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30th Dec 2007Marion J Prosser (Horton)Toronto CanadaI love this site. I do not get back to Coventry very often and so it is a treat to be able to go to a web site like this. My son-in-law recommended this site. He thought it was one of the best. Keep up the good work.
30th Dec 2007Katherine SherriffNew Brunswick CanadaMy Grand Dad grew up in Coventry and Passed on without letting us know much about the place he was from. I appreciate this website very much and hope to be able to come there some day. Lots of great information and the site looks great, easy to manouver etc.
Thanks for sharing from your life and experiences. The history you have searched out helps others a lot, especially those of us that may not be as gifted in the research department.
Have a Happy New Year. Katherine
22nd Dec 2007Carole Bourne (nee Osborne)Born in Coventry, living in Stratford Connecticut USA last 40 yrsLove your site and wrote asking if you knew what "Bunny Run" was back in Coventry around Trinity Street back in the 1930s, had a reply saying you would try and find out, well another ex Pat who now lives in California told me it was a cluster of factories in that area that the young men would gather at the windows watching young ladies walk by on their lunch periods.
So thought I would let you know...
13th Dec 2007Margaret BramanMy mother was from CoventryMy mother Olive Bunting was raised in Coventry and became a WWII War Bride and moved to America in 1946. She came over on the Queen Mary. She has passed now, but I was wondering if you could find out what Grammar school and high school she would have attended. Her parents' name were Charles and Daisy Bunting. She would have gone to school up to 1944?
2nd Dec 2007GaynorCoventryExellent reading... lovely to see so many pictures of how it used to be and how it's grown and changed.
29th Nov 2007Neil YardleyCoventry of course!Still a fantastic site Rob - Cheers!
Am just tracing the family history - so far back to 6th generation Coventrians! Can just imagine my family walking those streets in the old photos..... What an amazing place it once was.... It's true I think the City Developers/planners/councilors did as much damage as the Nazis! Would love to have popped into the Kings Head hotel wouldn't you?!
24th Nov 2007Bob RiversCoventryCongatulations - Brilliant site!
Like your photographs of old Spon Street. My grandparents were proprietors of 12 Spon Street circ 1917.
24th Nov 2007Harold DavisAbergavennyI grew up opposite the cathedral and was born in 1926. This is a wonderful site. Many memories of childhood in the blitz and Bablake school, guildhall etc. Thank you.
21st Nov 2007Larry EnglishDurban South Africa, now CoventryLove the city! It has an amazing past and an incredible future!
14th Nov 2007Andy LeeRadford, CovI am 29 and always been interested in Cov's history. I have just spent several hours on your brilliant site. I will recomend it to all my friends. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Keep up the good work, you are doing an exceptional job. Thank you again.
14th Nov 2007Christine WhelanTile Hill, CoventryI currently live in Spain and this is such a good website - I use the material to teach English!!
8th Nov 2007Chris TurnerRadfordI have lived here most of my life. It is great to see that the local heritage is being recorded for all to see. Would love to see more old pics. Thankyou !!!!!!!
[Thank you too Chris!!!]
4th Nov 2007Tracie ShepherdPerth, Western AustraliaThis is an awsome site!! I came to Australia in 1974 with my parents Jo and Tony Shepherd, who are avid readers of Historical Coventry. Although only 12 at the time my memories have been enhanced by the great photos and stories that are able to live on. Many thanks for the effort and interest put into your site Rob. My daughter (an Aussie) loves them too!!
29th Oct 2007Jeannette Leone KendrickHobart Tasmania AustraliaMy sister in Bedworth sent me your site and I am enjoying it. One of the letters from Brian David Richards has brought back a lot of memories. First the eating of whale & horsemeat. I recall our mum buying some from Wilkinsons opposite the Lyric cinema in Holbrooks. Pat & I were born in Parkgate Road, I was born 2 days before the war started, Pat 2 yrs later. I live in TASMANIA now. Brian says he used to slide on polished floor with dusters on his feet, so did we only we had sleeves of old jumpers cut off & put on our feet & slid up and down our hallway, great fun. We also used to pull up carrots and put the tops back in the dirt, we podded dad's peas too & left the pods on but ate the peas. Pat remembers much more about Coventry than I do. I left the U.K. in 1965, a ten pound pom. I still have my identity card. Thanks for a great site.
