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17th Dec 2006Michael PorterTaunton via LutterworthMy father used to tell me what a fascinating city Coventry was back in the early thirties when he used to spend nights out there with his friends from Leicester. Looking through your superb site I have come to realise the terrible loss the country has suffered with the wholesale destruction, both by bomb and shortsighted and stupid town planners, of this priceless monument. If it had survived it would have ranked with Bath and York in the first rank of must-see cities in England.
13th Dec 2006Loretta Wells ( toni )CoventryI was born in Much Park Street in 1948. I was then brought up first in Keresley Grange and then Orlescote Road. I have great memories of Coventry and wherever I live I will always be a Coventrian.
13th Dec 2006Graham FairBarrow-in-Furness, CumbriaI'm a Coventry kid born (1940) and bred. I was a skilled tradesman, working principally at Alfred Herberts at Edgwick, where I served my apprenticeship. After being made redundant from Webster & Bennetts in 1981, I did an English degree at Warwick and then moved, with my wife and daughters, to Barrow to work in the town's shipyard. I love your site, particularly the photographs of Broadgate. We were down in Coventry recently and were mightily unimpressed with the city centre - apart from the motor museum and the few remaining places that have been left alone. Keep up the good work.
12th Dec 2006Albert HartoppBorn in Gosford Street 1932Coventry has changed so much to the one I knew and loved... don't like it much anymore. Nearly all the old buildings gone thanks to this council.
6th Dec 2006AlanCoventryI'm an old Hillfields lad, lived in Sackville Street for many years, been unable to obtain any photos of the street, anyone able to help? I remember the old bomb piece and the tin mission. Fond memories.
29th Nov 2006David GrimaCoventry, now Maine USAWhen I was small the Peeping Tom Clock in Broadgate used to scare me half to death. Very creepy. My grandpa, Harold Pierce, used to work at the GEC, and I was always puzzled by the strange shaped thing on top of a tall tower at the factory. I remember seeing the tall tower cranes when they were building the flats in Hillfields near Swanswell in the 60s, and I ended up living in one of those blocks in the mid 1980s. (Not very pleasant, unfortunately.) Now for a curious question. I used to love visiting the old cathedral, and to my distinct recollection there is a tomb of some bishop or other with his effigy on top, down at the front near the altar. I seem to remember noticing that all around his hat or mitre is a band of swastikas, and I always thought it was ironic that the planes which bombed the cathedal in 1940 had swastikas on their tails, too. Can anyone confirm this memory, or am I completely off my rocker? Thanks.
[No, you're perfectly correct David - this page has the answer... Old Cathedral.]
24th Nov 2006David GrimaCoventry, now live in Rockland, Maine, USAI've been looking at Coventry history and found this. Very well done. Odd how, even though I was brought up there in the 60s, the pre-war photos seem to be familiar. Love the pix of Owen-Owen. So many memories, e.g. standing outside a shop and watching fire engines racing madly out of the old central fire station by Pool Meadow, when I was about 5, 1963. Born at Gulson Road Hospital in 1958, lived Hillfields, Potters Green, Mount Nod (Where does that name come from?) Allesley Park. Been gone since 1986, still miss me mates Graham Hayes, Melvin Petherick, Pete Ivers, Nirmal Sandhu etc.
21st Nov 2006Les Wood (Woody)Coventry Kid now living in Bexhill-On-SeaFantastic site just found it browsing the web. I lived in Coventry up until my father died in 1972, like so many of the other comments - you can take the Kid out of Coventry but you cant take Coventry out of the Kid. Have been facinated with the history and would be very interested in any photos of Court House Green Infant and Junior from the early 60s. I lived in Tallants Road, Bell Green from a family of 8. Apparently there is photo of the football team hanging in the Royal Oak Pub in Coventry which I am in, but havent seen, hope to have a look when I am next in Coventry. I also attended Longford Park Secondary Modern from about 1969-72. I am currently trying to put together my life story in a book and would love to have any photos from this era, as I don't have many myself.
If anybody remembers me or my family, Reg, George, John, David, Joan, Peter, Lynda, I would love to hear from you. My roots are firmly planted in Coventry, as my father, my grand-father, my great-grandfather all originated from Coventry.
I prefer Broad Gate as it was originally when the Queen officially opened it.
19th Nov 2006Bob FletcherCleveland USAMy Sister Elaine put me on to this site, fantastic. I lived in Coventry until 1969 when my parents moved to the states, my Sisters Elaine and Susan are in the States also. We lived in Maidavale Crescent & Woodside Avenue. Your site bought back a lot of fond memories, thank you!
8th Nov 2006Barbara A. BensteadIrving, TexasLove it....
5th Nov 2006Alton Wilbert StarleyWilmer, Alabama, USAJust looking for history of our ancestor James Starley.
4th Nov 2006John ReynoldsBloomfield, NJ, USAVisiting your beautiful cathedral via the internet. One day, I would love to be there in person. Until then, your cathedral is a beautiful testimony to the Gospel of our Lord, Christ Jesus. Many years ago, I visited your beautiful country and was fortunate to see Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's.

