate Road. Brought up at no; 37 Stevenson Rd and attended Whitmore Park School. I have some tales to tell! Passed down to me via my Father about the Blitz etc, and Coventry Transport, where I served my apprenticeship.
19th Oct 2008John WheatleyKiama, NSW, AustraliaI was looking for Sky Blues match reports and stumbled across this web site. I was born in Gulson Rd Hospital & lived in Earlsdon before migrating to Australia in 1969. I can recall some of the later photos - especially the Lady Godiva statue & clock in town. We had to get off the bus (#9 I think) to go to my grandparents at Bell Green there. By accident, I now reside in a town - Kiama - where Wheatley is a common surname.
Good luck to you all back in the Old Dart (Wheatley's & Pollock's in particular).
17th Oct 2008Ian ForbesSouth AfricaI am the Grandson of Jock Forbes. My Father was Alec Forbes with brothers Jack and William. Sisters Bela and Mary. I have spent time researching and trying to find details of Bill's passing to no avail. But we are proud of the old chap's efforts during the fire and of the alter and cross from the ruins. When did my grandfather die and where is he buried? The family lost touch and the last we heard of him eas an article in the newspapers about the oldest stonemason working on the rebuild.
Regards, Ian Forbes (Lonach is the War Cry of the Forbes Clan)
16th Oct 2008Dave AndersonWinnipeg, CanadaWhile I've just began reviewing the content, this I must say is a GREAT SITE. Most interesting to me because my mother was a war bride who lived in Coventry and experienced the blitz. I visited last year and find this site adds a lot of historical context to the tours of and information on Coventry that relatives provided.
15th Oct 2008Jon CornerLivingston, ScotlandI have been tracing my family tree and this website is full of interesting information that has added a greater understanding and image of my ancestors lives in Coventry. Thank you for making this website so great!
[And thank you too, for such a kind comment.]
15th Oct 2008Michele CantwellIsle of WightI've just found out a distant relative was the bath keeper at the public baths, Hales Street? in 1861 census, I found your site and have found a great deal out about the area! Many thanks... awesome site I've bookmarked it.
15th Oct 2008Carol CassarinoCape Cod, Massachusetts USAI am trying to locate a friend from many years ago who resided in Coventry on Redesdale Ave...so I decided to do some reading about the city and of course the cathedral...the stories that people have shared are so touching...it should be required reading for every American...
11th Oct 2008Jeremy R StarleyFranceVery good website, my ancestors would be both proud and amazed.
5th Oct 2008Mr James Antony HillSouth AustraliaI was born in Coventry in 1932, christned in the cathedral, lived close by during the blitz. Mother donated to the building fund and I believe I am mentioned on a plaque in the entrance. I have never been back but hope to one day. I believe that the melted metal from the ruins was used to make the new cross. Lovely memories now but pretty horendous that night. Best regards from South Australia.
4th Oct 2008David BottrillBunbury, Western AustraliaG'day Rob, thanks so much for the effort involved in this great site dealing with my place of birth. My family has many years of connection with Coventry, my paternal grandfather being recorded amongst the Coventry watchmakers. I was born at 11 Henrietta Street Hillfields in April 1937, and attended Red Lane School before we were bombed out. The Blitz was responsible for the destruction of our home and indirectly the break up of my family. From the time of the 1940 bombings my father and I lived as lodgers in other peoples houses and only got a place of our own when the Rover Car Company moved from Coventry to Solihull in 1947.
The photos and commentary included here is wonderful in raising memories for me, so thank you again, I will visit often to read more as it (I hope) developes further.
26th Sep 2008Linda Kostrzewa nee MainwaringRadford, then Coundon. Now living in Virginia USAWhat a gem! I started to browse for a few minutes and I had to go to every link.