22nd Oct 2007Martin D JonesPlymouthCoventry, like Plymouth, was destroyed in the war. So we (in Plymouth) have solidarity with Coventry and other cities that were blitzed during the war. What annoys me most is when I visit equivalent blitzed cities in Europe such as in Germany, Holland, Poland, France, Belgium etc. I see that (in many cases) they have completely rebuilt their 'alt stadts' or old towns. In some cases exactly as they were before the war. We in England missed a fantastic opportunity here. If you go to 'Ypres' it is a revelation because that town was totally obliterated in the First World War and the Second and then re-built not in a concrete chaotic way but brick by brick back as it was before. Why did we not do this? These cities that I talk of are now pleasant places to visit, whereas our 'concrete jungles' are not. Our cities are a mishmash of building styles that do not co-relate with each other in any asthetic way. I believe we should knock down the horrors of the 1950s and 1960s and do as the Europeans have done and recreate as the Europeans have done our old medieval centres. By researching what was there before and carefully blending in with the originals that remain as can be seen in Europe. This if it is done correctly will boost tourism significantly because people are attracted to asthetic/comfortable places and not to concrete mishmashes as we have seen in Coventry, Plymouth and Exeter and other post war cities. What do you think? Regards, Martin.
21st Oct 2007Mike HowardFlorence, Oregon, USAI enjoyed reading the history of your City of Coventry. One of the most informable web sites that I've ever come across. Thank-you, Mike.
[The pleasure is all mine, thank you.]
17th Oct 2007Mrs Elaine CapellCoventryJust to congratulate you on creating a superb site.
My 10yr son has to produce a project on the Coventry Blitz. As neither my husband nor I am from Coventry, I'm finding out a lot helping him with research. Your info on the Blitz is excellent!
Many Thanks
Mrs E Capell
15th Oct 2007Kriss WilliamsSebring FL, USAI found an excellent brief history on your site which I am using to create the persona of a Benedictine monk for an RPG society. Thank you.
8th Oct 2007Michael FitzpatrickCoventry originally now Orton Ontario CanadaI believe you have created a wonderful collage of Coventry and it brings back some great memories. I was born in Clay Lane, Stoke, in 1935, survived the Blitz and evacuation with my dad mom and sister. Dad was in the war which he survived. Lived near Stoke Green for 11 years, Apprenticed at the GEC, worked also for Roots and Alfred Herbert before emigrating to Canada in 1963. Thank you for the memories.
5th Oct 2007Trish and Steve BurgessCaliforniaYour website is fabulous. My husband moved from his home in Coventry to California in 1988. This is when we met and married (1989). The overall design of your website design and all of the various points of interest listed along the left are just what we want to see. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into the design and content. Absolutely tremendous.
[Thank you so much! I'm overwhelmed by your kindness.]
5th Oct 2007Terry GregsonIsle of ManWent to school behind the old Alex picture house, where's it all gone, would get lost now
28th Sep 2007Lisa ColledgeCoventry (of course)I love this web site. I have found out so much from my home city that I never know.
Thank you so much
25th Sep 2007Paul JowettMaple Ridge BC CanadaWow! this is the best website on Coventry that I have seen. I left Coventry in 1972 and raised a family here in Canada. I have tried to explain to my kids all about Coventry I have seen other websites but this is by far the most in depth and interesting one that I have found. For me this has brought back a lot of memorys, the photos, the history some of which I did not know.
Thank you Rob for the trip down memory lane
23rd Sep 2007Graham AlsopSunshine Coast Queensland AustraliaI was born in Coventry and lived there until 1974 when I moved down under. I have spent a really interesting last hour browsing your web site. It brought back a lot of memories to me. Well done for the amount of work you must have put in.
