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Elements of Tudor life

Click on each category below to find out more about the various elements of life, and how people lived, learned, entertained, fought and even tried to fix themselves in Tudor times!


Apothecary workshop

Join in looking at the ointments, lotions and potions that were available at the time. How were they made, which natural ingredients were used, and which ailments could they be used to treat? Do you recognize any remedies that we still use today?

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Calligraphy workshop

Find out how people communicated in this period, the styles of writing and the writing materials available. Learn how the language was used, and how different is it from our own English today. Investigate the written evidence, and interpret the signatures on the confession of one of the plotters.

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Dance workshop

A brief look at costume and etiquette in 1605, followed by learning courtly and country dances of the period, including a dance that Princess Elizabeth, daughter of James 1st, would have performed while she was living at Coombe.

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Music workshop

In many senses the Renaissance period is where music as we know it today began. The children will be introduced to a variety of musical instruments that were in use around the time of the Gunpowder Plot. Explore the difference between courtly music and folk music, and enjoy taking part in rhythm and singing.

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Surgery workshop

In 1605, there were no antiseptics, no anaesthetics, and little understanding about the causes of infection and disease, but surgery was still carried out when necessary, have a look at the tools used - NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!
Also learn about bullet removal, limb amputation, trepanning (cutting holes in the head), amputation tools, arrow pullers, cauteries (hot irons) to stop bleeding, bloodletting tools, using leeches... and much more.

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Weaponry & Armour

Armour & Weaponry workshop

The workshops are planned to encourage the students to learn more about their history by the safe handling of replica weapons (which have been made safe for small hands), which would have been common place at the time. We also have replica armour (steel), which some children will have the chance to try on. We do this so that children can experience the weight and movement restrictions. They will also learn the importance of Flags and Field signs. The two workshop leaders have between them over thirty years experience working with children and young people, and not only try to enlighten the young, but also to listen and learn from them.

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