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A list of books and guides that I own, which have been educational and inspirational to me in my quest to learn more about the history of our city of Coventry.


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Wheels Within WheelsGeoffrey Williamson 1966 The story of the Starleys of Coventry. 
The Wharncliffe Companion to CoventryDavid McGrory 2008 An A to Z of local history. 
The West Window at Coventry CathedralEnglish Counties Periodicals Ltd. 1963  
WarwickshirePainted by Fred Whitehead, Described by Clive Holland 1906  
The Walls of CoventryEileen Gooder, Charmian Woodfield and Raymond E. Chaplin 1966 Reprinted form the Transactions of the Birmingham Archaeological Society, Vol. 81. 1966. 
The Visitors Centre: Coventry CathedralCoventry Cathedral 1984 Official souvenir brochure and guidebook including hologram and treasury guides. 
Vilem Tausky, CBE FGSM, 1910-2004The Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak music 2010 Musician, composer, conductor and teacher, who was with the Field Ambulance during Coventry's blitz. 
The Victoria History of the County of WarwickUniversity of London Institute of Historical Research 1969 Volume VIII: Coventry & Warwick. 
The Victoria History of the County of WarwickUniversity of London Institute of Historical Research 1965 Volume II: Warwickshire, reprinted from the original edition of 1908. 
Veterans' VoicesCaroline Freeman-Cuerden 2005  
Van Art's Sketch Book - Paging All SportsmenVan Art 1946 Designed, Drawn and Published by Van Art. 
True as Coventry Blue: The History of Coventry Police 1836 - 1914Karen Sheppard 2000  
True as Coventry BlueIain Soden (Edited by) 2000 Papers presented to Margaret Rylatt (City Archaeologist, 1973-2000). 
True as Coventry BlueMary Hulton 2000 Pamphlet No. 21 in the 'Coventry and County Heritage' Series. 
Through the Eyes of a Coventry Child 1939 - 1945Ann Harris 2005  
A Thousand Years of Coventry PubsJohn Ashby, Fred Luckett and David McGrory 2014 A detailed and fascinating account of a millennium of Coventry's pubs, breweries and beerhouses. 
The Third SpireAlan Munden 1991 A history of Christ Church. Pamphlet No. 17 in the 'Coventry and County Heritage' Series. 
A Tale of Three SpiresNorman Clark 1981 Devised by Norman Lissaman, written by Norman Clark, illustrated by Alan Firth. 
Swing 'em FairDavid McGrory 1999 Coventry's darker side. 
The Story of WhitefriarsCity of Coventry Leisure Services 1990  
The Story of the Destruction of Coventry CathedralProvost R. T. Howard 1941 Brief 15 page account of the night of the blitz. 
The Story of Lady GodivaA. Mitchell Smith 1950  
The Story of CoventryMary Dormer Harris 1911 Part of the 'Mediaeval Towns' series. 
The Story of CoventryPeter Walters 2014  
The Story of Coombe AbbeyD. L. Motkin 1961 Published by The House Committee of Coombe Abbey and printed by The General Electric Company Ltd of England at Telephone Works, Coventry. 
St. Michael's Church Past & PresentA. J. Brookes 1905 Also a Brief History of Coventry with Photographs. (Date approximate.) 
St. Mary's Hall, CoventryJoan C. Lancaster CBE FSA 1981 Edited version of the 1948 original. 
Spon Street & Spon EndJohn Ashby 2003 A detailed account of 200 years of everyday life in two of Coventry's oldest thoroughfares. 
Souvenir of Coventry 1920 From the 'Seal of Artistic British Excellence' Series. (Date approximate.) 
Some Manors, Churches and Villages of WarwickshireMary Dormer Harris 1937  
The Sky BluesDerek Henderson 1968 The Story of Coventry City F.C. 
Sidney Bunney's Coventry: Impressions of a Graceful CityKeith Draper 1999 Coventry Newspapers Ltd. 
A Short History of RoverRover - British Leyland UK Limited 1973 (Date is approximate.) 