20th Sep 2007Michelle MarrCoventryWhat a great website. I have really enjoyed looking through all the history and the pictures. My seven year old daughter has been fascinated with the then and now photos!!!!!
[You're so kind Michelle. Thank you both!]
19th Sep 2007Sarah NapperYapton, West SussexMy daughter has been at Uni in Coventry for 2 years, just starting her third. Coventry is a place we would probably never have visited if it had not been for her. Your site solved a mystery straight away, identifying Whitefriars friary, a place we always pass, and wondered what it was...also finding many other fascinating places, Cheylsmore Manor as well. We will now make it a definite plan to stay up in Cov for a few days to explore these and other places in the area.
Thankyou. Sarah
19th Sep 2007RaulCoventryThank you for such an informative journey through the history of Coventry. I have recently taken an interest in local history and have found your website very useful in gathering information.
It's great to see such civic pride on display!
Keep up the good work. All the best.
18th Sep 2007Pamela CCoventryHi there Rob,
What a great site you have made and so comprehensive. I have spent many an hour going through it and have sent the link to an epal in Canada. She was delighted with it and in turn has sent it on to epals of her own. Thanks so much for all the time and effort it must have taken you. How good it is to see someone so proud of what is an amazing heritage.
14th Sep 2007Eric MorsonScunthorpeVery impressive. As a stranger to Coventry, having only been there once, it is very interesting to see the then and now and to read Coventry people's views on the re-building.
11th Sep 2007David BottrillBunbury, Western AustraliaA colourful and interesting site Rob. I just wish I had something, especially photos, that I could contribute to it. To those that have provided photos thanks a lot, the Lady Herbert's Garden brought back memories for me of the times my father and I walked through there or attended the Hippodrome close by.
10th Sep 2007Debbie BarrandPeterboroughThis site is beautifully laid out. I visited Coventry over the previous weekend and had a wonderful time exporing the city's heritage as part of the Heritage Open Days weekend. It's a pleasure to sit quietly amongst the ruins of the old Cathedral, although my knees didn't appreciate the climb up the spire (worth it for the views though).
[Sitting in the ruins is indeed always a pleasure Debbie. Thank you.]
7th Sep 2007Julia WrightOxfordMy mother's uncle Jack ( John ) Rowlands was awarded a medal for helping fight the fire after bombing of Covetry Catherdral in WW2. I have very much enjoyed reading peoples memories and looking at historic Coventry.
3rd Sep 2007Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth Western AustraliaHere we are visiting this great site again and find it wonderful to think our 'old home town' is being studied all around the globe, and there is always something new.
Thank you Rob.
1st Sep 2007KathyCoventryI was brought up in Aldermans Green and Henley Green, it's lovely to see someone have a great passion to show others our home town and the History. I was starting to lose faith in our city especially when they pulled down the Smithfield and the Coventry Theatre, but this site shows you there is more to Coventry than silly architectural nasties that have been erected. Good job on this website.
[You're so kind Kathy, thank you.]
31st Aug 2007Michael & Loretta PotterCalgary Alberta CanadaMy wife and I were in your wonderful City recently, on a coach Tour. Reluctantly we could not see much of what you show on your web site. Perhaps conversations with some of the major tour operators could remedy this oversite on their behalf. You have much to be proud of. Thank you for spending the time to create this site and all it encompasess.
24th Aug 2007Laura HakerAn old Coventrian now living in Connecticut, USAI happened upon your website and took a look down memory lane. What joy! Thank you for such interesting information about my home town.
24th Aug 2007David StanleyBulkingtonHi Rob,
Great website, PeeJay put me on to it and I was like OMG I know Rob very well.
Keep up the good work
23rd Aug 2007Anthony SamotusToronto, CanadaThoroughly enjoyed your fantastic web site. Pity to see some of the changes though (Hippodrome gone, Broadgate..... what happened there exactly??)