God Bless you and your ministry. From a fellow Anglican in the USA.
3rd Nov 2006Burt WestCoventryI was born in Coventry 1940 and so was my parents and grandparents. My grandfather had his own taxi cab rank in Broadgate (horses), that was before the first world war, also had a padded carriage to take the insane people to Hatton hospital. It was a well known saying in Cov to fetch Hogan if someone had gone nuts. They came from Mill Street.
23rd Oct 2006Helen DeMorroConnecticut, USAHi,
I have really enjoyed looking thru all this interesting information and have emailed you with several questions and hope to hear back.
Thank you
Helen DeMorro
19th Oct 2006Michael John BryanCoventry now living in Adelaide AustraliaThanks for the web site. I was born in Coventry on Northfield Farm Staircse Lane in 1962 and we lived in Coventry until 1970 and then we moved to Australia. My mother's maiden name was Anne Wilday and my dads name is Howard John Bryan but he stayed in Coventry and we lost contact and I am trying to find him. I still remember my first eight years in Coventry with great memories and I am coming back in 2007 for a holiday. Great web site.
17th Oct 2006Betty WilliamsonBorn Albany Road Coventry now living in Normandy FranceA truly wonderful site, long may it continue and grow.
14th Oct 2006Stuart WheelerQueensway, London, W2-5HRI lived in Coventry from 1940-1971. A lovely record of the city, thank you, I pray that you will have every success for the future. And I agree that tent in the middle of the town is daft, a little rain when we get some does not hurt anyone. Read what old testament says in Psalm 127 v1. Execpt the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. All for now. SW.
13th Oct 2006Ben McClellandCoventry - Highfield Road - Lower Holyhead RoadI was born in Coventry in '75 and spent my first 6 years in Highfield Rd, and then moved inside the ringroad in the early '80s to Lower Holyhead Rd, The whole of the City centre was my playground and I can clearly remember the broadgate that was lush and green (they should bring it back) I now live in the Isle of Man and really do miss home.
Great site, you should be given the keys to Coventry for all your excellent hard work on this.
Well Done
7th Oct 2006Peter Ingram-TeddStevenageYour site just gets better and better!
Thanks for the memories.
5th Oct 2006MandyCoventryI moved into coventry a short 6 years ago. I moved here mainly because my nan lived here so I was a regular visitor and loved this city. Seeing as I moved from a small town which itself is only around 40 years old, I found the history of coventry fascinating and I love your website. The now and then pictures are my favourite. It's great to see Coventry as it was. It was a pleasure looking at this site.
[The pleasure's all mine - thank you Mandy.]
5th Oct 2006Alan EdgsonModbury, South DevonI'm so glad I found this fantastic site, I was born on Heath Crescent, Stoke Heath in 1934 and moved to Hartland Avenue in Wyken when all the houses were built in 1937. I lived there until I married in 1956 and moved for a while to Abbey rd in Whitley before moving back to Wyken in 1963 where my wife (Jackie) and I owned and ran the Island Cafe opposite the Devonshire Arms in Sewell Highway. We were at the time home to most of the local "bikers" and I have photo's of a lot of the lads from those days. We moved to Devon in 1970 but we still visit Coventry two or three times a year to visit my brother and various friends. I find it very difficult driving around there now as everywhere has changed so much, such a shame but change happens.
I see a Beryl Adkins asked in May about an old lady that lived in a caravan behind Watersmeet rd, that was Mrs Busby who was a well spoken and well educated lady that became a little eccentric after her husband was killed in the first world war. I used to drive her horse (Tom) and cart round the streets selling vinegar from a large barrel, I think it was fourpence halfpenny a pint. Happy days...
4th Oct 2006Joan JohnstoneDerbyI've just found your website on Coventry and I've really enjoyed browsing through it.
My Mum (who died this year aged 95) lived in Bishop Street, Coventry, from 1915 - 1920. Her youngest sister was born there in 1918. Although she was only ten when the family left Coventry to move to Derby, she always said she loved Coventry and often spoke of it.
I think she mentioned Montgomery's, a butcher's shop, being next to the house where she lived on Bishop Street. She also spoke about a park nearby and a little girl named Emily Trevitt, her friend.
I wish I had seen your site before she died - I could have shown her the old photographs of the city.
I'll be visiting the site on a regular basis, even though I've only visited Coventry once - during the 1960s!
Best wishes.
27th Sep 2006Richard ElenCoventry resident 1951-64, now living in CambridgeshireI was astonished to discover this site (via an extraordinarily roundabout and accidental route). What an amazing piece of work! Some of the shots of Coventry in the 1950s are familiar (but not before then of course, as I was born in 1951), especially the Broadgate area - but I am surprised at the parts of ancient Coventry I only discovered in the last few years!