Shakespeare's LandC. J. Ribton-Turner 1893 First Edition. 
Shakespeare the Player: A Life in the TheatreJohn Southworth 2000  
Sent to CoventryGeorge Hodgkinson 1970  
Sent from CoventryBud Paul 1987  
See You On BroadgateJames Edward Armer 1988 A Coventry Experience - November 14-15th 1940. 
Secret CoventryDavid McGrory 2015  
Ruined and RebuiltProvost R. T. Howard 1962  
Rover: The First Ninety YeasEric Dymock 1993 One of Britain's Fine Cars. 
Rock's Royal Coventry Cabinet AlbumRock Brothers Limited, London 1890 (Date is approximate.) 
Red Lane ReminiscencesRed Lane Old Residents Association 1983  
Pioneers to PowerJohn A. Yates 1950 The story of the ordinary people of Coventry. 
Phoenix at Coventry: The Building of a CathedralBasil Spence 1962  
Old Tapestry in St. Mary's Hall at CoventryGeorge Scharf, Jun., Esq., F.S.A. 1856 Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries. 
Old Coventry and Lady GodivaF. Bliss Burbidge 1952 Being some flowers of Coventry history gathered and arranged. 
Old CoventryFlorence Weston 1916 Containing Twenty-Four Original Sketches by Florence Weston. 
Old CoventryLevi Fox 1939 Articles compiled by Levi Fox from magazine "The Loudspeaker" (Date is approximate.) 
Old CoventryGraham Pountney 1975 A project compiled from written research by Miss A. Baker, Mrs. B. Beamont, Mrs. E. Castle, Mrs. J. Chaston, Mr. G. Cowley, Mrs. R. Mio, Mrs. M. Parkinson and Mr. G. Pountney. 
The November Raid - The Bombing of Coventry 1940David Rimmer 1990 Compiled by David Rimmer, the City Archivist. 
Nostalgic CoventryTrue North Books Limited 1999  
A Night in Little Park StreetJ. B. Shelton M.B.E. 1950 John Bailey Shelton's personal account of the Coventry Blitz. 
The New Historical and Descriptive Guide to CoventryBenjamin Poole 1847 Being a concise account of its Ancient Institutions, Customs, and Public Buildings, and an Epitome of Modern Changes to the Present Time. 
My Life as a Blue Coat GirlIvy Hylands 2007 Includes on page 38 a photograph of Holy Trinity Church taken by our son, Steven. 
Municipal Exhibition 1945Coventry Corporation 1945 Official Souvenir Handbook for the Exhibition held at the Drill Hall 28th May to 8th June 1945 to celebrate 600 years of Incorporation. 
Much Park Street, Coventry: The Development of a Medieval StreetSusan M. Wright 1987 Excavations 1970-74. Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society: Transactions for 1982, Volume 92. 
The Motor Car Industry in Coventry since the 1890'sDavid Thoms and Tom Donnelly 1985  
Most Secret WarR. V. Jones 1978 British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945. 
More Coventry CameosEric B. Bramwell 1978  
Moonlight SonataArrangement by Tim Lewis 1990 Accounts of the Coventry Blitz 14th/15th November 1940. 
Methodist Central Hall: Silver Jubilee 1932-1957Various 1957  
The Men Who Ruled Coventry 1725-1780M. J. Hinman 1988 Coventry & Warwickshire Historical Association Pamphlet No. 14. 
Memories of CoventryAlton Douglas 1987  
Medieval Coventry: A City Divided?University of Warwick Open Studies 1981 Coventry & Warwickshire Pamphlet No. 11. 
The Meaning of the Street Names of CoventryMargaret Smedley 2000  
Mary Dormer Harris: The Life and Works of a Warwickshire HistorianJean Field 2002  
The Marques of Coventry: A History of the City's Motor IndustryBrian Long 1990  
The Lion and the StarsPeter Burden 1990 A History of Bablake School, Coventry. 