I left in 1970, but hope to return for a quick visit soon. If any of my old chums from the school on the hill remember me, do write (try google)
7th Aug 2007John and Joyce BrimleyMilton KeynesIf anyone knows where Jacquie Stevens (nee Vickers) is, please ask her to contact us.
She worked in the City Architects Dept before marrying Alan (BLMC)
6th Aug 2007John BrimleyMilton KeynesMy father (Bill) was born in Coventry in 1912 and was an apprentice at Alfred Herbert. This entitled him to be a Freeman of the City but he did not have any privileges for that!
I was born in 1937 and lived at what is now known as Binley Woods. I recall the Blitz and the night sky being lit up with the fires in the City. After school at Binley I went on to Grammar School and returned to be a civil engineer with the City Council and was involved with the reconstruction of the City Centre during the 1950s.
There were mixed emotions then at the extent of the construction works and in hindsight one has to question why it was done on such a large scale. It is possible that the City Fathers did get carried away with the opportunities to be "biggest and best" as Coventry became one of those "must" places for Architects, Planners and Engineers to have worked.
I was particularly involved in the early stages of the Inner Ring Road and as this was the first of these urban highways to be built in the UK there was concern then at the limited amount of space availble between junctions to get slip roads in; it is even more noticeable today with the volumes and speed of traffic.
My wife (Joyce Hopkins), who was also a Coventry girl (Priory High) worked in the City Architects at this time. We were at the preview and opening of the Belgrade Theatre and also often attended the Hippodrome for concerts etc.
References on this site to the Geisha cafe (the in place at the time) bring back many memories and also the Domino cafe where soft ice cream made its comeback after the war.
All happy and carefree days (well thats how it seems!)
26th Jul 2007Corina KavanaghCanley CoventryLoved the quiz, first time user. Love Coventry history, fav cov history author David McGrory. Just finished his Cov history book, thought I would be great in quiz. Clearly didn't retain all info ha ha! Would like to know if there are any pics on houses in Little Park Street, tracing family history and dwellings. If you have any further info to this request would be very grateful. Kindest regards. Corina
25th Jul 2007Tony ShorthouseOriginally born at Kersley Hospital, lived on St. Patrick's Rd/Magpie House/Pear Tree Cottage.Moved to Montreal [Rolls Royce] in 1977. Now in Calgary, Alberta.
Was at school [Teacher's Training School?] at Mile Lane - then Manor park - then Bablake [with Pete Kennard, Chris Tranter, Chris Close] in 1954.
1953, Manor Park Coronation photo available.
20th Jul 2007Robert LeahyCoventryI wish coventry was like the old days. All the old buildings are being covered by huge plastic prefab shops, and society is getting worse by the year.
[You certainly won't be alone with that opinion Robert!]
18th Jul 2007Simon ShawRepublic of EarlsdonGreat work with the photographs! Many thanks.
16th Jul 2007Lisa DundasCoventryWhat an amazing site, which was actually forwarded to me from an American chap via an Egyptian forum. I live in Coventry and it is amazing what you see all the time and really don't appreciate until it is pointed out to you. Well done with the site.
[Thank you Lisa, you're very kind.]
8th Jul 2007Michael BreslinOriginally born Gerard Ave Canley CoventryGreat web site.
Did my apprenticeship at Rolls Royce Parkside.
Now a resident of Fremont California.
I was horrified at the City Center when I returned in January this year.
3rd Jul 2007John McSparronCoventryCongratulations on a truly brilliant site. If any reader is interested in the city's former cinemas, I have a site at www.mcsparron.plus.com/cinemas.htm
28th Jun 2007Adam PooleOrangeville Onatario CanadaGreat site. I was born in Coventry and moved to Canada when I was twelve. I havn't been back in 8 yrs so it's nice to see this, thanks. (The only skyblue fan for 100 miles hahah)
23rd Jun 2007Erica McCulloughCoventryLove this site, only just found it, but I'm really interested in the history of Cov as I love the place, so just wanted to really big up this site and say a huge thanks to those who've put the time and effort into creating it.