I used to live on Earlsdon Avenue North, just south of the railway bridge (X Newcombe Road) and my grandparents lived in E. A. South. My father was a lecturer at The Butts and then Lanchester. I went to school at Henry VIII and was a Choral Scholar, in the Cathedral Choir up to the Consecration of the "new" cathedral. After leaving Coventry in 1964 I didn't return for some years and when I did, discovered that the city had turned into a network of motorways! After living all over the place, I am now not too far away and have come back to Coventry several times since my return to the UK in 2003. Thanks for helping me discover more than I ever knew about the city of my childhood.
24th Sep 2006TracyCoventry - born in Wyken, now in ChapelfieldsWell done on an excellent website. I will certainly recommend it to family and friends. It's a great way of showing friends overseas where I live and they now realise what a lot of history we still have here. I hope the bulldozers don't destroy what we have left.
[Me too! Thank you also for your kindness Tracy.]
22nd Sep 2006LeanneNuneaton - originally Coventry until 1994Hi,
Your website is very interesting and I will definitely be going out on my lunch break to have a look at some of the buildings in and around Coventry in a new light!
Thank you for putting so much effort into this!
1st Sep 2006CeliaBlackpool, LancashireCan I just say, what a fabulous job you have done here! The research - oh the hours it must have taken. I have many wonderful memories of my time in Coventry... I lived there in the 1990s, but had to return to Blackpool due to parental poor-health in 1996. I remember first visiting Coventry in 1990 at the tender age of 18. We were going to see Erasure at Milton Keynes Bowl (1st Sept, 1990 - 16 years ago today, in fact!) and my friend, originally from Coventry, said we could stay at his Dad's house in Exhall. Going round the Cathedral, the old town and other sights, I fell in love with the place. I remember it was raining, but it felt like home. Two years later, I was living there... Holbrook Lane. This is a fabulous site and the amount of work you have done is astounding. I have many fond memories, and earlier this year re-visited the place with my fiance, to share with him my spiritual home. I hope one day to return to Coventry for good, but for now, I can feel connected to it through this site. An amazing place with amazing people... Coventry, how I miss you xxxx
21st Aug 2006Dave BullockSouthend-on-SeaNice Site I do a similar site for my birth place...
Keep up the great work!
16th Aug 2006Aiden Shane KeenanRadford, Coventry, Warwickshire!Being born and bred in Coventry I am so glad that someone has had such a brilliant site about our great city. I'm only 20 years old and sometimes I feel like a rarity in my generation for the love of my city and the knowledge of its history. Well done Rob the site is GREAT!
15th Aug 2006Mark SatterthwaiteToronto, Ontario, CanadaFirst, let me compliment you on this excellent website that has entertained me for the past hour. I found it because I was searching for information about the pub The Shepherd and Shepherdess on Keresley Road (at the Warwick Rd.?) which my aunt and uncle managed in the 1940s. I spent considerable time at the pub on holidays; in 1953 I actually attended for a short time a local school, where in celebration of the coronation, I received a coronation ball and a hologram of the Prince and our newly crowned queen. I remember walking with my older cousin from The Shepherd to the Railway Hotel (down Warwick Rd.?), which another aunt and uncle managed, and stopping to watch Tin Lizzie, a local steam engine. And I remember that across the road from the pub was a large empty field in which stood a Quonset hut, the purpose of which I never did discover. After fifty years, I have only fragmentary memories of the Midland Red bus, Meriton, the old cathedral, the Lady Godiva clock, etc.; but visiting your website helped to fill in some of the blanks. Thanks very much.
15th Aug 2006Bernard CleaveChristchurch New ZealandI have just discovered your web site and find it extremely interesting. I left Coventry in 1972 and last visited in 2000 finding Coventry a much different place from the way I remembered it. I was born in 1935 so have many memories of growing up and the war etc. I attended Sacred Heart school in Harefield Rd and often wonder if any of my old schoolmates are still alive and kicking. Thanks again. B Cleave.
29th Jul 2006Bhupendra ChauhanCheylesmore, CoventryCame to England from Africa (Kenya) 1970 and settled in Coventry. I was 8 years old and now I'm 44. Coventry has changed a lot and because I cannot remember Coventry back in the 70s. I spend some time looking through all the Now and Then section, plus other links. My time well spent.
Well done to whoever archived all this info.
26th Jul 2006Ray CarternSpon EndDoes anybody have some pictures of the old butchers called Kilners? It was the one before his last one which closed down about 7 years ago.
21st Jul 2006Lee CobhamToronto CanadaGreat site, don't miss the place but it's nice to look back. PS. I saw Star Wars at Theatre One too on my 8th birthday.
12th Jul 2006Frank EdwardsSeattle WA USAWonderful site so pleased to be able to show this site to my friends here in the US. You should be very proud to be the founder of this very informative inspiring site.

Frank Edwards
6th Jul 2006Sue WilkinNorthamptonWhat a fantastic web site you have created. I first stumbled across it a few months ago, but it seems to be continually improving.