I went to St. Mary's in Hilfields and then moved to Christ the King in Coundon. High school was Bishop Ullathorne Girls School (approx 1960-65). I spent hours at the Locarno, the Golden Cross, The white lion Jazz Club at the Leofric, the Round Cafe and the Kongoni coffee house. I'm very proud of my home town - you'd know that because my car number plate is COV KID. I went into a bookstore her in Virginia and when I came out there was a car - a twin of mine in model and colour with the plate BRUMMIE! I waited a while but in vain. I've put this site on my favourites and will log in regularly. Thank you for your hard work.
24th Sep 2008Ram P LakhaCoventryAlthough I have visited the Cathedral many many times for many events since 1977, I never visited this website because I thought I know enough about Cathedral. But now after visiting the website I know even more about the Cathedral and my city - Coventry. It is impressive.
[You're very kind Ram, thank you.]
12th Sep 2008Miles ChickenCoventryThis is an amazing website. I'll visit again. All the best.
[Thanks Miles - please get in touch.]
12th Sep 2008Paul HoughJakarta, IndonesiaI looked through your guest book and saw you were missing an entry from Indonesia. I was born and brought up in Keresley. I moved to Indonesia in 1996 but still manage to get back "home" regularly. Great site, so many memories, keep up the good work!
[My pleasure Paul - and welcome Indonesia!]
9th Sep 2008Pauline HoranBorn and raised in Holbrooks, Coventry now living in KentHi Rob, Have only just found this excellent website. I was born and raised in our family home in Holbrook Lane in 1947. The house was in our family for well over 100 yrs. which has sadly now been demolished. I worked at Courtaulds then George Wilson Gas Meters until I left 25 yrs. ago but I visit 2/3 times a year and still have many friends in the city and it's always a thrill to return.
6th Sep 2008John MarksCoventryHi Rob, I came to coventry just over 50 years ago from Birmingham to work and later settled here with my wife and family. I love this city so steeped in history, and your site, well, it is one of the best local history sites I have come across, clever with it too, so enjoyable, keep up the good work my friend.
[Many many "thank you"s for your kindness John.]
4th Sep 2008Maureen JamesWestern AustraliaAbsolutely loved this website, am a former Cov Kid, now living in Western Australia. I was born in Gulson Road in 1959 and wondered if you have any photos of the hospital at about that time? Thanks for such a great web page.
28th August 2008Bob KempBorn, raised and married in Coventry, now living in CanadaFantastic web site Rob, you've done a great job. Born in 1937 (Wallace Rd), bombed out just before the 'big one', raised on Allesley Old Rd., educated at KH VIII before marrying and moving to Canada in the sixties, I have been moved by the flood of memories your site has provided. Keep up the good work because you're damned good at creating a masterpiece of nostalgia.
27th Aug 2008Larry BroadhurstBorn and raised in Coventry, now living in the USAI love this site, and reading 'your memories' it brought back many memories to me, thank you so much. I learned a lot about 'my hometown' in the various links.
20th Aug 2008Linda QuintanaGreenwood, Indiana USAI am preserving my fathers letters while he was stationed in England from 1944-45. I found in one letter a program from the Hippodrome in Coventry. It is dated 10/2/44 and advertises the play The Love Racket he went to go see. Thank you so much for having the photo I found on this website of the theater. I have a connection now. Many, many thank yous
14th Aug 2008Sylvia TurnerTelford, ShropshireI was born in Coventry 63 years ago and lived there 'til 1964 when I joined the WRAF and later married a airman.
I have lived in several different places since then but still think of Coventry and my childhood I spent there with fond thoughts.
Coventrys' history has always fascinated me too and still does.
I was told about this site by an old school friend which I was recently reacquainted with via Friends United, who now lives in Australia, so I thought I'd have a look. Nice site and very interesting.
[My pleasure - what a lovely recommendation! Rob]
12th Aug 2008Aiden KeenanCoventry!!!!!!!Hey there Rob, I once put a comment on the site about two years ago when I first found it. I now live in Bideford in North Devon and am so glad that your site is still here as it is always good to see images of home! Will you be updating it when certain projects get finished. E.g. Belgrade Plaza, Greyfriars, etc? Cheers!