[I appreciate your kindness Erica, so glad you've enjoyed my 'little hobby'! Rob]
10th Jun 2007Betty WilliamsonCoventryA truly wonderful site. I'm sure it will go from strength to strength. Back soon.
8th Jun 2007Colin Barry GurneyDouglas, Isle of ManI have just started to research my family. I have started on my father's side because he still lives in Coventry. His father Fred Gurney was born in West Haddon and his grandfather George Gurney was born in Winwick, Northamptonshire in 1842. Looking through your 'Orland' family tree I spotted Benjamin Gurney (born in 1828 died in 1856) and Hannah (Clarke) who had a child Charlotte Gurney. They had 2 other children, Emma b1852 d1857 and Ellen b1854 d1874 who married Charles Orland. My grandfather (Fred Gurney), his wife and sons are all buried in Wolston, Warwickshire graveyard. We visited it in April this year and that's when I decided to look into the family tree. I will be in Coventry around the weekend 11th August and there will be a visit to Winwick. Thanks for sharing your family information and for the Coventry news. 'My home town'
4th Jun 2007Jo PhillipsCoventryNot being from Coventry originally but having family here, your website has often answered a question or two about the things I see daily and wish to know a little more about. Everytime I end up here. Thank you and keep up the great work!
2nd Jun 2007Margaret Mole (nee Harris)Queensland. AustraliaI was born in Coventry and still have 2 sisters living there, I have only been able to visit 3 times since I emigrated to Australia in 1973. I really do miss the city, the people and of course the humour. Found everyone so friendly last time we were there as the times before, looking forward to coming back again next year.
See Ya. Marg.
30th May 2007Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth, Western AustraliaAs a frequent visitor I was delighted to see a message left by Ms. Sheila Cisewski saying she had attended St. Joseph's Convent in Kenilworth. Having attended the same school (all for young ladies at that time) a good few years earlier it brought back many happy memories of my senior years and I can still remember most of their names too. Thank you for that.
28th May 2007Geoff BeardsleyTwickenhamI am 62 and grew up in Coventry and Kenilworth. I attended King Henry VIII junior school from 1953 to 1956 and Leamington College from 1956 to 1962.
11th May 2007Wendy CookseyWodonga, AustraliaThis site is excellent. It is giving me an insight into Coventry when my ancestors lived there.
Thank you for creating this.
9th May 2007Danielle LouiseScotlandHi
You could have more pictures of the glass frames in the front arch way but that still could be improved.
Thanks for reading
26th Apr 2007Marilyn ArnoldFalls Church, VAWhat a wonderful website!!!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this. For those of us across the pond, it helps us understand the area where our ancestors lived, the history and those historic pictures are great.
Very well done!!!
Researching: Greenway, Bird Marriett/Marriott, Smith in Coventry.
23rd Apr 2007Jo & Tony ShepherdPerth Western AustraliaJust called in to catch up with the 'What's New' page as we do not want to miss anything of this wonderful site.
It gets better every week.
21st Apr 2007Paul BakerBorn in Harewood Rd prefab 1947. Now in Hall Lane, Walsgrave.An amazing site that's "swept me off my feet!"
The input must have been phenomenal.
Gran was born near No.5 Courtyard Spon End, worked at Rotherhams, whilst living at 30, Colchester St. where dad was born in 1916.
[You're very kind! - Thank you Paul.]
19th Apr 2007GeorgeAthens, GreeceI studied in Coventry, Lanchester Poly then, at 1976-79, and have many memories. I will return to this site and try to "recall" my memories.
Thank you for the great job !!
15th Apr 2007MelanieDarlingtonBeen away for a while, compy broke, new baby and so forth, back now heehee, loving all the the new stuff on the site, just put the site back on my favorites. Loving virtual map. xx
10th Apr 2007Therese McIntyreCoventry/LondonAwesome website and pictures. I have lived in Coventry full time up to the age of 18, and it's only since I have been at uni in London that I discovered your website and learned more about Coventry in the past few months than i had done for the first 18 years of my life.
