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I got the heated motorcycle jacket and all works great. I like the wireless controller and find this jacket fabulous. The heating lining warms me up and handles low temperatures. I just couldn't imagine I can feel as wonderful when it's freezingly cold outside. Nothing disturbs me. The piece fully protects me from the coldness and makes me feel safe, like at home. Me, myself and I also recommend this cool product. Trust me, when you buy it and test it you will feel like on the cloud nine. Ashton Danielson

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I am a student in Oxford and I am not-so-popular type shy girl. I have recently met a guy in my class who has come from France and has so much influence about the styles and tendency. He is so cute and I would have to impress him anyhow before Christmas. For that someone told me about the elevation of style and neatness in work, which is Leather4sure and it's presenting a beautiful range of Leather4sure suede coats. I was astonished to see the range. That made him surprised too and it made all well within us! Thanks a lot for suede coat Ruth Adams

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I am a real lady. I love everything pink and purple. I don't ride the motorcycle but when I saw the women's pink lined sheepskin coats for men with fringes - they conquered me at the one seeing. I imagine immediately how they would match my leggings and the cowboy straw wooden hat, which is of pink color too! Now I can't wait till the sheepskin coats for men will be delivered. The first thing I do - I dress them on and go to the local bar - let all the men fix their eyes on me and all the women get green from the jealousy! Betty Lazy

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My name is Jessi and I am studying in 10th standard. Last summer I had a trip to Wanco Hills with my best friend. It was total fun, since we did camping and hunting there. Every morning we set out to a different route to explore in woods and when we become tired we share gossips and food together. The trip lasted one week and I still had green memories about it. We exchange holiday gifts while departing to home. Julia Roberts

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My elder sister is so easy, and we are always teasing her about it. I got the most suitable xmas gifts for her from 1ClickGift; a self-stirring mug and an automatic letter folder! It is always fun shopping from 1ClickGift. They have such a nice collection to choose from, and their staff is so helpful. Moreover, they keep you fully informed about your orders, so you can be sure you will get it on time. Ursula Watson

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I have ordered and just get the white coat with a long design having beautiful rust color. I do not posses the personality that will carry most of the black things so when I visited leatherline I was not sure that I will get white coat other than black colors as I was not able to find other than white coat at any other website. But I was just filled with joy when I saw beautifully rust white coat at my motorcycle out and these even comes in very nominal price making these a more lovable to me. Martina Hue. K