11th Aug 2008Alan MillinerCoventry originally (USA now)I am trying to find a photograph of the old Little Heath school in Old Church Road that was demolished to make way for new houses about seven years ago. If anyone has a photo I would be very pleased to hear from you. Thanks.
9th Aug 2008Ruth CherringtonCanley and University of WarwickA very nice site, I shall be using it in future and recommending to my students. I am also doing local history, researching and writing about working men's clubs. My own website is www.clubhistorians.co.uk
All the best for now
14th Jul 2008Mark WeldonMelbourne Australia formerly Exhall CoventryI found your site fantastic - I know very little about Coventry having left there when I was 10 years old. I was born in Radford Road in 1957 and moved as a child to Wheelwright Lane Exhall. I was the only Coventry Kid in the family as my mother reminds my brother and sister. I believe they were born in Bedworth.
27th Jun 2008ChelseaEnglandI think this website is really helpful but I need to be able to copy and paste the floor plan
21st Jun 2008Margaret Mole (nee Harris)AustraliaI was born in Coventry in 1939 in Parkstone Road Foleshill. I worked at Dunlop, Holbrooks, Courtaulds and Unbrako in Radford, after having 3 children and living in Yewdale Crescent and Glencoe Road we had this idea to come to Australia. To cut a long story short I will be back in Coventry in August with my eldest son who was only 14 when we left, he is so looking forward to see all of the places he thinks he can remember. See you then Coventry.
15th Jun 2008Jonathan KoupermannEcuadorI studied in Coventry University for a year and really enjoyed my life in the city. I love your website, I hope you keep on researching and updating it as I think is one of the best points of reference there is about the city. Congratulations.
[You're so kind Jonathan, sincere thanks!]
5th Jun 2008John TaskerCambridge Ontario CanadaI was born at 22 Eagle St. and was glad see that the house was still there when my wife and I visited Coventry recently. It was my wife's first visit to England so we spent a short time in Coventry, it sure has changed. But it was nice to see that Lady Herberts gardens are still there and the old fire station. It's too bad what they did with Lady Godiva's statue but that's progress for you. Any way your site's great. Went to Canada in 1968. Sincerly John Tasker
3rd Jun 2008Dionne BellCoventry by way of the USAI loved your site. Well done.
17th May 2008Cathy LeeFlorida, USAIt began with a breakfast discussion with my husband about the bombing of THAT town in England during the war. I knew my mother would remember it (the name). I called her and she did, of course. She is 80 and recalls the Blitz as well as the names of towns like Coventry. I am so sorry that it wasn't better known to us. Thanks to you and your website, I feel enlightened and would love to visit your city one day. This is a wonderful site and I will not forget Coventry again!
13th May 2008Marek GrzegorczykLeamington SpaThis is a fascinating site, well done. I've read it from cover-to-cover (so to speak) many times over the last few years, and come back again and again. While I was not born in Coventry or ever lived there, I had many frequent trips to the city as a youngster with my parents and it is incredible to see how the city has evolved over the years.
5th May 2008HannahCheltenhamHow long is the river Sherbourne?
I am doing a project on rivers and need to know that fact!!!
Thank you
23rd Apr 2008Shelley Chatterson PownerLondon Ontario CanadaI'm researching Coventry for my husbands father's 90th birthday celebration. He has lived in Coventry all 90 years and my husband was born there as well. Your site is very interesting and informative, thank you for all your hard work.
22nd Apr 2008Peter WestonOriginally Spon End (Hope St.), then Radford and now Baginton.Just discovered this wondrous place via a link in Flickr! I now intend to be a regular visitor, there seems to be treasure in every corner......well done!
[The pleasure's all mine, thank you Peter!]