9th Apr 2007Kay BennettNorthamptonGreat website. I have recently been researching my family history and the maps and pictures have helped me locate the places where my family lived in the 19th century. Thank you very much
[Thank you too, glad I could help.]
7th Apr 2007Jacky PresburyRoleystone, Western AustraliaThanks so much for this website. Lived in Coventry area from 1966 to late 70s and had the best times of my life there particularly when living in Earlsdon from 75-79 in my early twenties. Travelling on the No 9 bus into town to work at Coventry Metal Bars in Foleshill then later at Owen Owens. Used to love Saturday shopping in the Precinct and at the Coventry Markets, then discoed the night away at various spots finishing with pie and chips whilst waiting in a long line for a taxi in the centre. Coming home in September and can't wait to wander the streets again and only hope I can recognise places as it has been 10 years since my last visit. Sites like this really help me to keep home close to me. Thanks Again, Jacky.
7th Apr 2007Gary BaskervilleCoventryWhat a fab site ! It's a shame, it looks a very peaceful city.
31st Mar 2007Coventry AlCoventry, Now ItalyCongratulations on a great site Rob.
31st Mar 2007Stefan SkaleckiyKyiv Ukraine (formally Coventry)Exellent !
2nd Mar 2007Pat AitchisonCoventryI have just been looking through this excellent site that you have put together all about our city, Old and New.
Well done, it has lots of information, I have just sent this site to a friend in canada, who enjoys looking at photos of different countries, as a friend and I write to him and his family as pen pals, and I'm sure he'll agree with me, that it has loads of information in, especially for people like him, who like looking at the history of different cities from around the UK and world.
Definitely well done, and keep up the good work.
1st Mar 2007Matthew ClarkCoventry (now living in Scotland)I love this site. I have lived in Scotland for very nearly 5 years. This site has made me want to visit home. The old and new photographs are fantastic. I think this site will help me when I feel homesick.
27th Feb 2007Elaine BradburyCaliforniaI was born in Coventry, my Dad played with Billy Monks Band at the GEC and England Championships.
I have not been "home" since 1961 although I still have family there. This web site is fantastic!!!!!!!! We lived on Henley Road, our doctor was Dr. Mac in Bell Green my Auntie Nellie lived on George St. in Coventry till she died.
Your web site is amazing........
27th Feb 2007Janine StothardPailtonLoved the site - I am researching my husband's family, and I have a birth certificate of his great grandfather Halver Slide who was born in 1893 at Much Park Street, his father's occupation was a fitter at a Cycle works.
Your site has enabled me to see the old maps and photo's of Much Park Street as he would have known them. It has also given me info on the cycle industry that I knew nothing about even though I only come from Rugby. Thank you for taking the time to do this site, it has been very informative, and has even sparked some interest from my kids who have no interest in their family history, but this has brought it to life for them.
23rd Feb 2007ShirleyIowa, USAMy great-great-grandparents came from Coventry to America in 1864. G,G-Grandma worked as a ribbon-weaver there. I found this little internet visit of my ancestors hometown quite interesting. Certainly makes me want to visit your city in the future.
[You'll be very welcome here Shirley.]
15th Feb 2007ElizaAustraliaThis is a great website for information. The photo comparison is soooo awesome!!! The way that the photo is taken at the same angle as the old photo is great, you really can compare. I used this website for a history assignment and it helped alot. Thankyou very much for this website, it is great.
xoxo [The pleasure's all mine, thank you!]
11th Feb 2007Dennis CoxTexas, USAThis is the best tourist website that I have ever seen on the internet. I am really looking forward to visiting your town this coming Friday. I visited the Transportation Museum the last time I was in Coventry, but I didn't know about the city wall segments and gates. I wish I could find other city sites that are half as useful and informative as yours. Thank you very much.