Life in an Old English TownMary Dormer Harris 1898  
Life & Labour in a 20th Century CityBill Lancaster & Tony Mason 1986 The experience of Coventry. 
Lady GodivaDaniel Donoghue 2003 A Literary History of the Legend. 
Know Your CoventryAbe Jephcott 1947 One hundred questions and answers concerning Coventry. 
King Henry VIII School 1545 - 1945G. L. Marson & F. H. Metcalf 1945  
King George V's Silver Jubilee 1910 - 1935Stephen King-Hall for Coventry City Council 1935 To the Boys and Girls of Coventry. 
The John Gulson StoryJohn E. Short 1978  
Incident ClosedPhil Consadine 1991 An illustrated history of The Fire Service in Coventry. 
Images of England: The City of CoventryGraham Kempster 2004  
Images of England: CoventryGeoff Barwick 2005  
Illustrative Papers on the History and Antiquities of the City Of CoventryThomas Sharpe 1871 From original and mostly unpublished documents. Carefully reprinted from an original copy, with corrections, additions, and a brief memoir of the author by William George Fretton. 
The Illustrated History of Coventry's SuburbsDavid McGrory 2003  
Humorous Reminiscences of Coventry LifeT. W. Whitley 1888 Incorporating 'Coventry Coaching' and other papers. 
History of WarwickshireSam Timmins 1889 Part of the 'Popular County Histories' series. 
A History of the Blue Coat School and the Lych Gate Cottages, CoventryGeorge Demidowicz 2000  
The History of StokeRev. T. A. Blythe. D.D. 1897 In the Parliamentary Boundary of the City of Coventry. 
The History of St. Mary's Hall, CoventryRaymond G. Holl 1989  
The History of Coventry's Textile IndustryLevi Fox M.A. F.R.Hist.S 1944  
A History of CoventryDavid McGrory 2003  
The History of CoventryBenjamin Poole 1852 Being a concise account of the Ancient Institutions, Customs & Public Buildings of the City, and a Complete Epitome of Modern Changes. 
History and Antiquities of the City of CoventryWilliam Reader 1810 From the Earliest Authentic Period to the Present Time: Comprehending, a Description of the Antiquities, Public Buildings, Remarkable Occurrences, &c. 
The History & Antiquities of WarwickshireSir William Dugdale et al. 1825 Being a Concise Topographical Description of the Different Towns and villages in the County of Warwick... (Based on Dugdale's original 1656 'Antiquities'.) 
Historic Towns: CoventryJoan C. Lancaster 1974 Part of the 'Historic Towns' series. 
Historic England: CoventryDavid McGrory 2017 Unique Images from the Archives of Historic England (Historic England Series). 
Hill's Street Guide of Coventry - With MapHill's 1936  
Haunted CoventryDavid McGrory 2005  
A Harvest of History: The life and work of J. B. SheltonMargaret Rylatt & Mary Montes 1998 2nd Edition - 1st was 1982. 
Guide to the Historic City of CoventryJarrold Publishing 2000  
A Guide to the Buildings of CoventryGeorge Demidowicz 2003  
Guide to Coventry CathedralProvost R. T. Howard 1954  
The Golden Years: The Hippodrome Theatre CoventryMichael J. Newman 1995  
Going to It! Depicting Fun in the Factory (If Any)Van Art 1942 Cartoon illustrations of the 'average working man' in the factory during wartime. 
Godiva's Heritage: Coventry's IndustryDavid Fry & Albert Smith 1997  
Godiva RocksPete Chambers 2004 The ultimate guide to Coventry music, old and new. 
Godiva of CoventryJoan C. Lancaster 1967  
The Future CoventryCoventry Corporation 1945 Some proposals and suggestions for the Physical Reconstruction and Planning of the City of Coventry. 
Frank Whittle: Invention of the JetAndrew Nahum 2004  
Francis Frith's West MidlandsFrith Book Co. 2000 Photographs from the Francis Frith collection. 