20th Apr 2008BUONCONSIGLIO ErmelleFranceJ'espere qu'a travers ce site je pourrais enfin trouver des elements qui me permettent de connaitre la vie vecue par ma mere et sa famille a Coventry pendant la premiere guerre mondiale.
Mon grand'pere Camille LIGNY ouvrier belge qualifie a travaille dans les usines d'armement de Birmingham et quand ma mere est retournee en Belgique elle ne parlait que l'anglais.
Peut etre vais-je trouver d'autres personnes concernees par cette periode.
[Approximate Translation: I hope that through this site I can finally find elements which allow me to know the life lived by my mother and her family in Coventry during the First World War. My Belgian grandfather, Camille LIGNY, qualified as a worker in Birmingham's arms factories, and when my mother returned to Belgium she spoke only English. I am hoping to find someone who knows about this period.]
19th Apr 2008John JohnstonHolbrooks, Coventry (Now in Styvechale)Great site! I was born in Holbrook Lane in 1951, and went to school at Gosford Park and KHVIII. At my age (56), nostalgia starts to creep up. As I walk around the city, my memory produces 'ghost' images of what was there years ago. I am sad at much of what has been lost. Sometimes I shut my eyes and imagine I am still in the city of my childhood.
Keep up the good work - I'm sure you give pleasure to many.
19th Apr 2008Myles KimberleySapcote, LeicestershireWhat a great source of reference you have provided us with of Coventry's history. It is fascinating to see the dissolves of then and now but in many cases very painful. I too mourn the loss of Lyons cafe and wish I could walk down Butchers Row and other streets of prewar Coventry.
I am sure your site will only improve with age and lets hope the same will happen to Coventry, keep up the good work.
17th Apr 2008LornaCoventryDear Rob, I homeschool my ten year old son Matthew, and wish to congratulate you on a wonderfully extensive site for his history of Coventry project. I am 50 years of age and was born in Gulson Rd hospital. I wonder have you ever done any history on the monasteries of Coventry and their locations?
15th Apr 2008Paul JowettMaple Ridge BC CanadaHi Rob, I found your website last September 2007 and was really impressed with what you had done. Now the good news is that I have been given an opportunity this year to return to the city of my birth after 36 years. I am bringing two of my children with me this will be a journey of their roots. I feel excited apprehensive and sad all at the same time. Excited because I am coming over apprehensive at what I may find and sad becaause some of the things that used to be there are not there anymore. I still check in on your site from time to time, keep up the good work, Paul.
13th Apr 2008KirstyKent (lived in Coventry as a student)My Husband and I met in Coventry as students in the early 90s and we returned there for the first time in about ten years earlier this week - we were stunned by the transformation. A couple of our favourite take-aways and restaurants have vanished, the lower precinct refurbished and then there's the rather overpowering Ikea! In fact, we got off the M6 at junction 3 and had absolutely no idea where we were - it was that unrecognisable.
I came across your website when trying to find out a bit more about the new Belgrade Plaza development we saw under construction. What a wonderful and fascinating website; I've spent all afternoon utterly absorbed! I particularly liked the 'now and then' section and the maps showing how Coventry has grown over the years.
Thank you so much for your hard work!
10th Apr 2008StephanieCoventryMy dad told me when I was younger so as you can guess I believed him, that Coventry got its name from a coven of witches who worshiped a tree in Gosford Green hence the name Coventree. So finding your site I thought I'd see if there was any truth to the story, so you can understand my dismay when I could not find any truth to it. He also said that's why they built the wall to keep them out. Anyway it's a great story to tell my kids. I just wonderd if you could dig a bit deeper just to see if there's a little truth to it please. Great site by the way
8th Apr 2008Paul KenningLlandudno, North Wales. Originally from Norwich, NorfolkCame across the site while looking for my Grandfathers origin, he was born in No 2 Court, 47 Spon Street in 1898, John James Kenning.