10th Feb 2007JeffEdinburghActually I am a Canadian living in Edinburgh and like most ex-pats, I spend a lot of time tracing my family history here in Britain. I recently discovered that much of my family came from Coventry and that my great-great-great grandfather ran a hair dressers in Jordan Well. I found it really interesting to see the picture from your Now and Then section and wondered if his shop might have been somewhere in that photo! All the best!
30th Jan 2007Alex MilneNova Scotia, CanadaI'm a ex-pat Coventrian. Went to Templars and Woodlands. Apprenticed at Alfred Herberts. Left 40 yrs ago. Got very nostalgic looking at the wonderful old photos. Great webpage!
25th Jan 2007Jo VernonCoventryThis is definitely the best and most comprehensive Coventry web site that I've ever seen. Congratulations to you and your children for doing Coventry proud!
23rd Jan 2007Gary BurchillLeighton Buzzard, BedfordshireA great site, very pleased I found it. I was born in Coventry in Jan, 1947, at Gulson Road hospital.
My father, Fred Burchill, and my mother came to Coventry from Wales after the war. My father was for most of his working life a police officer in the City and retired as an inspector. I left the City in 1968. I've been back on occasions, the last time to the new football ground to see a brick I had put in the wall for my father who died in 2002. I may do a your memories, some time.
20th Jan 2007Brad ReynoldsTipton, Iowa, United StatesI had the awsome pleasure of visiting Coventry in February of 2006. I want very much to go back and stay a little longer. The hospitality level of complete strangers, the history, the food, every thing about Coventry made it a memorable trip that I think anyone would enjoy. The main pleasure for me was the auto museum. I was in awe over the meticulous displays of automobiles, past, present, and, in a case or two, future. My hope is for no-one to overlook this wonderful spot in England, if you do it would be your great loss.
20th Jan 2007Geri CoyleCoventry originally, now in CreweI've found out more from this site than I ever learned at school!
17th Jan 2007VeronicaMelbourne AustraliaGreat site - My mother was born in Jordan Well in 1918 where the Museum is now, she lived there for over 10 years. She remebered all the shops and told me many stories of growing up in the city. Her father owned a bike shop business in Jordan Well, and had a garage for his car in Cox Street in 1924. He belonged to a cycle club and two of his cycles are in the transport museum, which I have had the opportunity to see when visiting Coventry.
10th Jan 2007Annette BatchelorChapelfieldsI was browsing the internet trying to find a good restaurant for an 80th birthday and came across your site by accident. What a revelation and a lovely site. I shall recommend it to my family and friends, most of whom still live in Coventry. I was born in Chapelfields in 1958 and went to Barrs Hill Girls Grammar School, mercifully before it went the way of so many of our historic buildings. Well, I've spent so long on your site now my restaurant search must wait for another day!
9th Jan 2007Michael FletcherAthlone, IrelandExcellent site. My grandfather Alec Fletcher was born in Bond Street, Coventry in 1891.
8th Jan 2007Stuart WheelerCoventry 1940-71 now LondonThank you; A trip down memory lane, also Coventry now. A lot of work has gone into this internet site thank you. Again I pray every success for the new year. S. Wheeler. AR.
7th Jan 2007Marilyn BrownRaymond, Alberta, CanadaRob:
I enjoyed reading how you got "hooked" in this history/genealogy adventure.
I am just beginning to trace my Townsend line so have been surfing for info on Coventry and yours came up. So I have book marked it especially for the map.
6th Jan 2007AmberCoventryI was born in Coventry and I'm 15 now. I've heard so much about the old Coventry that I decided to do an art project for my GCSE's on the Cathedrals. I have took black and white photographs and I hope I can represent Coventry in such a good light as you have here on this website.
Someone before mentioned how Coventry is no longer as good as before. This may be true but I think everything changes and it is still my home town which has a fascinating history which we need to make sure all youngsters know about.
Thankyou for your help.
5th Jan 2007Izzy LaneLeamington SpaBrilliant site!!!
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