Having never visited Coventry, your website has brought to life the surroundings that some of my ancestors would have experienced. Just being able to wander through the maps and photos has been wonderful.
My Bull family, all ropemakers, moved from Warwick to Coventry before 1881, when they are found living in Gosford Street. In 1891 they are at Swanswell Tower, Hales Street, and in 1901 they are living at Tower House, Street. Would I be right in thinking that this building is the Swanswell Gate building that you show in the 'then and now' section.
Please keep up the good work.
5th Jul 2006Pam CurranAustraliaAre trying to find missing relatives who lived in Sadler Road Coventry. Paul Ross and Patricia Ross. These are the children of Kenneth Ross who was a descendant of Percy Douglas Ross son of William Ross of Bow Brickhill. If anyone can help us locate either of these people we would be very grateful. The web site is great and we enjoyed browsing through it.
23rd Jun 2006Naomi KretschmerLondonWhat a fantastic local history page, extremely well done
18th Jun 2006Steve WrightCanley, CoventryI have just spent an enjoyable couple of hours exploring your website, and I would just like to say 'congratulations' on an informative, very interesting history of Coventry. Thankyou and keep up the good work!
16th Jun 2006Shirley NixOklahoma City Oklahoma USAI was trying to find out how to get the phone # of my uncle or any relatives of my mother who was born in Coventry in 192?. Her maiden name was Phillimore. Also have 2 brothers who were born in Coventry in 1945-46, father was a citizen of USA, both are deceased. It is an emergency that I try and find out some information, they are trying to deport my bro. He left England in 1947. If anyone can help please email me. My uncle's name [was or is] Peter Phillimore. Please help, I hope to see your beautiful country before I die. Also have a sister who was left in Coventry named Margie or Pat.
Thank you for this wonderful site. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
14th Jun 2006Karen AndersonNew Jersey, USI was watching a WW2 documentary that sadly highlighted the bombing of Coventry. In looking for information on Coventry before the war, I came upon your site. What a fantastic site! The pictures of the walls are beautiful. The next time I come to England, I will make sure to add Coventry to my visit.
[Thank you so much Karen - you'll be welcome in Coventry!]
3rd Jun 2006DorothyBexhill on SeaJust come across the photo of the old ruin in Much Park Street.
I lived in Coventry in 1946 and the house which was quite small was next to this ruin, my sister and I used to play on the site. I was led to believe it was part of a chapel, anyway whatever I was very pleased to find the photo as it has brought back many happy memories of my time in Coventry.
2nd Jun 2006Gayl HucksBorn Ivybridge Rd. Coventry, EnglandI left coventry with my parents on the 10 pound flight to Australia in 1963 and lived in Adelaide for most of my life. My parents have just been to Coventry to see my dad's dad, who is 99 yrs old, and my brother who has just got married in Penrith to a Penrith girl. They both live in Alice Springs. Aust. I can remember the horse carrying the milk, making snowballs and my grandma's house with a goosberry garden out the back. Not much else tho. My grandfather was a champion boxer in Coventry/Warwickshire. His name was Alec Edward Clemson. Maybe someone can recall? Dad won 20 pounds on the very last word May 27th issue of the Evening Telegraph. The voucher goes to my grandad, George Catchlove of Tile Hill, Coventry. I now live in the Clare Valley north of Adelaide and have 3 boys and 2 grandgirls, and own a Bali and Indian clothing shop in Clare. Nice to be able to talk to you and all the best with your website. I enjoyed reading it.
1st Jun 2006Melanie HeathDarlington, Co DurhamI really enjoyed this web site, espec the pictures in now & then. I'm orig from Coventry, Willenhall & I've been on all the sites for there, guess I must be a little home sick. I'm really interested in any pictures that turn up of the wishing well broadgate so I guess I will have to keep looking in the updates. I remember how broadgate used to look when I was little and would really like a picture in my home of the way it looked then in the 70s & 80s. Thanks again.
31st May 2006Roy & Audrey SalmonTauranga NZWe were running around the streets of Cov in the twentys, you bring back lovely and new memories of our great city. May she prosper and grow with grace and dignity.
Roy Salmon, NZ
27th May 2006William G PirrieAndover, HampshireGreat site. Can anyone remember the old Swift skating rink back in the war before it was bombed? It was owned or rented by the STEADMAN family (MY GRANDPARENTS) AND MY LATE MOTHER, Jean Steadman.
27th May 2006Peter Ingram-TeddStevenage, HertsWhat a great site! I am a Coventry Kid, born in Gulson Road in 1952, so I have many happy memories of the place. Even though I have moved about for my work, my heart is firmly routed in the city and I try to visit from time to time, but haven't been to City's new ground yet! Keep up the great work.