Great Site and very informative.
25th Mar 2008Pauline EvansCanada, but born and raised in CoventryI loved this site, it brought back so many wonderful memories of my childhood. I visit Cov. almost every year and sorry to say things have changed so much and not always for the better. It sure is a cure for home sickness. But, thank you for this gift. Regards Pauline Evans
12th Mar 2008David CronanCoventrian but now living in NottinghamshireI was born in Coventry in 1944 and can still remember the bomb damage in the late 40s and early 50s before the main reconstruction took place. I can also remember being in the crowd when the Queen came to lay the foundation stone of the new cathedral and the helicopter placing the "spire" on top of the building a couple of years later. I am also proud to be a Freeman of the city. Everyone who completed an indentured apprenticeship within the city was granted this honour. We had to attend a ceremony at the Council House and swear our allegiance to the Lord Mayor and promise to report to him if we saw anyone damaging the city wall!
12th Mar 2008Pamela JohnstoneMilton Keynes BucksMy Dad was killed in the blitz of Coventry in April 1941. He was an air raid warden. I never knew him, my mother was 6 months pregnant with me. She used to say he was killed in a public house that they were in. Dad got killed instantly and mum, gran and grandad were up to the waist in water until they were rescued. As I am doing my family tree, I don't seem to be able to find out much about it. Can you help I wonder?
Thanks, Pam
PS. My dads name was Roland Smith and he and mum lived at 2 Dalton Square.
12th Mar 2008Devasis ChowdhuryBangalore IndiaI came to Coventry in 1975 and worked in Dunlop for two years. I was proud to live in the city that produced so many aeronautical products. I revisited the city after 32 years in May 07. The grace and charm of the city I knew was perhaps missing.
But your website compensates for all that.
A job very well done. My congratulations.
9th Mar 2008StuartDaventry, from Coventry originallyJust want to say what a brilliant website you have here, and I can't imagine how long it took you to set it up! But well done for all the hard work and amazing photos! I live in Northamptonshire at the moment but I can't wait till I'm able to move back to Coventry. If only the city council was as forward thinking as you and actually build us a decent city museum, not a toy/car museum!
[Thank you so much for such kind words Stuart]
7th Mar 2008Dave 'Moose' FlynnCoventrian Now In HuddersfieldI had previously visited your site a few years ago and it was great then. I have moved away (partners Job - not my choice) I have really started to miss Coventry and often log in to this site to get my Coventry 'Fix' when I am not able to come back. When I do come back to visit my Family & friends I take as many photographs as possible, as you have inspired me to log the changes in my Home city.
You should be really proud of yourself as your site alone has taught me more about my home town than anyone ever did while I spent 37 years of my life & schooling days there. This is truly a fantastic site now and I really enjoy the 'Now & Then' pictures, and hope that someone somewhere is recording the demolition & developments of sites in Coventry for the future, what is current now will one day be history!
Thank you again for many happy hours of my top up time on your site - if only Huddersfield (west Yorkshire, UK) had anything even remotely like your site I'd know something of my new Town.
5th Mar 2008Paul HughesCheltenhamWonderful website, thank you. I was born in Coventry just after the war and lived there until the 1960s. Very nostalgic to see those photos. My father was in the auxiliary fire service and was there firefighting in the raid when the Cathedral was destroyed.
4th Mar 2008Jenny Martin RugbyI lived in Cov for many years and I always went to the cathedrals for some peace and quite. I want to say I do miss them.
24th Feb 2008James BroganWorcestershireExcellent and informing website
22nd Feb 2008Joan Miller nee WaddingtonQueensland AustraliaI have just recently found your website, and I want to thank you for all the wonderful memories it brings. I was brought up in Coventry from the age of 7 in 1935, when my family moved from Hartlepool to find employment in the building industry. We all survived the blitz in November 1940, and we children were evacuated to Polesworth for 3 years. I married in Coventry, where our 4 children were born and went to school in Holbrooks and later to the new Foxford Comprehensive. We emigrated in 1965.
