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If you recognise any people or places in the photographs in this section, please contact me so we can solve some of these mysteries. Equally, if you have any such photos of your own, please feel free to contact me, so we can arrange for you to send me a scan - and let's see if someone else can solve your mystery!

Dorothy Hancock at the G.E.C. and at a street party

By an extremely good stroke of fortune, Barbara Hancock was browsing this site and noticed the mystery portrait of a mother with her child on Julie Stevenson's collection of unknown portraits. It didn't take Barbara long to realise that she was, in fact, looking at her own husband, Raymond, as a little boy with his mother, Dorothy Hancock.
Barbara and Raymond are two Hillfields kids - Raymond being brought up in Vernon Street and Barbara being born in Queen Street and brought up in Spencer Street.

Dorothy Hancock Dorothy Hancock.
Street party
Click on this super picture of a street party to zoom into a much larger version, where you will be able to spot Barbara's mother in law, Dorothy, at the back on the right with baby Raymond in her arms. Maybe someone can see their own relatives, or tell us more about the picture?

Dorothy Hancock in the plating room at G.E.C. Helen Street
Dorothy Hancock in the plating room at the Helen Street branch of the G.E.C. At the bottom of Julie Stevenson's page is another fine photograph taken at, we believe, the Stoke Works G.E.C.

Please contact me if you have further details to add.

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Dorothy Hancock at the G.E.C. and at a street party
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