Foxe's Book of MartyrsJohn Foxe 1913  
Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in CoventryDavid McGrory 2004  
Forgotten FoleshillDavid Fry & Albert Smith 2017 (Including Longford, Bell Green, Hawkesbury, Alderman's Green & Stoney Stanton Road.) Part of the Coventry We Have Lost series. 
Finds from the Free Grammar School at the Whitefriars, Coventry, c1545 - c1557/58Charmian Woodfield 1981  
Far Gosford Street: Historical NotesCoventry City Council 2000 Text & Layout by Mark Singlehurst. 
Excavations at the Cathedral and Benedictine Priory of St. Mary, CoventryBrian Hobley F.S.A. 1971 Historical Survey by M. W. Lambert. 
Excavations at St. Anne's Charterhouse, Coventry 1968-87Iain Soden 1995  
The Excavations at Broadgate East, Coventry 1974-75Margaret Rylatt and Michael A. Stokes 1996  
Engineering the Development of CoventryBrian Redknap 2004 Pamphlet No. 26 in the 'Coventry and County Heritage' Series. 
The Early Records of Medieval CoventryPeter R. Coss 1986  
The Early History of CoventryR. H. C. Davis 1976 Dugdale Society Occasional Papers - No. 24. 
Earlsdon: Take TwoRichard Sadler and Nancy Upshall 1986 Photographs, Drawings, Paintings. 
Earlsdon & Chapelfields ExploredDavid Fry & Albert Smith 2011 Part of the Coventry We Have Lost series. 
Dr. Troughton's Sketches of Old CoventryMary Dormer Harris 1906 Sketches by Dr. Nathaniel Troughton, Descriptive notes by M. D. Harris. 
Don't Trudge it, Rudge it!Bryan Reynolds 1977 The story of Rudge-Whitworth, cycle and motorcycle manufacturer. 
Dirty Stop Outs Guide to 1970s CoventryRuth Cherrington 2017  
Directory of Coventry Manufacturers 1936 - 1937Coventry Corporation, Development Section 1936  
The Crowning of the King and QueenStephen King-Hall for Coventry City Council 1937 To the Boys and Girls of Coventry - The Coronation of King George VI, 12th May 1937. 
Coventry: Then & Now (In Colour)David McGrory 2011  
Coventry: The Tradition of Change and ContinuityCoventry Corporation 1966  
Coventry: The Official GuideAngharad Lynch 2000 Coventry City Council publication. 
Coventry: The Making of a Modern City 1939-73Jeremy Gould, Caroline Gould 2016 (Subtitled: Informed Conservation.) 
Coventry: The Hidden HistoryIain Soden 2005  
Coventry: The Ancient City with the Modern OutlookCoventry Corporation 1938 14 page guide book. 
Coventry: Six Hundred Years of Municipal LifeFrederick Smith B.A. F.G.S. 1945  
Coventry: Remembering 1914-18Peter Walters 2016 Part of the 'Great War Britain' series. 
Coventry: Past into PresentKenneth Richardson 1987  
Coventry: Its Mediaeval InterestC. J. Ribton-Turner 1930 Booklet containing Section V of "Shakespeare's Land" by the listed author. (Date approximate.) 
Coventry: Its History and AntiquitiesBenjamin Poole 1870 From Authentic Publications, Ancient Manuscripts and Charters, Corporation Records, Original Contributions, etc. Illustrated by W. F. Taunton. 
Coventry: History and GuideDavid McGrory 1993  
Coventry: Hidden in Plain SightClare Selley 2009  
Coventry: Excavations on the Town Wall 1976-78John Bateman and Mark Redknap 1986  
Coventry: A History & CelebrationDavid McGrory 2004 Part of the Francis Frith Collection. 
Coventry: A Geographical StudyMembers of the Geographical Association 1964  
Coventry: A Century of NewsAlton Douglas 1991 A Coventry Evening Telegraph publication. 
Coventry, Thursday, 14th November 1940Frederick Taylor 2015  
Coventry, a Guide and MementoA. Mitchell Smith 1906  
Coventry's Town WallEileen Gooder 1971 Coventry & Warwickshire Pamphlet No. 4 - Revised and Enlarged 2nd Edition. 