I would be so happy to hear from anyone who might remember us.
20th Feb 2008KerrieCoventryA wonderful website. The 'Now and then' information is great, your comments about the architecture and how the city is evolving is very true.
I would be interested in the development of your site following the announcement of the next 'billion pound transformation' (!!) to take place. Lets hope they look at the charm, character and beauty of the past and take a few hints.
A stream of my family research has been in Coventry since the 1770s and probably beyond, your site helps me understand more of my home city. Thank you.
20th Feb 2008Jane & Mike HarperWormington Near Broadway WorcestershireLast year my wife's mother passed away. Both Jane and I were born and brought up in Coventry. Jane's mother had researched her family history for many years. The family were all mainly Coventry family based being involved in business and congregational church movement at West Orchard and Queen Road Chapels. George Betts had recorded his life in hand written diaries which we have inherrited along with many other family documents including an account by John Yeldham Betts (George's father) of a journey to Austalia and back in 1881-1884. John was a city Councillor and an Alderman. He joined the firm of William Rider Cornfactors of West Orchard, which had been founded by his father-in-law, William Rider. When he joined the firm it became known Rider & Betts Cornfactors.
George Betts diaries give a very interesting insight into life in Coventry in the 1860 through to after WW1. They give details of business dealing and family matters and provide a social history of the time. My wife's mother had transcribed the diaries with the intention of publishing them one day.
As a result of the information we have received I have continued the family history research and have included my own family the Tatlow's another Coventry family.
17th Feb 2008Suzzanna Jones GriffinCoventry, But now live in Charlotte North Carolina, USAI just wanted to thank you so much, as reading all the things you have on the website, I am not as home sick as I used to be. It's also great for showing my American friends and family, were I'm from. I was also born in 1965, in George Elliot Rd off Foleshill Rd. Thanks again. Suzzanna.
13th Feb 2008Peter Brian Woolridge Lahr/Schwartzwald, GermanyBorn Nov. '39 Nuneaton, moved to 149 Rollason Rd. Radford, Coventry. My Father worked at Brett's Dropped Forgings until Apr. 1954 when we left and emigrated to Canada. I enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1958 and this is how I ended up here in Germany, a strange twist of fate when one considers the history of my hometown.
I would like to compliment you on this excellent and very informative site.
7th Feb 2008PaulineAdelaide, AustraliaI would like to congratulate you on a very interesting web site. I know I will spend many happy hours reading everything. I was evacuated from the South of England to the North during the last war and had heard and read a lot of the damage caused to Coventry and feel it is a great loss to history. I now live in Adelaide (since 1952)and find I am more interested in history now than as a young girl. Congratulations and thank you!
5th Feb 2008Fraser DicksonBovey Tracey, Devon; the gateway to DartmoorExcellent, I have enjoyed touring the website covering so many aspects of Coventry and its history. I have a personal interest as my late mother Beryl Dawson Lea (1907-1979), was descended from an old Coventry family of Lea/Leigh who were direct descendants of Thomas leigh christened in May 1641, at St Michaels Church. Her great grand-uncle was Henry Lea (1785-1848) was a well known lawyer of the Coventry law firm Lea & Troughton, later Lea, Troughton and Kirby. He left a thousand pounds in his will to St Michael's, and is buried in the family vaults there. His brother Francis Lea (1789-1868), a silk manufacturer in the City of London, married on 19th October 1809, at St Martin-in-the Fields, Westminster. Lady Jane Dawson, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Portarlington, her brother the Hon. William Dawson and sister Lady Harriet Dawson were witnesses. My mother is a great-grand daughter of the above, they lived at Falcon Square, Islington, co. Middlesex. She married in 1941 at London my father Francis Anderson Dickson (1922-1995) and they had three sons Francis, Fraser (myself) and Stephen. They had two grandsons Francis and James Dickson. The Leas lived in Much Park Street, Little Park street, Stoke House and Grosvenor House, Coventry and the Quadrant.