Regards, Pete
25th May 2006Dennis MunslowHanmer Springs Canterbury New ZealandI was born in Coventry, I emigrated to New Zealand in 1966, been back to Coventry three times, having seen the changes, where a lot of the old buildings have been demomlised. I don't like the way they have done Broadgate, ie. the garden Island gone and put up that canopy over Lady G. I remember Broadgate & precent after the War and the rebuilding, Broadgate & the building of the New Cathedral, but I don't like where Lady G is with canapy over her. It's 10 years since I was in Coventry. I will be back there in July, has there been any changes in the last 10 years? I enjoyed the web site telling me a lot of History of Coventry, Thank you.
22nd May 2006Cathy BennettCoventryFirst of all, I'd like to say, "brilliant site". As a child I have very fond memories of Coventry, I lived at 178 Bell Green Road from the age of two untill I was ten, I'm now thirty nine. My mother still lives there, at the back of my mothers house is an orchard, I remember spending a lot of time there scrumping, apples and pears. The old lady that lived on the end had ponies there years before my family moved there. One of her favorite ponies was burried at the back of her house. I found two bags of coins whilst digging in the orchard, unfortunately, one of the gentlemen that lived near there said they were his, never did find out what happened to them.
Thanks Rob, the picture looks nice that I sent to you, Cathy.
20th May 2006Beryl ReaderCreweWhat a great site. I am an old Coventrian now living in Crewe. I left Coventry in 1985. I worked at the old Central Library from 1974 to 1984. Are there any former staff out there who may remember me or who have any photographs of the old library or former staff? Does anyone know exactly when it was demolished ?
20th May 2006Catherine BennettBell Green RoadLooking for anyone that went to Court House Green primary school between 1975 and 1977.
Click here to see a Court House Green school class photo. from around the 1960s, sent in by Cathy.
18th May 2006Mark SimsWhakatane, New ZealandI lived for three years in Coventry from 2000 through 2003. Loved the place. Loved the people. Lived at 8 Priory Row and worked and renovated 9/10 Priory Row.
Miss the place and the people, but not the grey skys.
17th May 2006Tim JonesFrom Coventry - now living in WalesInterested in getting in touch with Steve Probert from Allesley and Andrew Marshall from Coundon.
I'm now living in Wales, and if there are any other people who remember me, get in touch, my mobile no. is 07773 330765
16th May 2006Beryl Adkins nee ThatcherCoventryFantastic site so much to see, it takes me back to my childhood.
I remember in 1950s allotments at the back of Watersmeet Rd in Stoke Heath - where now there are houses my sister and I used to scrump apples - and got caught.
Also an entry leading to Blackberry Lane down which was a yard that housed a horse - cart which came around the streets selling groceries and a lady who lived in an old caravan and kept animals pigs etc.
Does this ring a bell with any one?
14th May 2006Doug YoungColumbia, SC USAPaul Leddington Wright (who comments he was born a Methodist but has been "on loan" to the Anglican Church for 20+ years) visited our church, Washington Street United Methodist, in Columbia, South Carolina, several times prior to out choir's being invited to the International Church Music Festival in Chester in 2003. He is quite a musician (an understatement)!!!!

Our group tour guide stoppped in Coventry and we visited to Cathedral(s). I was very moved by the ruins of the cathedral destroyed by bombs, the cross of timbers and the cross of nails. Yet I was most affected by the Litany of Reconciliation. The people of Coventry being able to forgive the horrors of war demonstrate true Christianity and forgiveness.

NEVER will I forget my visit to Coventry Cathedral!
8th May 2006Steven JewkesBorn/bred in CoventryHave spent the last week looking at the site, it's amazing just how much I didnt know about my own city. Thx for the enlightening view of my city of here and now and then.
Thank you all.
27th Apr 2006Stephen LeslieBexhill, SussexI'm a student at Coventry University. I think this site is great. I'm fascinated by the history of Coventry and I especially like the now and then section. I spend too long on here instead of doing my work tho!
22nd Apr 2006Jayne DewarCoventryJust wanted to thank you for this lovely web site. I was really pleased to find pictures of the old hippodrome. My father and his family lived there in Chauntry Place in 1900 - 1930 approximately and I have been looking into the family history and it is great to see pictures from the era that he would have been there.
Thank you once again
20th Apr 2006Sue WilsonCoventry - born Keresley Hospital April 1953 - now SurreyLoved the website - I visit several times a year to see Mum. I am a Coventry Kid and always will be - I am doing the family history (who isn't these days?) and am looking for any of the Barton family related to William Lamb Barton - his son Robert, my Grandfather founded the printing firm - The Graphic Press (Coventry) LTD - it's gone now though. My dad worked there - they printed all the tickets and programmes for The City - I used to help him deliver them to Highfield Rd as a young girl - magic days!
10th Apr 2006Trevor Lloyd JonesPalm Desert, CaliforniaBefore emigrating to the USA in 1952 I lived at 250 Grangemouth Road, Radford. from 1935 til 1952, not all years were stayed in Grangemouth Road of course, Barkers Butts school (for boys)evacuated twice, both times after the heavy bombings, (2) An apprenticeship at the Parkside Garage, RAF Jan: 1947 to May 1949. As I have aged I find that my memories of Coventry are very vivid, Tom Crawley center forward, Alf Wood in goal, Harry Barratt, George Mason, Elliott & Metcalfe full backs. Not bad for one nearing 80. My Dad is buried at Canley he is all alone there... very sad.