Coventry's HeritageLevi Fox 1957 Enlargement of earlier 1947 book. 
Coventry's Forgotten TheatreTed Bottle 2004 The Theatre Royal & Empire 
Coventry's First CathedralGeorge Demidowicz (Edited by) 1994 Essays from the 1993 Anniversary Symposium. 
Coventry's Civil War 1642 - 1660Trevor John 1994 Pamphlet No. 20 in the 'Coventry and County Heritage' Series. 
Coventry's BlitzCoventry Evening Telegraph 1990 Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Blitz. 
Coventry's BlitzDavid McGrory 2015  
The Coventry We Have Lost, volume 2David Fry & Albert Smith 1993  
The Coventry We Have LostDavid Fry & Albert Smith 1991  
Coventry Up-To DateCommissioned by Hughes & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants 1894 (Date approximate.) 
Coventry Under FireG. W. Clitheroe, Vicar of Holy Trinity 1942 2nd Edition, enlargement of 1941 1st edition. 
Coventry Transport 1912-1974T. Meffen 1974 A commemorative brochure. 
Coventry Transport 1884 - 1940Roger Bailey 2006  
Coventry Through The AgesD. J. H. Smith (Compiled by) 1969 Some descriptions of the city c.1540 to 1868. 
Coventry Produces...The Coventry Chamber of Commerce 1951 Written in Englich, French and Spanish. 
Coventry Past and PresentDavid McGrory 2001  
Coventry Past and PassingA. E. Feltham 1927 Being a pictorial record of changes during the last century with short explanatory notes by Dr. V. Wyatt Wingrave. Subscriber copy No. 177. 
Coventry on Old Picture PostcardsMike Cremin 2001  
Coventry Old and NewE. B. Newbold 1974  
Coventry Local History Bulletins, Issue 2 to 7City of Coventry Leisure Services 1984/85  
Coventry Leet Book Volumes I, II, III & IVMary Dormer Harris 1913 1971 Reprint of 1907-1913 Leet Transcriptions covering the years 1420 to 1555. 
Coventry in the 1930s & 40sDeborah Keene 1988 A selection of photographs selected by the author with descriptive comments. 
Coventry in Crisis 1858 - 1863Peter Searby 1977 The decline of Coventry's Ribbon trade. 
Coventry In CameraJohn H. Drew & Andrew J. Mealey 1985 A selection of photos with descriptions, mainly from the 1860s. 
Coventry in 50 BuildingsDavid McGrory 2017  
Coventry Frame by FrameCoventry Telegraph 2013  
The Coventry Cross 1976Virginia Gilbert, A.L.A. 1976 Including a brief history of the original Cross. 
The Coventry Corpus Christi PlaysHardin Craig 1957 Second edition; first printed 1902 for The Eary English Text Society. 
Coventry City, The Elite Era - A Complete RecordJim Brown 1998  
Coventry City ChartersA. A. Dibben 1969 The Coventry papers: No. 2. 
Coventry Cathedral: After the FlamesJarrold Publishing 1987  
Coventry Cathedral ChronicleFriends of Coventry Cathedral 1956 Issue 10, 1956. 
Coventry CathedralJohn Thomas 1987 The development and history of Coventry's three cathedrals. 
Coventry CathedralH. C. N. Williams 1966 A guide to Coventry Cathedral and its Ministry. (Hardback.) 
Coventry Car Factories: A Centenary GuideCity Planning Services 1996 14 page booklet. 
Coventry CameosEric B. Bramwell 1977 First published 1961. 
Coventry between the WarsCoventry City Council 1988 Photographs by Arnold Stringer, 1893 - 1988. 
Coventry At War: A Pictorial Account 1939-45Alton Douglas 1983  
Coventry At WarDavid McGrory 1997 Part of the 'Britain in Old Photographs' series. 
Coventry as it wasVirginia Gilbert 1973 A collection of photographs. 