3rd Feb 2008Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth Western AustraliaRob, is it true they may be pulling down the 'tent' in Broadgate? What a blessing if they did. I am sure Lady G. would appreciate it.
2nd Feb 2008Susan DaviesNuneaton, Born CoventryI just wanted to record how fab. I think your site is. As a child I lived in Ford St, and your site has enabled me to recall many happy memories. We are now in the process of tracing our family tree, and again your site has been a great help.
Please up the good work
(It was your site that directed me to the Cov. library site for the photo's of Ford st and my nan's house) MANY THANKS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
1st Feb 2008NinaOriginally CoventryBorn in 1968 I fondly remember Broadgate with the temporary shops, lovely green grass and tall trees. I never understood how on earth the council got away with the monstrosities - Cathedral Lanes & that tent thing! It was almost equivalent to 'bricking in' the lovely cathedrals. Your pictures, especially the 'Now and Then' ones should be compulsory viewing at any future redevelopment planning meeting!
[I think anyone who's ever lived in Coventry would have to agree with you Nina!]
31st Jan 2008AmyUSAI am truly impressed by your website. It is one of the most impressive sites I have ever seen. You were extremly thorough. I navigated too it to learn a little more about Coventry, because my husband and I are visiting from America this summer. It was very helpful. What great information! Great job!
31st Jan 2008MatthewCoventryYour website ROCKS!
28th Jan 2008GeorgiaCoventryaww, this website's well good, my grandad was in world war 2 xx
27th Jan 2008SarahCleveland, Ohio, United States of America but my father is from Coventry EnglandGood site for info on the blitz. Helped me a lot with my research for a school project. Thanks
25th Jan 2008Jeannie S.Des Moines, Iowa United StatesThank you for putting together this very informative site. My brother and his wife are presently living in Coventry for the next several years and I was searching for places to learn about their new home. Thanks again.
16th Jan 2008Fr Brian ReganSt Oswald's [formerly St John's]This is a fantastic web site and a credit to the Web manager BUT in the time Chart one historic date missing is 1991 Arrival of Fr B !!!!!
Seriously, Well done! It's a credit to you.
See you soon I hope
14th Jan 2008Bob & Lesley CunninghamBurlington, OntarioA truly magnificent site. We appreciate all the work that you have done, and hope it will continue.
[I appreciate your kind comment too, thank you.]
14th Jan 2008AllenCoventryCannot believe the amount of work you must have done on your site. As an elderly (OLD) resident of our city I must say you know more about it than I do.
[Thank you - it's all my pleasure.]
9th Jan 2008Tricia -Warren Park Havant HantsI came across your web site as I am doing my family tree mums side, the earl of Coventry and the rest of them!!! Looking for Croom D'Abitot, and I loved its History and I went on every one of them, so well done, and there is a possibility my friend and I may come up there, and I will know what to look for.
8th Jan 2008Dr Matthew GrantSheffieldThis is a remarkable site, full of excellent information. Could almost serve as a 'best practice' example to anyone seeking to do something similar for other towns and cities. Well done!
[I'm speechless! Thank you sincerely for your kindness.]
6th Jan 2008Steve HagyardCoventryGreat site. Well done.
2nd Jan 2008Lorna MayrFairhope Alabama USAHello!
I was born and raised in Coventry and I now live along the gulf coast in USA. I was browsing the web and came across your website. Wow, you have put so much work into this, and have done a great job! I'm learning things that I had no clue about even though I grew up there! I guess I wasn't interested then, but now that I haven't lived there for about 20 years I'm very interested and amazed at some of the changes! (I'm with you about the ugly escalators in the U. precinct, and I hate the way broadgate looks now... where's all the lovely grass.... SHAME!!!)
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