6th Apr 2006SueNorthamptonHi again. Sent you a message earlier. Signed off, but decided to come back and have another look. Was really pleased to find a view of the place I was searching from another aspect. Thanks again. You've added extra pleasure and knowledge to a special picture in my life.
[And thank you too Sue, the pleasure's all mine!]
6th Apr 2006SueNorthamptonThankyou so much for your site. I have an etching of Trinity Lane, which I have always loved. Your early image of that is so close to my picture. I've always wanted to know what was around the corner at the end of that 'alley'!
4th Apr 2006Bob NorburyCoventry bornI am a recently retired primary school teacher who, a quarter of a century ago, took groups of schoolchildren on an historic tour of Coventry, taking as our theme, 'Coventry old and new!'.
My German sister in law asked me recently if I would take her on a similar tour. As my memory is not as good as I would like it to be, I felt that some research was essential. Two hours ago (and the time has just flown by!!) I stumbled across your web pages after a google search.
I have to say that without any doubt at all, yours is the most interesting and well thought out web site that I have ever seen. The style of writing, and the variety of information and, photographs and illustrations are all vibrantly striking. As a 57 year old Coventry lad, the section 'Now and Then' took my breath away as I immersed myself in all sorts of golden nostalgia.
As I get older I find it more and more difficult to remember places as they used to be, and your web site brought certain things back to me and gave me the best insight into 'How Things Used To Be!'
How I wish I had had this facility all those years ago when I was teaching my classes about Historic Coventry. Sorry for rambling on but I felt that as you have put so much work into this project, I should try to communicate what pleasure I have had reading through it. Good luck for the future and please keep up the good work.
Best Wishes
Bob Norbury
4th Apr 2006Fred UnsworthSunderlandI lived and went to school in Longford, that was in the 60s. Looking at the photographs of "new " Broadgate I cant believe what has been done, it is monsterous, how could you people of Coventry let it happen? Take the planners to task and put Broadgate back to the green and pleasant place it used to be. Fred.
PS I like the site.
29th Mar 2006Michael BurgessBroadwell, WarwickshireI am a Coventry Kid, always was and always will be.
I found your website whilst researching for information on Coventry to include as a page in my own website. You have done it better than I could and I shall include if you permit a link to your website.
Michael Burgess
28th Mar 2006William WoodierMiami Beach, Florida USAMy family originates in Coventry. I am told that there are relatives still in that area. Next time over, I will get out of London and see some "Woodier Family History".
28th Mar 2006Wendy YoungSheffieldYour site has really interested me. My grandmother came from a long line of Coventry Tansley's and I remember visiting in the mid 50s. We stayed with my mum's cousin in their pub called The Shakspeare on Spon Street. We lost contact with the family after they moved. Is the pub still there? I hope to visit soon to try to find more of my ancestors by visiting the graveyards. Got back to the late 1700s so its all footwork now. Thanks again for the wonderful site.
27th Mar 2006Ann MeansNorth Carolina USAI was born and raised in Coventry. Looking at these photos makes me homesick. It was wonderful to see Coventry again. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Thankyou
[My pleasure Ann]
25th Mar 2006Donna RobertsonGlasgow born in CoventryHello again, looking for father's family in Coventry, mid 50s, four children of Antonio Plaza a Spanish soldier based in Coventry 1946 onwards. He had four children there but moved away to Derby later. Please try and jog your memories as I want to find his grave in Spain, before I leave in mid May. Be grateful for any help in finding any of his family. I'm the eldest of the brood, but live in Glasgow. Never knew my father and sadly found him when he was already dead two years. Thank you, lovely site.
24th Mar 2006Steven DaviesCoventryThankyou for this look into my home city's past. I found out lots and will visit this site again.
22nd Mar 2006Marian WellsCoventry - now in NorthumberlandMade my comments before I looked at site. Having lived away from Cov for some time, have to say... what a delightful hour or so I spent browsing!!! Very nostalgic!!!!
20th Mar 2006StaceyCoventryI live in Coventry, I am one if you would call 'the future of the city' at aged 16 yet half the information on this website I have never come across. It's a shame that Coventry City Council planning chiefs have always tried to modernise the city - forgetting that places like Broadgate never needed a shopping centre putting there. The information on this site truly fascinates me and makes me proud to be from Coventry - however shocking that may seem to those that live here.
20th Mar 2006Jose & Tony ShepherdPerth Western AustraliaYou have shaken the old memory box again Rob after visiting your 'site updates' yet again.
Having lived in Batsford Rd. in the 1940s I spent many happy hours playing in the Holyhead pub gardens with a packet of crisps and a lemonade. Schooling was at Mosley Ave. Primary, and often wondered if it is still there. Your are doing an excellent job Rob and shaking a few 'brain boxes' all around the world.
