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Adrian Marsden-Jones

Adrian Adrian Marsden-Jones was born in Buxton in 1933 to Welsh parents with three older brothers. The family moved to Coventry in 1935. After only three years, his father was seconded as Director of Factories by the Ministry of Supply to mobilise the workforce to staff the ordnance factories throughout the country in preparation for war. 'Come into the factories' was the motto of the day. Churchill later awarded him the CBE for this major contribution to the war effort. The severity of the bombing culminating in the blitz of Coventry resulted in the evacuation of all four boys to Gower for the duration of the war. This is the context in which Adrian recalls the unique events which followed.
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Adrian's War

Rob Orland   1st March 2010
What a wonderful book! For adults this will be a nostalgic trip to bring back memories of yesteryear and childhood. For children this is an exciting adventure story that will open their eyes to a wonderful world of playing and daring, nature and relationships, and make them realise that there's more to life than sitting behind a games console! A fabulous read, a book that you can't put down.

Sally Smith   31st January 2010
Lovely acount of the war through a child's eye, capturing childhood memories. A good read for grandchildren.

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