Coventry Apprentices and their Masters 1781-1806Joan Lane M.A., Ph.D. 1983 Printed for the Dugdale Society. 
Coventry and the Great WarDavid McGrory 2016  
Coventry and its StoryRev. Canon J. Howard B. Masterman, M.A. 1914  
Coventry and its People in the 1520sMary H. M. Hulton M.A. Ph.D 1999 The Dugdale Society. 
The City we LovedCoventry Corporation 1942 Three different publications: 1942 1st edition; 1942 expanded 'trade' edition; 1948 enlarged edition, including future plans, commemorating the visit of HRH Princess Elizabeth on 22nd May 1948. 
City of Coventry: Structure Plan 1973Coventry City Council 1973  
The City of Coventry: Images from the PastDavid McGrory 1996  
City of Coventry Review Plan 1966Coventry City Council 1967 Analysis and written statement. 
City of Coventry Official GuideCoventry City Council 1983  
City of Coventry Archaeology & DevelopmentMargaret Rylatt 1977 Historical background by Eileen & Arthur Gooder. 
The Churches of CoventryFrederick W. Woodhouse 1909 Plus a short History of the City and its Medieval Remains, with Plans and Illustrations. 
Children's History of CoventryAnn Evans 2011  
The Character of CoventryJohn Ashby 2001 A reflection of well known characters and a history of the City's inns and taverns. 
A Century of Coventry CarsBarry Littlewood and Gillian Bardsley 1988 A City of Coventry publication. 
A Century of CoventryDavid McGrory 1999  
Cathedral RebornEnglish Counties Periodicals Ltd. 1962 A souvenir publication to commemorate the Reconstruction and Consecration of Coventry Cathedral. 
The Cathedral Church of St. Michael, CoventryUnknown 1962 A 16 page booklet reprinted from 'The Builder' newspaper. 
Britain in Old Photographs: CoventryDavid McGrory 1994  
Britain in Old Photographs: Around CoventryDavid McGrory 1991  
Bloody British History: CoventryDavid McGrory 2013  
The Blitzed City: The Destruction of Coventry, 1940Karen Farrington 2015  
Biggin Hall Hotel, Stoke Coventry 1923 Including some history by T. F. Tickner, F.R.I.B.A., Architect. 
The Beatles: Sent to CoventryPete Chambers 2006  
The Autobiography of an Eccentric ComedianT. E. Dunville 1911  
The Arts & Windows in Coventry CathedralCoventry Cathedral Council 1963  
The Archaeology of the Medieval Cathedral and Priory of St. Mary, CoventryMargaret Rylatt & Paul Mason 2003  
The Antiquities of Warwickshire, Vol I & IISir William Dugdale 1970 A facsimile of the second edition published by Osborn and Longman in 1730. In two volumes. 
Antiquarian Losses in Coventry during a century and a halfW. G. Fretton, F.S.A. 1879 10 pages covering the talk given by Fretton on the 21st May 1879, disbound from the "Journal of the British Archaeological Association" published in 1880. 
Anglo Saxon Coventry and its ChurchesSteven Bassett 2001 Dugdale Society Occasional Papers - No. 41. 
The Ancient Records of CoventryMary Dormer Harris 1924 Dugdale Society Occasional Papers - No. 1. 
The Album of Coventry and Neighourood 1900 A series of 25 fine drawings of Coventry and Warwickshire. (Date is approximate.) 
Albert Fearn, Blitz HeroAlbert Fearn 1996 One man's moving story in his own words. A Coventry Telegraph publication. 
Air RaidNorman Longmate 1976 The Bombing of Coventry, 1940. 
Adrian's WarAdrian Marsden-Jones M.I. Biology 2007 A personal account of evacuation during WW2. 
101 Views of Coventry, Rugby, Leamington, Kenilworth, Warwick and DistrictW. H. Smith 1910 (Date is approximate.) 
1001 Questions and Answers on the History of Coventry & its PeopleJohn Ashby 1995  
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