Jo & Tony Shepherd.
18th Mar 2006Marian WellsCoventryBorn in Cov. Dad Bob Heath from Cov. Mum Irish. They met when Mum was a Clippy on the buses and Dad a coachbuilder. I was married to Robin Tallis (very happily) he died in 1996. I remarried in 2004. Now live in Northumberland. Would love to see pictures of anything to do with buses in the 50s
17th Mar 2006Kirstie KellyCoventry - born and bredI am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Kenilworth Road. Earlier this week I was horrified to receive a note from the planning dept. to advise me that O2 UK Ltd have applied for permission to install a 20m high mobile phone mast (a monopole) on the grass verge near to No 56 Kenilworth Road. This area has been a designated conservation area since the 1960s and I can't belive that this has the potential to happen. There is a fantastic Now and Then picture of the Road on this excellent website. I am walking the streets with a petition this weekend (March 17/18) but if anyone would like to email their support it would be very, very welcome. Subject: SAY NO TO O2 (before March 24th) and I will attach all emails with our objection letter and petition. Rob, I hope you don't feel this is an abuse of your website? Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you, Kirstie
16th Mar 2006Lynn Stokes/Linda DjenisicNorthampton/ex CoventryI went to Bremond College Coventry 1957 - 1963 - anyone out there. I would like pictures etc and more information on Bremond if possible please.
14th Mar 2006Jackie PickworthHampshireMy dad was born in Coventry, lived in Park Rd. Have you any pictures of this area. His father in 1901 lived in Gosford Terrace. My father was a John Horton and his father a John Horton
13th Mar 2006Ali RussoWestern AustraliaA dear friend sent me the link to your site and I think it's wonderful :)
You have outlined in detail the region you live in beautifully.
I love the photos of the old buildings.....
I live in Australia and many of our older buildings are modelled on English architecture, but we don't have the centuries of history to go with them.
I have always felt an affinity with Coventry as my late father gave me a beautifully sculpted horse out of marble, with Lady Godiva riding it and I work with people who originated in the Midlands area. I must say they have a wicked and wonderful sense of humour.
Keep up the great work
Best wishes to you from Australia
12th Mar 2006Roland TalbotLetchworth Garden CityBorn in Church Lane, Coventry. I moved like many others south for career reasons in the 1970s. With my mother still living in the same house and our narrow-boat (Hey Jude) being moored at Braunston, I visit Coventry regularly, however not actually visiting the city centre for some years. It was a chance cyber meeting with the website author that drew its attention to me. I have found it facinating and it has renewed my interest in the old city. Many thanks.
11th March 2006GintareLithuaniaIt is great. Very nice pictures
8th Mar 2006NicolaManchesterI loved the site, especialy the old pictures
[Sincere thanks to you Nicola.]
8th Mar 2006Steve CracknellEarlsdonA wonderful site so many memories
7th Mar 2006Fiona RothwellBurton GreenWhat a fantastic site, it was so nice that I have emailed it to my cousin in America.
I am researching our family history and to see so much on one site was great. THANK YOU
5th Mar 2006????MacclesfieldI think plenty of info is stated but do any monasteries still function to this day?
[No monasteries in Coventry still functioned after the dissolution. The cloister of Whitefriars is the only substantial monastery building remaining, and is now owned by the museum.]
5th Mar 2006AmyNorthamptonI'm doing a school project on the old cathedral. This website has really helped me with it. I've got loads of info on the cathedral. Our project was at least 100 words, mine ended up with 8 pages. Thank you for helping me with my homework it was lots of fun.
4th Mar 2006MikeBorn Keresley Hospital 1953My city has gone. The city that I once knew so well. The city that I thought would never change, even though it had extensive re-modelling in the years just prior to my birth. No more sitting on the strange shaped windows of Owen Owens waiting for my friends to arrive on the Bell Green and Styvechale buses (Daimler CVG routes 6 and 17 if my memory serves me well). There was safety in the prefab shops on the one side of Broadgate. Elizabeths cake shop and those glorious chocolate eclairs. Saturday morning picture shows at the Empire, buying a roll of Sharp's toffees from the sweet shop opposite before watching the movie. Eating a burger in the Mushroom Cafe, hearing the clatter of what seemed like a thousand knives and forks in Woolies cafeteria. Never a pretty city, but it was my city, and it has gone.
[So well put Mike. I know many others share your lament for the Coventry we once knew.]
4th Mar 2006Donna RobertsonGlasgowHello great site, looking for anything on the barracks there during or just after the war, and the Municipal hospital where I was born. Mum, Betty Foster, who lived in Barras Lane, came back to Scotland with me. Father had a family there after I was born, but never met him or his family, he died in '98 without me meeting him - left it too late to search, thought he was in Spain, his name Antonio Plaza from Malaga. He had other families in Derby too, but would like to find some half sisters and brothers in Coventry, help please.
4th Mar 2006Nick SmithOld Coventrian, now living in Ballarat in Victoria, AustraliaWhat a worderful trip of history of my place of birth. Though I left in 1962 and have only visited twice since and now, not for 20 or so years, your site brought back many merories. Thank you
2nd Mar 2006Neal WinfieldCardiffOriginally from Cov and am lovin your work, excellent site which shows how much beauty we have lost but also what exciting developments have taken place.
27th Feb 2006Florrie ThomasHarlestonmy great grandad sir donald gibson who redesigned coventry, and for someone who is so important to the history of coventry you don't seem to mention him that much! why is this ?
27th Feb 2006MichelleLeamington SpaI thoroughly enjoyed reading your page on historic Coventry, I am a student at Warwickshire College doing a research project on the bombing in Coventry in WW2, although it is a major piece I haven't actually managed to find the info I would like on the actual bombings. It's very frustrating! Your page was probably the most helpful, thanks!!
26th Feb 2006Lorraine Nagy Lindsay, OntarioI am originally from Coventry, England. I came in 1983, at the age of 14. I love your site. I found it by accident. Keep up the great work. All us ex Cov kids appreciate it!!
22nd Feb 2006DaveEarlsdon, CoventryHello Rob, just wanted to let you know that your site is outstanding!
Have been living in Cov for just over a year, and regularly nip in and out of the site for info of days gone by - the now and then photos amaze me time and time again. Thank You very much for such an informative and enjoyable read. Very best wishes to you!
12th Feb 2006Derek BaconRugby, WarwickshireBorn in Halesworth Suffolk in 1952, my mum was a Coventry kid as they say. Dad was like the rest of us from Halesworth. Moved to city in 1958 and lived at 92 the Butts, Dead opposite the college. Moved to Fynford Road, Radford. I went to Radford school and Barkers Butts. I got married in 1970 and moved to Rugby in 1976. I have many, many good memories of Coventry in my mind and thanks to some of your pictures, now I can show my grandkids, what it was like to live there. The 1960s were the best. What about the Nauls Mill? Jubilee Cresent, Grandpass field?, Cashs Lane. Brilliant site keep up the good work, thanks again.
11th Feb 2006Paul HamiltonIrelandLived in Hillfields as a kid in the early eighties, used to roam the town centre. Looking at the now and then section I can see big changes in the last 20 years, I used to love the old parts of the city as a kid. Fantastic site! One thing that stands out in my memory is we used to play on the "bombsites" - gaps between houses and partially collapsed houses around Coronation Rd./Primrose Hill park area, could these have been from the blitz, bearing in mind they had 40 years to clear it?
6th Feb 2006Trevor L Jones250 Grangemouth Road, Raford
Now live in California
I lived there from 1937 till 1951, Oh happy days. Served an apprenticeship at the Parkside Garage, near the railway station, and I am a freeman of the City of Coventry. I still die a little every week over the fortunes of the Bantams, now known as the sky blues, lately they are looking good. I could go on for hours, thank you for this chance.
1st Feb 2006Janet PackhamSalt Lake City, UtahThank you for your work on this site. I was hoping to find some kind of information on the area, as that is where my immigrant grandmother was born. The history and photos have been enlightening and helpful to me. I love the way you have set up your "now and then" section.
31st Jan 2006KacieCoventryHello, I am a Cov kid and at 12 years old I think this site is great !!! It gives a real insight of the history of our great city !!
[Thank you Kacie, I'm glad you enjoyed it!]
19th Jan 2006SallyCoventryI think you need to put how Cov got its name.
[So do I.... Try this page!]
14th Jan 2006Cathy LambertiDeer Park New York - on behalf on my mother, Dulcie Wykes who is a war bride from CoventryI enjoyed this website very much. My entire life my mom has told me stories of her memories of Coventry and of the war. She is now unable to tell those stories any longer, so it was so nice to go onto the website and see different places that reminded me of the stories my mom would tell.
12th Jan 2006Sharon Miller Born in Nuneaton 1955Fantastic site! Excellent source of info - congratulations to the budding photographers!
Often wondered re Georgian House, which I remember as a boarded up ruin in 1970s - glad to see it restored.
Always thought Whitefriars a tiny gem of a place. Amazed to see the Whittle arch - we left in 1990 to move to family base in Devon.
4th Jan 2006Peter JenningsLeicesterCongratulations on a fantastic website! I've really enjoyed searching through the numerous pages, especially the 'Now and Then' section. It makes you wonder what Coventry would be like today if it hadn't suffered terribly during the second world war & at the hands of pre-1939 planners! Once again brilliant website!
[It certainly does make you wonder! Thank you Peter, you're very kind.]
3rd Jan 2006Dennis WebbCoventryNow living in Australia
1st Jan 2006Neil YardleyCoventry Born'n'Bred!!Rob - Fantastic site - Well Done!
The 'Now and Then' section is terrific!
Shame its not like it was now - looked like a film set! I will be mailing Coventry City Council to take a look and take note!
All the best - Happy New Year and Keep up the great work!
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